#AlexOLoughlin ….. My Inspiration

People who care about people inspire me.

–  Alex O’Loughlin

CBS Live Chat

1 October 2009


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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ….. My Inspiration

  1. You simply have to love him. What else?

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  2. I was lucky enough to have been part of this live chat that day and it was a complete thrill! BTW, the live chat was done to promote Three Rivers.

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  3. Cassandra

    I love that he’s not all about himself, like many of his caliber are! He is warm hearted and caring. Even when it comes to taking time out for his many fans to greet them and for pics he always seems to be enjoying the moment with them! Such a sweet guy!!! 😍😚

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  4. Kathysr

    Alex is the absolute best with his fans. He takes the time and energy to be “in the moment” with each person. Alex moves close in and embraces the person. He doesn’t just stand there next to them. He’s truly a sweetheart. He genuinely appreciates his fans. And he’s got such a delightful sense of humor that he’s always up for a silly photo with a fan. Those just crack me up, because everyone in the photos is having such a wonderful, unforgettable moment.

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