#H50 season 7 memories – kevlar Steve, part II

And then there were these…


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17 responses to “#H50 season 7 memories – kevlar Steve, part II

  1. Kevlar, narrow hips and long legs. I can’t think of anything better. Oh yes. No kevlar, narrow hips and long legs. Ahem… and no pants.

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  2. Cassandra

    Ohhhhh……the sweet memories! AOL is smoking hot!!♥️♥️ My concern if in Season 8 he is going to be ill and at some point they would have to start making him look the part!! He looked really sick at the end of Season 7. Dread the thought!!! 😢😢


  3. mamayorkie

    Kelvar and no clothes? You all realize that can be dangerous, right?
    Do you think tweeting the EP with your desire for this in S8 will work? Many in the fandom think he hangs on their every wish. Get them to ask. Does AOL’s contract insurance prevent this sort of risk? We need an answer to these questions so we –I mean you all so we– I mean you all –will know how to proceed. I am neutral in this–heh heh!

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  4. Dq

    I hope the writers have him recover from his radiation poisoning the way he recovered from the liver thing. Unbelievable? True. But it worked for the show. The last 2 shows seemed like he had a death wish, with the over the top stunts. Climbing up the side of a building? Jumping onto a moving truck? We like our guy to be a BAMF and all. But mostly, we want him alive.


  5. Lulu

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to see McG/Alex with no clothes! I guess I’ll have to watch Oyster Farmer’s dock scene or Whiteout’s naked race to get some of that!!

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    • Lulu, Don’t forget FEED as near fully naked to date without blurring the beauty. 😛 Well maybe some blurred frontal with a strategically placed bed. 😉


  6. Cassandra

    I absolutely agree Dq….keep him alive!!😍😍


    • Kathysr

      lol, they have to keep him alive, he’s the star of the show! I suspect he’ll be OK when next we see Super SEAL Steve McGarrett. Or at least he’ll be recovering nicely, just like this year. It will be interesting to see if Steve’s illness postpones Danny’s plans to retire. If his partner and best friend is ill, Danny can’t walk away now.


  7. Lulu

    I so agree that I don’t want to see a sick Steve in Season 8. Also, I’d like to see a solid love interest. I hear Sarah Carter is pregnant, so I guess Lynn is gone.


    • Dq

      Maybe they”ll write her pregnancy into the show. Her and Kono. Joint baby showers. Heck, why not Melissa also. Just please not Rachael. Couldn’t take another “who’s the baby daddy” from her.


  8. Love those memories


  9. I’m loving the Kevlar gifs. Thank you Paula ♥ I’m beginning to think Steve wears the Kevlar for OUR protection. His hotness is visually dangerous for our hearts and (naughty) thoughts. But I’m willing to take the risk. 😛


  10. dawn russell

    My mind boggles with all the naked comments, but it will never happen,though he has been very close in a few of his movies,


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