#AlexOLoughlin … I don’t work like that.

I’m not really the sort of actor that phones it  in, in any way.

I kind of … I don’t work like that.

– Alex O’Loughlin

– Three Rivers Soundbites.



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15 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin … I don’t work like that.

  1. Amen! I wasn’t a fan of August Rush, because I feel Alex O should’ve had the lead. He should’ve been cast opposite someone other than JLo for the Back-up Plan; if she’d just directed, it probably would’ve been bigger at the box office. Even in Whiteout, Alex O brought his A Game, and the movie didn’t get as much “push” from the other principal players! It’s a shame directors, writers, or money lenders often look for established actors, when some new fresh-faced talent could “blow them away”, if given the opportunity! There’s no telling how far this young man could have gone by now!

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  2. I always loved this comment because it is so so true!
    He never phones it in, never rattles it off. He is always in with all his heart. He *IS* every character he portrays, Alex disappears and Mick, Steve, Will, Marcus, Marshall, Luke, Stan, Eric, Russell, Kevin, Vincent…. are suddenly there. They become real.

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    • And for him to actually say it, makes it even more special – because you realise that that is his level of commitment to his craft. And he knows it!


    • You took the word right out of my mouth leiCa. This is what we love about Alex and his “performance” we get the privilege of watching. Alex has always had a stellar work ethic and it shows with every character he “becomes.” ♥


  3. My English being what it is, I don’t understand what “the sort of actor that phones it in” means. Any kind soul to enlight me, please 🙂?


    • lindae5o

      ‘Phoning it in’ means doing your work in an uncaring manner, going through the motions, or making minimal effort. None of which applies to Alex !!


    • Yes, as Lindae said, sometimes you can see and actor looks distracted and are not really in the moment of where that scene is. They are there, but not really believable as their character should be.
      Other definitions:
      To fulfill a responsibility with a minimum effort rather than the appropriate level of effort.
      Perform an act in a perfunctory, uncommitted fashion, as if it didn’t matter.


    • Those that “phone it in” seem to be on set just for the pay. Little emotion shown makes it appear that actor has very little interest in his/her role. Hope that didn’t sound like I was giving a sermon! ☺


  4. Sunflower

    I should not be so shallow but all I can think of when I see that picture is how much I want to tickle that body.

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  5. Thank you for explaining, ladies. No, Alex would not phone it in, never. It’s not part of his molecular structure.

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  6. Lulu

    Alex never just “phones it in” as he puts his heart and soul in every character he has ever played. By the way, love the photo!

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