#AlexOLoughlin on love …..

Alex, on love:

“Sometimes there’s a glitch in the matrix. U just gotta find out if it’s a software problem or a hardware problem.”

From Daniel Dae Kim on Twitter

3 December 2016




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5 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin on love …..

  1. Perfect words.
    Purrfect pic.


  2. mamayorkie

    And with a good IT pro either can be fixed.


  3. As an alex-addicted gal, I have to thank you FOYeur for keeping me (us, I might say) fed with little bits about him during this hiatus 😍.


    • Thanks Cassiopea
      Glad we can help some of you also to get through this quiet time.
      It is now the 5th year that we have to keep ourselves entertained here on the blog. Six years ago we started working on creating the blog at this time and that kept Paula and myself busy.
      But I must say, this year has been the one with the least new information about Alex during hiatus.
      We just hope he is having a great time with his family. 🙂


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