The Watch! Shoot With #AlexOLoughlin Was Epic

“A few shoots have been as epic as this one with Alex O’Loughlin. There were horses, a vintage motorbike, a campfire and an old tent, all set in a extraordinary landscape.”

Photographer – Nino Muñoz.

CBS Watch!

June 2017


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10 responses to “The Watch! Shoot With #AlexOLoughlin Was Epic

  1. Cassandra

    It doesn’t get any better than this seeing Alex at his natural, sexy, best with the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii! If I don’t receive my Watch magazine soon, which I was told the June issue, his issue, is on back order and I would receive it possibly in 3 – 4 weeks 😲 I will be extremely grief stricken!!😭


    • gracenotpark

      I hope that means CBS now understands they underestimated how many they’d sell. I’ve been telling those idiots he sells out magazines, but they ignored him (and me) for 7 years. 🙄

      I hope you get your copy, honey!

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  2. Lulu

    This photo shoot is the best! Alex is so manly in each photo and is just so sexy. I look at the Watch magazine every day so I can admire this beautiful man.


  3. DoubleL

    There’s a few copies of the magazine on ebay.


    • Cassandra

      Thanks DoubleL! I just ordered a copy on eBay! I couldn’t wait any longer! I will have it in 1 week! 🤗😊


  4. Cassandra

    My eBay copy of Watch arrived sooner than expected – yesterday!!! Yippee!!!😊😊 The magazine layout and cover is even better up close and personal! 😍😍 What a perfect birthday gift!!😙😙


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