I Wish I Had More #AlexOLoughlin in my life. (BTS Video for Watch!)



Alex: We are doing a photo shoot for CBS Watch! Magazine.

Alex: Yeah, we are having a lot of fun out here in beautiful Kuaola. We’ve got Nino Muñoz, who’s shooting with us. Who is an incredible photographer.

I am honoured that he came all this way to do this.

Nino: We are shooting here in amazing Hawaii. It was just  iconic amazing images in the background.

Alex: It’s very exciting. We all put our heads together and wanted to find a story for the shoot. And we sort of wanted this guy to be a little nomadic.

Like a traveller in a strange land, discovering a new landscape. And Finding his way away from civilization.

Nino: So it was great to have someone involved and dedicated to making the images come alive.

Alex: So we got some really amazing props. We got an old Royal Enfield  kick-start old army green motorcycle with some Envia bags.

 I love bikes, so that’s been fun for me.

Alex: Now the first shot was mainly establishing this character and the bike and his first mode transport. And we will bring in some horses into it, I think

Yeah, with Nino shooting, and Hawaii doing what it does and some cool props. I am just sort of standing here, being  grateful.

Link to the video:

Some more posts about the shoot:


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10 responses to “I Wish I Had More #AlexOLoughlin in my life. (BTS Video for Watch!)

  1. gracenotpark

    He’s always so grateful and so humble and soooo gorgeous and he’s adorable with his bikes and other man toys. I kinda feel this shoot looks a little Lord of the Rings but that’s ok…instead of a hobbit, Alex is a habit. 😉

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  2. Very cute, thank you for sharing 🙂

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  3. He’s so humble in expressing his gratitude! Wonder if he knows how grateful we are? Love this man so much! THX for the transcript FOYeur! ❤︎

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  4. Lulu

    Thank you for this post! It came just in time as I was starting to miss him. I’m even watching Season 7 again. Beautiful man!

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  5. Judy Stipes

    Enjoy watching Alex in Hawaii Five-O. He and the whole cast seem to be genuine down to earth people. Would love to meet them all in person.


  6. vanduyn

    Thanks for all this ladies!! Love him to bits ♥♥

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  7. 1000 thanks, FOYeur. Adorable man! To make a micromovie out of a shoot shows he’s creative as well. Alex, nothing can stop you!

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    • Yes, on a previous post about the shoot some people complained about the clothes his was wearing and the shoot not being reallly Hawaiian or much of Alex.
      This was my answer to them:
      I feel Alex is a story teller at heart and that is why he chose the career as actor. I think he had loads of fun doing this shoot, being something a bit different to daily life. Something of the old-school Alex. Not being Steve and not being Alex the family man – but being Alex the story teller.
      Not wearing clothes either Steve or Alex would normally wear. Telling a story of a man travelling to distant lands and exploring with his, horse and his bike, taking pictures and writing down his adventures of his exploration at the campfire.
      It would have been boring (not that anything with Alex can really be boring to us), to just see plenty of pictures of Alex sitting around on the beach in Hawaii. We have seen that done that.
      This for me this shows that there is plenty of layers and stories in this man still to be told. A man of adventure and style.

      What he said on this video, of how they did this shoot, made me think, “I kind of understand this guy and why and how he does things”

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  8. Lulu

    I agree, FOYeur, that this photo shoot was creative and showed a different side of Alex as the story teller! I loved it.


  9. Thank you for posting the BTS of Watch photoshoot. We can feel how he was pleased with the idea of telling a story in photos.


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