#AlexOLoughlin …. About McGarrett

He’s pretty dry. He’s a guy who’s grown up with a lot of guys. He spent a lot of time in the military, in close quarters. He’s the kind of guy that learned how to defend himself and his honor, and the honor of his family and friends, very quickly and very young in life.

He doesn’t take any shit. He understands irony and sarcasm, when a lot of people around him might not, and he gets the job done regardless of what he has to do. He’s pretty intolerant of people around him who see things differently.

There’s something pretty lovable about  him. If you’re in with him, he’ll die to protect you.

– Alex O’Loughlin about McGarrett


19 September 2010

Remembering those who have given their lives to keep others safe …..



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5 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin …. About McGarrett

  1. There’s something pretty lovable about you, baby. If you’re in with me, I’ll die to protect you LOL.


  2. gracenotpark

    Hee! McG definitely gets irony and sarcasm when partners around him might not. 😆 Alex is adorable.


  3. Alex had McG nailed from the beginning!
    Yes, ‘There’s something pretty lovable about him.’ And you, Alex, make him at way.
    In another’s hands, McG could be obnoxious as hell!


  4. Yes Alex you understand better than anyone the character of Steve McGarrett. It’s a shame that writers forgot how to write about him. The quality of show decreases and everyone loses.


  5. Hmm… I agree. Just want to add, I think McGarrett is a deep male character. Getting someone shallow to agree with you is no fun at all, McGarrett, on the other hand, needs that healthy conversation – few words, to the point, and finding those words is like treasure hunt 😀 There is a healthy balance between old school and new age about this character. He is so competent because he tried to compensate for the void he feels inside. I.e. self-reliance, yet he doesn’t shy away from getting help and being ready to help others. Also, the void speaks of his depth. Everyone has something they feel is missing from their life, it’s how we cope with that, and how deep is that hurt. With Steve, looking at how he uses that deep hurt to become better, and how much better he has become is just inspirational. Of course, it helps that he’s surrounded by other cool characters – life is about the people in our lives. McGarrett has the right set of people to bring out the best in him, and he brings out the best in them. Though I’m not too excited about what the writers did to Adam. Splitting up with Kono is one thing, but the whole lying and playing two sides, I’m not so sure about that, not for Adam.


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