#AlexOLoughlin … Telling Real Stories

I think I enjoy making dramas most of all, stories about real people.

I don’t know, telling real stories just somehow seems more important to me, I guess.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Screening Room Interview via Twitter,

April 2010



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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin … Telling Real Stories

  1. Get out of H50, Alex. Write the story yourself. Produce it. Direct it. Act in it. You have talent more than enough to do anything you want.

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  2. gracenotpark

    I’d love to see him do something new too…something he really was excited about.

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  3. lindae5o

    The depth of Alex’s talent has yet to be explored. Despite what he has said about his health improving, enabling him to possibly continue beyond Season 8, I hope Alex doesn’t do that. If PL showed any interest in improving the quality of HF-0, I would feel differently. To me Lenkov’s only goal is milking as many episodes as he can, with the same worn-out plots.

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    • Kathysr

      Sadly, I agree. I’m watching the early episodes again, those first few magical years. I remember my favorites. I have CBS All Access, so I just find the ones I love and luxuriate in them. They’re also on Netflix. The show was amazingly good, and so much better than what we’ve seen lately.

      Worldwide child trafficking and slavery are complex and compelling narratives. Perhaps this storyline could be a year long arc, bringing Five-O together with other national and international task forces worldwide to tackle this crime, because it’s a worldwide problem, and the criminals who run these rings are really dangerous, ruthless people. Human beings are just commodities to them.

      I know, I know, I’m dreaming that the 5-O writers could actually create complex, compelling, dangerous, intriguing storylines which span the entire season and maybe take our team around the globe. That’s what they USED to do.


  4. Magnólia

    Sinto isso também. Não deve ir além da 8.
    Peter Lenkov disse algures que: ‘ Danny sou eu ‘. Talvez e só talvez…ele através dessa personagem passe para Steve algum azedume que tenha contra Alex.
    Danny é tão ingrato e rude com Steve…


  5. Telling real stories is Alex’s favorite, important and meaning as much i’m watch it. Usually my favorite books and movies are based on real people and stories, so i can say that Alex and i are a perfect match.


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