Hawaii Five-0 Main Man #AlexOLoughlin wearing Worn Free

Something different for today. Two years ago we made a post about Alex’s favourite T-shirts ( Alex O’Loughlin & his favourite T’s ). We saw this little article from last year and thought it would be good to do another one for fun …..


It all began in a tiny bright orange office above a hairdressers across the street from Johnny Rockets on Melrose Ave. We were just starting out and had to pay people who helped us in t-shirts, luckily for us these people included Alex O’loughlin straight off the boat from Australia just hanging out in Laurel Canyon waiting for his next big acting project.

Alex actually featured in our first catalogue and is still a great friend to Worn Free. He was actually moaning at us the other day because some of his Worn Free favorites (like our John Lennon Working Class Hero tee) are in tatters because he has worn them all so much. We are sending him out a care package to Hawaii featuring some of his old favorites and a few new designs we think he is going to like.

Written By Steven Coe

Worn Free

19 January 2016

  • Alex with some of the other Worn Free T-shirt that we could pick up from over the years.



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4 responses to “Hawaii Five-0 Main Man #AlexOLoughlin wearing Worn Free

  1. 1) I hate T-shirts w/messages; 2) I love them if HE wears them; 3) I’m not a brainless teenager. Conclusion: I must have my head seen to.

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  2. I have the No Pictures T-shirt, and had it before Alex was photographed wearing it during TBUP rehearsals. I think of it as my Alex-T!! I love to see him all cas is his t’s!!

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  3. gracenotpark

    That man wears a t shirt well.


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