They say ……. #AlexOLoughlin is a legend in the making.

O’Loughlin reminds me of Steve McQueen, stylish and authentically cool.

He’s a legend in the making.”

Photographer – Nino Muñoz

CBS Watch!

June 2017


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27 responses to “They say ……. #AlexOLoughlin is a legend in the making.

  1. He makes me a proud fan!
    Someone told me the writer said that Hawaii couldn’t happen to a nicer guy than Alex. ❤

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  2. I just loved these words when I first read them, so true 🙂

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  3. Lulu

    I’m so glad that Alex is getting the recognition he so deserves! He is a beautiful man, inside and out.

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  4. Magnólia

    Vai chegar lá, precisa apenas de roteiros em que possa mostrar o talento na plenitude 🎵🍀🎸

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  5. gracenotpark

    Yeah a legend! If only CBS would register the amazing star they have! Next time don’t make him share the cover, CBS!

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  6. I’ve no idea who Nino Muñoz is, but I love him for his words. CBS should take note. Or are they unable to see what a diamond Alex is?

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  7. Sharon

    Alex is an awesome actor and deserves all the recognition he gets as he has worked so hard to make Hawaii Five 0 the great and entertaining show it is. I hope we will not lose seeing him after Five 0 ends.

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  8. DoubleL

    I think this is my favorite picture from the set. It’s such a classic look with the white tee, jeans, leather jacket, and motorcycle. 🙂

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  9. Connie

    Please tell me he’s not leaving Hawaii 5o. Please tell me the show isn’t ending
    I’m a HUGE fan of Alex & the show
    Never miss an episode & I watch the rerun’s on TNT. He does deserve a lot of credit
    I think the whole cast is just awesome


    • Sorry Connie we can not tell you anything like that. Renewal is all in the hands of the Network. We will all only know next year in April or May if there will be a Season 9 and if Alex will be in it. There is nothing anybody can promise you before then.
      That is the way TV shows work.
      We are Alex fans, and would also be glad if he could move on to other new projects. Hawaii Five-0 for us will hopefully not be the end of Alex’s career. He needs to tell other stories as well.

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  10. kathysr

    Well, he’s a lock for Season 8. After that, we’ll have to wait and see. We don’t know what Alex is thinking. For those of us who want to see him do a range of different characters in theatrical movies, we’re conflicted. He just doesn’t have time to do anything else while he’s on this show. Sigh. And I wonder if he’d like to produce and direct, if he had the time and energy to do it. I keep thinking that he’s losing out on the possibility being considered for James Bond. Daniel Craig is retiring from the role, lol, I guess he’s too old now. Daniel Craig is close to 50, I can’t believe it. Alex is a very young 40. Sigh. He could pull off the role for the next ten years. It seems that the actors last about a decade in the role and then they’re retired for a younger version.

    Just think how gorgeous Alex would be now that he’s matured into the appropriate age to play James Bond. Just imagining him in a tux takes my breath away.

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    • Thinking of all Alex’s injuries, I am not so sure if Bond will be good for him. Daniel got a lot of serious injuries and operations while making it.
      But it will be good exposure for Alex.
      I just highly doubt if he will now be the right age for them. And I also doubt if they will cast an Australian in the role.


      • Well, George Lazenby was an Aussie Bond, so…Setting the injuries matter aside, he’d be absolutely great in the role.In any role, in fact.


      • kathysr

        You could be right, FOYeyur. Daniel suffered serious injuries which required shoulder surgery. Movie making is dangerous! I’d like to see Alex to do something different than Five-O. I’d like to see him in other roles. And, you could be right that he’s now a little too old to be cast as James Bond. Sigh, first he’s too young, then he’s a little too old. Can’t win! If he were right for the role, I think they’d cast him. Alex is a master at accents and dialects, so he could pull off a very British Bond.


      • George Lazenby is Australian, so Alex O wouldn’t be the first. I’m not sure why Alex wasn’t chosen as Bond years ago. Too often producers miss opportunities to choose a newcomer!


  11. Sue Jobbins

    I love alex he wonderful actor he cares for his fans I hope he stays as steve maggrett


  12. The more I read about this young man, the greater his value as a human being looms! From the time he blogged about the school teacher who discouraged his wish to be a pilot, to finding out that he has struggled to achieve the well-won adoration of his multitude of fans, he continues to impress! I, selfishly, want to watch him, season after season. But, I want him well, too! If Season 8 is the last of his “embodiment” of Steve McGarrett, I’ll understand. Hopefully, he knows his fan base is compromised of multiple ethnicities, multigenerational, and all genders. Young man, I applaud you! Ever a fan!

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  13. Alex’s has all the qualities to be legend. Talent, work ethic, dedication, humility, resilience, honor, good person. And we know he deserves the recognition of how amazing he is has a story teller.


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