Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (5 – 12 May 2017)

Tonight we will be treated with the season finale of Season 7 of Hawaii Five-0. Although I found it overall better than Season 5 and 6, for several reasons, not my favourite season of the show. Looking at the teasers for the finale, I highly doubt that it will be better than 7:24 or 7:07. But I guess we will have to wait and see …..

As always, a big Thank You to those who posted pictures this week.


Life on the Set:

  • Great picture from way back in 2016 when Season 6 finale was shot, and with some sobering thoughts about transplants. (The thoughts given here, is also one of the reasons why this season will definitely never be one of the best for me)
Charles Beckham  I have watched Hawaii 5-0 since it began. (Oh I mean the ORIGINAL series). I have also watched this series from the beginning. Just over a year ago I was in Honolulu and watched some of the filming of the season 6 finale. Air crash and all. The security guys were a pain but I managed a good shot of Alex.

Anyway I was disappointed with one thing this season. Steve seemingly had a liver transplant and has since cavorted around the set like a gymnast.
I am a teacher of junior high in the UK. (11 – 16 year old). Having seen what anti rejection drugs and steroids did to a 15 year old with a transplant, (admittedly a heart transplant not liver) using the same drugs I felt that Steve in this series was a bit demeaning to those who have had major organ transplant.
Anyway I still love the show and cast, and Alex don’t try to take the p*ss out of my English accent. I also sat next to Daniel Dea Kim on my way back to LA. A great guy.

  • From Season 3

amitola66   Hawaii Five-O – Season 3 Episode 18 “Na Ki’i” BTS picture
#hawaiifive0 #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin #drewpowell #tiffanydupont #behindthescenes #stevemcgarrett

  • From way back in 2010
Kevin Napoleon ( 3 April 2010) ·  Alex O’Loughlin (Steve Mcgarret) on the Set of Hawaii 5-0. Picked up on wrist locks pretty quickly. — with Dennis Guila.
  • Some pictures of Alex with some of the girls taken while filming the finale.

iamshaylatorres Tomorrow’s The Night! 🎬 May 12th, 8pm on CBS! Make sure to set your DVR’s ✔️ What will Mcgarrett do NEXT?! #seasonfinale #hawaii50

pceoutgurlscout get ur DVR boxes ready!!! season finale of h50 is on tomorrow night! @cbstv at 8-9pm‼️📺🎥💁🏽#h50 #hawaiifiveo

rjmsx   TOMORROW NIGHT, is the night to turn on your television, & tune into CBS at 8pm! You don’t wanna miss this episode of Hawaii 5-0’s SEASON FINALE! 🙌🏽😼 #h50 #crew


tyloajifu don’t forget to tune into Hawaii 5-O’s season 7 finale tomorrow night on CBS! & if you aren’t home then don’t forget to record it so you won’t miss my new friends and i! 😊 hope you have as much fun watching as we did filming 💙 #Hawaii5O

Teasers for tonight:

  • At the office:
  • Searching


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • steve mcgarrett bloated


Next Week:

  • As always we’ll keep on hoping for some pictures of Alex – new and old.
  • And we hope Alex and his family enjoy a great time of rest and relaxation, for the rest of the 8 weeks of hiatus still left.


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2 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (5 – 12 May 2017)

  1. DoubleL

    The hiatus maybe a third over for the cast and crew, but it’s 5 months longer for us after tonight. 😦


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