#H50 7.24 – Steve fighting with kindness

First I read all the nice tweets about Alex shining in this episode. And yes, he was given the opportunity to act with subtlety, an he was very good. But then again we knew that he shines, when given some good material to work with. Alex could use more of these moments. So could we 😉

Anyway, my part on the blog is pics, I kinda got carried away with all the beauty today. Oops. Enjoy!


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23 responses to “#H50 7.24 – Steve fighting with kindness

  1. Glad he got to do another fight. As really love McGrover better. As love Grover and Steve. As their relationship I wished could dominate the series. If Chin left and know he wouldn’t. I would not watch the show as sorry, Chin is my favorite character on the show. Sorry Steve lovers.


    • Think they are setting him up to moving on. But I could be wrong.


      • kathysr

        I think they’re teasing us with Chin moving on, but I think he’ll choose to stay in Hawaii. I think Kono’s moving on. And I’m still not sure that Danny will stay. I really love Chin, so I hope he’s still there next season. Grover, Chin and Steve make a great team. But we may be losing our one lead female character. Let’s see who they replace her with. Sigh. I see big changes coming in Season Eight.


  2. It’s perfectly normal to get carried away with all this beauty 🙂 Alex was amazing in this ep and i love the way they allowed Steve to be himself in every situation he encountered.


  3. Barbara

    Enjoyed this ep so much more then the previous one. I agree Alex did shine in this ep and wish they would give him more scenes like this one. I do like McGrover as well. Also enjoyed the Hirsch story as well. Thought it was cute him coming to Kono for help.

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  4. gracenotpark

    Oh he was awesome in this! Thank the gods they finally gave him another McG centric ep! They are always the best, and this one gave him some excellent character work, including background story. And yes this was waaaaaay better than last week’s snore.

    And Alex also looked awesome. As you have clearly proven here. Gorgeous, Paula! TY!!!

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  5. DoubleL

    I felt like this episode was just the bones and no meat. There were too many holes in the plot and too many leaps of logic. And Steve being “kind” to the terrorist? I’m not buying it. Steve is a good man, but he’s not nice to people in the blue room and they’re guilty of lesser offenses so why was he different here? Yet again they make the CIA agent out to be evil, but we’re not supposed to think that about Doris and Cath, right? And then in the end, let’s blame it all on the Russians that came out of nowhere? I don’t know, I liked parts of it; but there was too much “ripped from the headlines” for me. All that said, Steve was absolutely gorgeous in that last flashback scene. 🙂 I wish they would let him dress like that in the present. The more I see the gray pants, the more I hate them. They look like something guys in a boy band would wear.
    FWIW, I don’t think Chin or Kono are leaving; but I guess their initial contracts are up so they are setting up “outs” in case the network doesn’t get the deals done by July.

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  6. mamayorkie

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. AOL did a truly wonderful job job. So glad he got something decent to work with after last week’s mess.

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  7. Karen

    Really enjoyed your gifs for this episode. Thank you for all of your hard work.


  8. Mr. Mike

    My speculation is: despite the fact that there is supposedly going to be another (eighth) season, the new show will end next week. Chin goes to San Francisco with Abby (an offer to head up a Five-Zero-like task force there was extended to Chin by Coughlin’s brother, the FBI guy, last night), Kono is preggers or something, Danno opens a restaurant (hints about Danno retiring and doing this have already been dropped), and McGarrett becomes a diplomatic trouble-shooter with his “let’s be nice to terrorists” approach. 🙂

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    • DoubleL

      Daniel Dae Kim has already confirmed on instagram that Scott Caan is not leaving. I guess Daniel and Grace’s contracts were probably up in the air when these last eps were written so they wrote in “out clauses” just in case.


    • kathysr

      Interesting speculations, Mr. Mike. Hmmmm…….

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    • Kimphin1


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    • Yeah right Mike. Nice try. 😀
      They would be making history I guess – saying they renew and then oops – no we are not.
      I think the whole thing is just setting it all up so that Abby will join the team when Kono leaves – and poor Sarah will then have both “parents” in danger at the same time all the time.
      Maybe Sarah and Charlie and Grace and Will can start there own support group to cope with all the kidnappings and stress of having these lot as parents. Maybe they can even get they own spin-off series. H50-kidz – and then they can solve all the crimes at school?

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    • mamayorkie

      I think S8 is definitely a go. GP is probably gone but I think she will likely do a guest appearance or two . As for Abby, the marriage may be up in if the air until they are sure if the actress’s series is cancelled or renewed. DDK could be taking some time off to do other projects but it also may be he has negotiated a deal like SC has —now you see him, now you don’t. I don’t believe he is leaving. He may be away checking out SF and the new Task Force for some episodes to see if he and Abby want to move. (and I’d love to see him try to get immunity and means in California). DDK said that AOL and SC would be back but never said anything about GP. Or himself for that matter, but it would be strange for him to bring the topic up at all if he was planning to leave himself. A little cliff hanger maybe?

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  9. I enjoyed this episode. Lost of Steve yumminess to feast on like before 5-0 Steve and BAMF current Steve. Thank you Paula for the gif beauty treats. *sigh* *Thud* Especially the double image gifs they are outstanding little stories all there own. I love them. ♥ MUAH! ♥


  10. Ally

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I always look forward to you gifs.


  11. Kimphin1

    Oh, what a pretty, pretty post!

    Last night was a great episode. The usual plot holes were there, but when it’s good, it’s easier to overlook them.

    If the show could be more like that last scene, oh my… The places it could go!

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  12. Awesome pics from an absolute awesome episode Paula! I was thinking ‘oh, Paula will have a blast’. I enjoyed every gif and every minute, even wasn’t bothered that much by the exConClub.
    I won’t nitpick one bit because if I get decent writing and an intriguing, exciting episode I don’t care, I can look beyond a lot of things.
    Alex O’Loughlin’s acting was outstanding. He owns the screen and he owns this freaking show. Period.
    An episode so much better than last week’s, with everything. An episode I wanted to watch a second time again right after it ended. It’s very near at the top of my all time favorites, maybe even at a second place after 5.07.

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  13. Oh I’ve forgotten. I love the title of your post. This is so so true. Through all the years we’ve got to know a Steve McGarrett who – despite all his horrible experiences – never lost touch to his humanity, to his humanness. And this episode showed that par excellence. Another one in his shoes ten years ago? More than 200 people in this plane would have lost their lives.

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  14. Lulu

    I thought this was one of the best episodes this season. Alex played his role perfectly. He even made me believe that someone in his position would be kind to a terrorist! Thank you for all the great pictures. Well done!

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  15. vanduyn

    As usual love the gifs!! Alex was so good and gorgeous in this episode and you’ve managed to capture the best!! Mahalo!

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