Hiatus for #AlexOLoughlin

The other cast rush off and are eager to do (movies) but I just want to hang out with my kids, with my dog and my wife and relax. By the time I get to the end of each season, I’m pretty run down … 25 episodes, that’s a lot of TV to do in 10 months. I need to just get my body back, eating and training and catching up on sleep

– Alex O’Loughlin


February 2016


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9 responses to “Hiatus for #AlexOLoughlin

  1. cokie316

    dang, give me heart failure…

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  2. Happy you’re taking time for yourself; just do a luxury car commercial occasionally! Stay in the limelight by doing something easy, then collect and invest the residuals! Some fans can be fickle. When they don’t see you often, they tend to move on. I think you’re great. I don’t want to see that fan “worship” begin to dissipate! I’m not going anywhere! Ever a fan!

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    • gracenotpark

      IKR??? He doesn’t even do commercials! We want his Q score to stay high, so they’ll keep casting him and we can keep watching him. 🙂


    • Hi Margo
      Yes, it is great that Alex takes time for himself and the family and to enjoy them.

      Any company/product would be wise if the use him for an ad. However I have never thought when I see a car ad, that I would really like to follow the person in the ad’s career. Ads are ads and they are there to sell a product and make money in the process, not really anything to build a career on or sell the person doing them.
      Fans will follow somebody for their acting work and conduct when meeting those fans, not really because they try to sell them something.
      Are fickle fans really fans and will they stay with your career because you do some ads – I doubt.

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  3. He had his wake up call in S2.
    He is a smart man.
    You don’t get attention by doing some *** commercial.
    It is not all about money. And for sure it is not about us.
    And if fans move on after a 3 month hiatus they are no fans.
    He knows what is really important in life, he is happy and content in his life, one can see that. Can’t say that about every actor, famous or less famous.
    I admire the way he masters his life.
    This pic is stunning.
    Does anybody know if there’s a possibility to get the May issue of Watch! without signing?

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  4. If he’s in that bad of shape at 40.He needs to take as much time as he need’s like a couple of years.Will be waiting for his return.And will watch Moonlight and Reruns.God bless him.


  5. Helma

    Family and health first … so smart, and handsome too 😊 hope he enjoys his hiatus !


  6. Hope he get’s his well deserved rest with his family. I can be patient and wait for next season. I just hope he continues acting after H5-0 has come to it’s end. I don’t think I could go YEARS without knowing he’ll be back on my TV or Movie screen with new stuff for a good long acting career. He’s just too talented to sit for too long on the side lines. However I’ve got my DVD collections so I’ll make do. I’ve become so spoiled knowing what this man is doing year to year on a web site such as this with all the goodies you ladies dig up on our man. ♥ Lets hope there will be more and more to share as he moves along in his career. ♥ Yes? ♥


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