The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 164 (Epi 7:21)

I was pretty much underwhelmed by this episode. Why? Too much Chicago instead of Hawaii Ohana as advertised. Too much “fan fiction”, and too little of our sane and intelligent Navy SEAL, as a competent leader operating with his team.

The team in trouble is a big issue. I thought this was where we would get all the answers about the bomb that was supposed to kill them all a few episodes back. I also knew Jerry was going to get a badge because of all the spoilers we got, but I thought we would see some serious heroism from him on saving the team in order for him to get it ……..

Instead of what I thought it would be, I got a different feeling from the episode.

Here is my take on it.

Episode Title:  “Post Liver Transplant Threesome in the Doctor’s Office”

Plot synopsis: Playing doctor-doctor in an actual doctor’s office. An intro to another p0rn movie. Chapter 2 after the Valentines’ day balcony scene scenario. (Moving on from some couples-p0rn to some gay-p0rn)

COTW: – The mystery of “The Moving Scar” ……?

Reward at the end: A ‘Lucky Packet Police Badges‘ for doing something most 8 year olds would have done – call the real cops when you have a crisis, or call them when your friends are missing and in grave danger.

The team

  • The Doctors Office: Is anybody seriously writing this stuff for these “fun” scenes? Sounds like something thought up while partying too hard. Why in this episode? Why now? Why such a ridiculous scenario? And the dialogue, are they once again in the actual show, just randomly using the parts where the actors are ad-libbing and goofing around for fun in an embarrassing shirtless scene? It feels like part of the show has become the gag reel that is supposed to be on the DVD later this year, but found its way into the actual show. Maybe the actors, the writers, or the editing staff are reading too much of all the slashporn, written about themself and the show. Or are the writers really going out of their way to accommodate the fantasies of the slash shipper fans? Have they done their homework and are playing along nicely to keep their “most loyal fans” engaged? Or is the producer even just satisfying his own fantasies about what he actually want these characters to be? I guess if you “entertain” yourself to sleep every night while reading McDanno slash fiction, then this is just your cup of tea. Dear writers/producers, stop pussyfooting around with these suggestions in so many scenes – make them canon! Go for it! Be brave!

Koala Smartass: What are you saying? Are you changing ships now? Are you becoming a true fan? Leaving McKono for McDanno? #IfYouCan’tBeatThemJoinThem #BendingOverAndPokeInDelicatePlaces #SERIOUSLY?

  • The irony of the opening scene of Steve and Danny in the Doctors office, is some of the “best” comedy I’ve seen in a long time. With Danny’s dialogue they are seriously poking fun at how the show botched up the reality and seriousness of organ donation and the life changes that inevitably become part of such a transplant patient. You are 100% correct Danny. Steve has been doing all that idiotic stuff, but not only that ….. in reality it is actually impossible that he could have done all that stuff so soon after the transplant. And Steve would have been back in hospital by now, if this was real life and not fiction. From there my comment – Comedy at its best.

Koala Smartass: Glad you got that off you chest. Can we move on now?

  • How is Steve’s post-op recovering going slow, but the liver is doing fine? What about it is slow? He runs around, drinks bear, looks healthy and gorgeous etc. What is slow about that?

Koala Smartass: So you are a medical expert now?

BTW, if you thought Danny had no right to be there in at the doctor, think again – he was just there checking up on his own liver. You know when you donate you have rights  ……

Sad smiley 141

  • The Chicago Story: I like the idea of Grover’s storyline in Chicago and I think Chi is doing a great job with these very emotional scenes, but I do not like that it is detached from the team. Too far away from his Ohana. Away from his physical and emotional support. This whole storyline was too far removed from Hawaii and the Ohana to interest me as part of this show. Same sentiments could have been so much more engaging for me if shared with Steve and the team.

Koala Smartass: *cry*

  • This must be a first. Perfect excuse to have Kamekona in an episode, and he is not used? Would have loved to see how Steve had to bribe him to lend them his helicopter for the trip.

Koala Smartass: Then there would have been less time for Grover’s righteous talks. (You know he was so righteous that his own actions of torture and vandalism were justified. #NOT )

  • I still do not really understand Steve McGarrett’s training as a SEAL and the fact that he just walks openly in the woods and does not stay on the lookout whenever he stumbles upon something, like for instance, bodies hanging on trees? And not to mention going on such a dangerous mission, without a real safety net of back-up, regardless of not trusting HPD.

Koala Smartass: You are forgetting that the Five-0 team does not consist of fellow trained SEAL’s. Therefor they cannot be expected to be that good. 😕

  • Decomposed bodies dropped to the ground from that height and staying intact ? And was it really that intimidation for them to drag those corpses?

Koala Smartass: Did props staff make the body dummy’s too strong for your liking? You silly – they covered their tracks by sweeping the ground with the corpses.

  • At what stage did Steve send the pictures to Noelani  – he was still busy taking them when they got captured?

Koala Smartass: Nitpicking the finer details again dear?

  • Kono: “Guys it looks like they are almost finished.” – But the camp still looks pretty full and stocked up to me. Lots of stuff in tents? Even the beds are still made up.

Koala Smartass: Don’t mess with the dialogue and the reality of what is shown again. This is Five-0 reality.

  • At what stage did Steve get the name of the new leader?

Koala Smartass: I am sure that at night Steve memorizes all the names of baddies in all the gangs in Hawaii. He can ID them all on first sight.

  • Jerry: “Five-0 went to Lanai yesterday” – Did he really only call Duke the next day? What did he do the whole day and night while they were out of reach? Pick his nose? Do they really want us to believe that the team was locked up there overnight and that Jerry did nothing to help them that whole time? And got a badge for it?

Koala Smartass: It was written in the script …… (I vote for Noelani to get a badge next. She is the team doctor already in any case)

  • Steve: “You came after us. And you came after our families” What? Did I miss something? When did Michelle come after them and their families? I thought they just stumbled upon her operation?

Koala Smartass: Don’t worry. You will get that one explained, on the deleted scenes on the DVD. Or maybe we will get it like what happened to the Dr Gray “ending”, which was apparently mentioned  on MacGyver. Maybe Shioma’s threat to them was mentioned on Chicago PD? (Talking about world’s best producer – that show has got one serious contender for that one)

  • Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Jerry’s character and I think he is a good addition to the cast by being something else than a kick-ass police officer. But I do not really understand what exactly he did during this operation that warranted him getting a badge. In the past he has done some real detective work – this time he called  Duke, after Noelani told him to ….. and ….. ?

Koala Smartass: I guess it was time to do it. Come hell or high water, it needed to be done now. (Maybe one of the other members is leaving the team?)

  • I guess once again another law enforcement group is corrupt to the core, while Five-0 are the saints – Chicago PD would much rather protect one of their own than embrace the truth? BTW, I would have liked to know what the verdict was in the case against Clay. How many years he got … If any? I Guess we might hear that detail on some other show some day as well.

Koala Smartass: Ah-ha. Now you are getting with the program.

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:21

Ua Malo’o Ka Wai
(The Water is Dried Up)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Eric Guggenheim

Directed byEagle Egilsson

(7 April 2017)

 PS: I nearly forgot to mention the COTW (The Moving Scar). Some sideways insult was thrown at us on twitter this week for apparently failing in our “expertise(which we have actually never claimed) on Alex. Dear person’s who still doubt our research without investigation stuff yourself. If you still wonder if the collar-bone scar is actually a real Alex one or a Steve scar – A simple look at the movement of the scar from episode to episode, shows you clearly that it is make-up. (Real scars tend to stay in one spot and not show up in different places) And see … the scar disappears when Alex is just Alex! Conclusion: It is not real.

  • Here are just a few of the hundreds of  comparisons I could have used with Steve in the latest episode, and Steve and the real Alex over the years …….

And BTW, thank you for forcing me to once again study some shirtless pictures of this gorgeous man. ……. it is really hard to do. I actually have had a draft for a new post about it for a long time and it is just not getting done. Mainly because I get distracted by all the pretty.

Slide show of Screencaps of the Episode:

To be continued …….



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47 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 164 (Epi 7:21)

  1. Karen Downton

    I didn’t watch the MacGyver/H50 crossover episode, I’m not on fan of MacGyver and I think apparently Alex wasn’t in that episode…or was he?, but now I’m wondering if I need to if I can find out what happened between Dr Grey and Alicia a few episodes back.


    • No, Alex was not in the crossover episode and if he was in that episode, you can be sure we would have watched it and covered it. (We do everything Alex related)
      I think they just mention that Alicia shot Dr Gray. Not sure if there was much more to it and if it is worth it to watch, just for that.


      • DoubleL

        All that was said about Madison Grey on MacGyver is that she is dead. Jack (George Eads) asked how the Grey thing worked out and Kono just said she’s dead. She didn’t even say how she died or anything about Alicia. I keep thinking Alicia will be back, but it may not be until season 8.


  2. Bahaha! OMG this post is so perfect!
    Amen to your words about the scene in the doctor’s office. I have no words left how incredible stupid and not funny it was. And don’t you dare to leave our ship my fellow McKono shipper! Sam on Mostly had a great screenshot of Steve and Kono, look at it, it fuels our ship. WE McKono shippers are right! WE are the truth! WE know better. WE are the ones TPTB should listen to. *cough* Sorry, got distracted.
    So, Danny was in the doctor’s office because he cares for ‘his’ liver? Pfft. He didn’t care at all after Steve took a beating to save the team including this whining – well – gluteus maximus.
    I wish they would stop with the 2 storylines. Everytime they got back to Chicago I was angry because #1 I want this ‘what happended to Clay in Chicago’ story buried under a pile of … clay. #2 I needed my McG in the jungle, because he is a guy who likes the jungle. And he was sweating and wearing a blue Henley. Win win. So when I am going to watch this episode again (yes when not if, because there was also good stuff in it) it will be exactly 23 minutes. Jungle time and blue room time. I think there have been awesome moments.
    Jerry getting a badge? I didn’t like that but at least he contributed something. Maybe it is a badge of honor…
    Loved that Duke came to save the day. He is great and so is the actor (I wish they would stop making him wear a wig or color his hair…).

    Saw the “Scar convo” on twitter and was shaking my head. Some people… Your response said it all. Well done.

    Kono was looking at Steve with a little admiring smile.
    And she cared.

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    • DoubleL

      “Jerry getting a badge?” The more Jerry is on, the less I can stand him. Every time he’s on screen, I feel like I’m watching a kid’s show from the 80s. He’s like that kid on the playground that’s always getting picked on and at the end of the episode everybody has to accept him and hug him, but none of the team as ever treated him poorly. I don’t know if that’s how it’s written or if that’s how Jorge is playing him, but it is all wrong for this kind of show. Now that he has a badge, what’s he gonna do? There’s no way that he can do field work with Steve, Danny, Kono, and Chin. Have we ever even seen him with a gun? Being proficient with a gun is usually a requirement for anybody in law enforcement or is that too rational for H5-0?


  3. Kimphin1

    Get out of my head!

    Everything you wrote is exactly how I felt about this episode. I was competently resigned to the fact that jerry was getting a badge, but really, this wasn’t the time that should have spurred it on.

    As usual, the episode gave zero answers. I wish I gave zero f*cks, but I keep expecting TPTB to follow through with SOMETHING one of these weeks. This was not that week.

    You are completely on track about the Dr.s office scene. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

    I saw your scar comment too. I laughed heartily reading that thread. Oh no they DIDN’T question your expertise!?! (Three snaps in a Z formation). They’re correct, it’s a new scar. Alex got it trying to escape from the hell that was that Dr’s office scene.

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    • I saw your scar comment too. I laughed heartily reading that thread. <<<<, I normally also only laugh at these random comments on the #h50 on which "fans" insult us about something that we supposedly do wrong in their eyes. And then ignore them because they are so stupid..
      Funnily enough I just told Paula how far the scar moved this episode and she told me nobody but me will notice it – then shortly after that I saw the comment and I just had to say something. And then of course I had to stare at as many nekkid pictures of Alex as possible (Just to make sure again – LOL)


    • Brinley Parke

      He got a badge this time because he was willing to bend the rules (he defied a direct order to not contact HPD) to help the team, and that’s Five-0’s thing.


  4. vanduyn

    Love the wrap up! Agree with much of what you said although I didn’t mind the shirtless scene .. was SC even in it?? 😉
    Awesome pics!! 🙂 And the question of the scar .. really?? Pay attention people!! Alex only has one visible scar that I’ve noticed which is just below his right shoulder .. possibly from an arthroscopy?


    • I SO appreciate this post! Tho I think I liked this eppy a bit more than you did! It felt cobbled together and not a lot of research done by the writers either! While you did mention most of what bugged me, there are more that got to me. The doc’s office scene was a visual delight, so no complaints from me on that! On the mysterious moving scar issues, the collarbone scar does seem to be the one they get right most of the time and it was (I think) from the pilot eppy when Victor Hesse shot him. The others? Maybe too many to count, too many to remember. After they were captured and put in the cell, when McG said he had to talk to ‘whomever,’ why did they (the bad guys) let him out of that cell? He’s a Navy SEAL, you morons! Of course it was to give him a chance to secure that bullet so he could MacGyver his way out, but still, they know who they had captured, right? Let him out and give him an opportunity to get away, disarm someone, get his hands on a weapon, etc, take your pick… MORONS! After the baddies had abandoned their camp, WHY would they leave their captives alive? They are MURDEROUS THUGS, the worst of the worst! They wouldn’t have taken the chance. To me these 2 items were the weakest points in that part of the story, tho Koala Smartass, I do understand that these were necessary for the story. My issue is this is all lazy writing, lazy story telling. And maybe for the casual viewer, none of these things would matter or even be noticed, but don’t they know they have us SuperAlexFans???


      • No Janno no. Not MacGyver no! 😉
        He ‘Steve the science guy’d’ his way out. He was trained to be a smart and badass science guy while MacGyver boy was diapering his way across the play pen floor.
        (Am I the only one who is allergic to the word MacGy…… by now?) 😇

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    • My bad, I didn’t intend to put my big, long comment as a ‘reply’ to your comment, JGV! ;>(

      Isn’t McG’s collarbone scar from the pilot eppy when Victor Hesse shot him?


  5. DoubleL

    The episode was weak, but Steve did something awesome that I haven’t seen any of the bloggers comment on. When he was attempting to bust the lock, he told the team to move as far from the lock as possible. If everything had been blown to smithereens, he would have taken the brunt of the blast. That is pure Steve. For all the show’s faults, they are consistent with Steve’s character 95% of the time.
    I would love to think that this is the last time we hear the Clay Maxwell story, but I doubt that it is. Lou still hasn’t proven that he killed the wife so the show still has that to fall back on when they need another side story for Lou. Which leads to what I think is the biggest problem with the show in general. They are writing around what the actors are willing and capable of doing instead of writing the stories they want to write.

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    • I noticed that too DL. You’re right, that was totally Steve. He does something like that all the time. I once just once would like to hear a ‘thank you’.


    • gracenotpark

      Looooove your point! That was solid McG. I’m glad sometimes they still get McG right.

      Excellent ep review as always. I’m with ya, babe. Kudos to both Foyeur and Koala. ❤


  6. It’s an excellent review (as always). Foyeur and Koala are terrific on this post. I love it. TY

    Like i wrote in other blog the main story seemed cut, like “missing pieces”, and the suspense about Michelle Shioma disappeared and lost intensity.I wonder if they didn’t shoot enough scenes in North Shore (supposed to be Lanai Island) or in the editing room, PL choose to give more time to Grover/Chi. I loved the Navy Seal and the science guy was back. But another story with so much potencial for the characters and actors wasted, and we didn’t get any answers.
    I didn’t like that they gave Jerry a badge, but i’m not surprise because when H50 writers insist on something, usualy make happen in not the best possible way.
    The scene at doctor’s office is pointless unless you are a McDanno fan. And Danny said in 6.06 he knows what a klick means despite that Steve explained it, so why writers wrote that line for Danny at helicopter? I already suspect, but they don’t know what are they doing or don’t watch the show. I think that cast and crew don’t deserve it.

    I’m looking foward to the next episode because of a promised glimpse of Steve McGarrett’s story and the chance to watch Alex’s VOE’s.

    PS: So you were challenged to study scars again? What a torture they made to you! In solidaraty, i join you.


  7. Because my comment didn’t appeard, i’ll post again.

    It’s an excellent review (as always). Foyeur and Koala are terrific on this post. I love it. TY

    Like i wrote in other blog the main story seemed cut, like “missing pieces”, and the suspense about Michelle Shioma disappeared and lost intensity.I wonder if they didn’t shoot enough scenes in North Shore (supposed to be Lanai Island) or in the editing room, PL choose to give more time to Grover/Chi. I loved the Navy Seal and the science guy was back. But another story with so much potencial for the characters and actors wasted, and we didn’t get any answers.

    I didn’t like that they gave Jerry a badge, but i’m not surprise because when H50 writers insist on something, usualy make happen in not the best possible way.
    The scene at doctor’s office is pointless unless you are a McDanno fan. And Danny said in 6.06 he knows what a klick means despite that Steve explained it, so why writers wrote that line for Danny at helicopter? I already suspect, but they don’t know what are they doing or don’t watch the show. I think that cast and crew don’t deserve it.

    I’m looking foward to the next episode because of a promised glimpse of Steve McGarrett’s story and the chance to watch Alex’s VOE’s.

    PS: So you were challenged to study scars again? What a torture they made to you! In solidaraty, i join you.

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  8. Kathysr

    Since the show is being written so differently this year, the staff may be a group of young writers who don’t have experience writing for Hawaii Five-O. Any new staff writer should be required to binge watch all previous seasons of the show (several times), take close notes and study the show history and characters in detail. TV shows also have “bibles” which include detailed information on each character. All new writers should be required to memorize it.


    • This episode was written by Peter Lenkov. He has been there since before the show started. He’s got the final say about everything and he should know his characters better than anybody ……

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      • Kathysr

        You’re right, I totally forgot that he wrote it. What the heck is going on with the show?


        • Ally

          I have no idea what’s going on with the show, but for some reason the ratings are the best they’ve been in years and on a Friday night. This was the first year in a long time it was definitely expected to be renewed. I’m bracing myself for more of this writing for next season based on the ratings they’re getting this year. As for the “bromance” I would have liked for them to write it like the friendship between Holmes and Watson on the Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch, but that’s another continent and culture. On the plus side we get to see lots of Alex. I’m hoping in the future to see him in other projects that will give him an opportunity to express his creativity.


          • kathysr

            Peter used to write extraordinary episodes for the show and he originally crafted all the wonderful things we love about Steve McGarrett, so it’s a real disappointment to see what he’s writing now. I think MacGyver has stolen his brain. I hope it’s just writer’s fatigue, or that it’s the end of the season. Hopefully, they’ll start ramping up the danger, complexity, character development and intrigue so that the season ends with a few excellent episodes.

            I hope that Alex will do great things once the show is over. I really look forward to his new projects in the future. He’s been looking healthy and happy on screen lately. He looks much more relaxed, like he’s having fun. The writers have finally given him a chance to heal his injuries this year. Whatever medical treatment he’s getting is really working, cause he looks great. At the beginning of the year, I could actually see the pain in his face. He was really hurting. He looked gaunt. He looks great now. And three months off will give him more time to get better.

            So, fingers crossed for the final four episodes!! They really do write pretty great season finales, so here’s hoping we get another one this year.

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          • Hi Ally
            Fact is that the taste of viewers are all different. I think that there are many people who just want light entertainment without thinking to hard about anything. Most of them do not really care what happened in the last episode, much less what happened over the past 7 seasons. They watch for the scenery and the action and apparently the type of comedy that the show is providing.
            Viewers come and go
            The ones who care about good engaging stories, continuity and great opportunities for acting for our favourite star, seems to be in the minority.
            I also hope for some great projects for Alex in the future, but the heartbreaking reality is that many leads of popular TV shows disappear and are never really seen in anything worth watching ever again. I can name a large number of those actors.
            Even though we know Alex has got the talent and the looks for it, it will take some hard work and lots of luck for him to move on from this and to build his career further and even more luck to become a mega star that we would hope for him to be. And he will most probably have to take jobs far away from his present home and family to do so. Not sure if he will have the will to make that sacrifice.
            I guess only time will tell…….

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            • gracenotpark

              And Alex no longer has the financial motivation to suffer for his art. I think he will try to work. But he’s older now. The offered roles will be different. And he’ll have limits to what he’s willing to do. It’ll be interesting to see what he does, but I doubt we’ll ever see him regularly once a week again.

              Liked by 1 person

              • You’re right. I think the very good thing about 8 years of H50 is that he does not need to take any crappy roles after that. He can select what he will do. He can do these little not big block buster movies that are often so good! He can produce. He can do everything he wants to and that is great. Alex is a smart guy, I am pretty sure we will see him after H50 ends, not regularly, because doing a TV show is tough and I doubt he will do it again in the near future. As I said, he is smart, he is insanely talented, and last but not least, he is a friendmaker! I am absolutely positive about his future.
                But till that is, I will enjoy the heck out of every moment and scene he is in in season 8. Me thinks it will be ‘my’ season, for reasons.


            • I belong to the minority of people that is interested in good stories and character development, that give the chance of Alex and all cast members to shine. I don’t just want to watch the show but “feel” the show by their acting.
              You are right when you say that many actors of leading roles on sucess tv shows desappear after and it’s my biggest fear about Alex’s career. In his interview in November he doubts again about his acting skills. I know that he was injured and tired, that he wants to try other things like directing, producing or even writing, but i really want him to know is a very talent actor and he was born to do it. But yes, only time will tell.


  9. Hey, I just found this incredible blog of yours – I’ve been living under a rock, and only discovered the incredible awesomeness that is Lt Commander Steve McGarrett a couple of weeks ago! I’ve binged my way through nearly 7 seasons already, interspersed with the hugely talented Alex O’Loughlin’s other work… Fabulous actor, inspirational person 🙂

    Watching the seasons so rapidly, I was shocked to see Alex age so quickly. At first I thought it was sun damage from being outside constantly. But then after reading about all his injuries and terrible chronic pain, I wondered if his face was showing the stress and strain of his suffering 😦

    In this episode, I was astonished and delighted to see him suddenly look so much younger! Between Episode 20 and 21, he de-aged by years!

    His beautiful face looks much more relaxed. The lines less pronounced. It’s clearly not botox as his gorgeous face, (always wonderful, no matter what), is very mobile and expressive, (and I doubt, from what I’ve seen and read, he’d do it anyway).

    I just had to share this with someone else who cares. I know from seeing pictures from future seasons he goes back to looking older again. I’m 46 myself, and have chronic pain, but look much younger than I am – but I don’t have to force my body to work like he did through it all.

    I guess I’m feeling a huge wave of empathy right now for a fellow pain sufferer. I hope that the last 2 years since 5-0 finished his body has been able to heal somewhat from the injuries and damage.

    Gonna dive into your blog now!


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Hi Duvetdog!

      I understand that you have just ‘met’ Alex, so you are at Stage 1 in the process of discovering Alex. That is, right now you are, not surprisingly, dazzled by his gorgeousness, and very attentive to any little change showing: he looks too thin, very fit, healthy, tired, sick, his hair is too short, his beard too long, etc. Don’t worry, it’s normal, and we have all gone through this. In no time at all, you will get to know every inch of his face and his body (well, not ALL his inches) so well, that you will be able to evaluate what was his state of physical and mental health on this or that pic much better than he could do himself.

      You’ll never get enough of him and will spend hours watching his pics. I hope you have some private place at home where you can indulge in this activity salivating with delight like a puppy about to tear your new slippers apart, with an expression of adoration on your face. Not all the members of your household might understand. But eventually you’ll get to Stage 2.

      Stage 2 is the stage of discovering the kaleidoscopic array of talent Alex can display if the stuff he is given to work with is good. He has not had very often the chance to really shine being McGarrett, but when you have binged your way through the 10 seasons, you might want to watch again some epis with close attention. You’ll see what Alex can do and how vast his Alexpressions (® leiCa) repertoire is!

      Stage 3 is the discovery of the man. Not the actor, not the writer, not the director, not the celeb. No, the man. The husband, the father, the son, the brother, the friend. At this stage you will discover the real beauty of this kind-hearted, gentle, and endearing man!

      Enjoy diving into this most reliable, full of humor blog, and congrats for being so brave living with your chronic pain! My back has been giving me hell, and for one week, I’m afraid I’ve felt and looked 100, or possibly 120!

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      • Good to see you back, Cassiopea100. I was wondering where you have been. I like your post. Well said. It just reminded me of the time when I “discovered” Alex for the first time. 🙂 Hope, your back is doing better now. I´m not a chronical pain sufferer but I have some problemes walking which occasionally causes me back pain and so I can relate to you.


        • Cassiopea 1000

          It’s good to be back, antjekreuz! I could read what was going on here but was unable to write. But my back is behaving now. As long as I remember the right way to lift heavy stuff, all will be well. I hope yours is not too tiresome!

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      • I really enjoyed your message, Cassiopea 🙂 Particularly, “salivating with delight like a puppy about to tear your new slippers apart, with an expression of adoration on your face”! Yup, that’s me!

        Season 8 Commander Steve McGarrett is the sexiest yet. I’d seen pictures of the shorn hair and doubted the look, but OMG I was SO wrong. I don’t have enough privacy – we’re all home in lockdown and my student age kids keep coming in here and interrupting my drooling.

        Yes, I’m definitely going to do Stage 2: Total Rewatch just for McGarrett. Fast forward everyone else 😉

        Stage 3: I’m VERY wary of actor-worship. It would be way too easy to develop a crush on Alex O’Loughlin the man, rather than Steve McGarrett the character, having watched and read interviews. He comes across unbelievably adorable, humble, funny, and kind.

        I’ve never had a crush on anyone in the public eye like that, and I’m guarding myself against starting now by focusing all my interest on rough tough, damaged, big hearted, honourable, so sexy it kills me McGarrett!

        Thanks for your kind words about my pain – and I hope your back feels better ASAP. 🤗


      • Hi Cassiopea,

        Thanks for your message, I loved it, particularly, “salivating with delight like a puppy about to tear your new slippers apart, with an expression of adoration on your face.” Yup! That’s me!

        Yes, we definitely need privacy for the drooling. I couldn’t watch 5-0 with my student age kids and not betray my lust! Only my loyal dog knows how I feel about Commander McGarrett.

        Step 2: I’ll definitely be doing a re-watch – and fast forwarding the bits without our man. TBH doing that a bit already…

        Step 3: Hmm, I’m VERY wary of developing a crush on Alex O’Loughlin. As you say, he seems the epitome of everything you could ever want in a man. He comes across in interviews wonderfully well. But I absolutely have to leave him there.

        I’ve never had a full on crush on a public figure. I usually just find various people attractive, and they pop up in my fantasies, but I’m not interested in their lives or who they really are. I’m not a fan girl. And I think it would hurt me to become one over AOL at this point in my life.

        So I’ll stick to lusting over Commander McGarrett, and hoping I won’t hate the weirdly black hair with zero grey in season 10! (Seriously needs some grey).

        Thanks for your lovely words about my pain. I hope your back gets better ASAP. People who haven’t through it, could never understand 🤗


        • I hope, you mind me giving my two cents without being asked. When I developed a crush on the man, Alex O`Loughlin it was not planned at all. I never wanted to be part of a fandom. But I watched H5O and liked Commander McGarret and also noticed the complex, subtle and sensitive way, he was portayed. And I wanted to find out who that actor is, who is able to portray a character like that. So I started a research about Alex and the more I found out, the more I liked him. The man is real, very down to earth and genuine. And he is a man who inspires me on a personal level. So not getting involved into a fandom is no option for me anymore. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        • Cassiopea 1000

          Antjekreuz has been quicker than me to comment your post, but I must say that I can’t agree more with her.

          Like you, I have never had any interest in celebs as persons. I have loved them as actors or singers or whatever but have only known what I read about them in magazines in the dentist waiting room. Before Alex, I would have said, if asked, that I’d rather become an astronaut than a loyal fan to an actor. A fan, me? Me? Come on! What a loss of time!

          Then Alex came. Or rather McGarrett came. And like antjekreuz, for the first time in my life, I was interested. Why? God only knows. And like her, I started to research, and fortunately I quickly found this blog. And I can quote her: “The more I found out, the more I liked him”.

          If you make your way through Alex’s interviews, you will discover a very interesting and intelligent man, who says things that make you reconsider some of your approaches to life, and who is blessed with a very old fashioned and today somewhat despised virtue: bounty.

          You have only to watch the new on TV to see that there is little bounty left in this world. So when I find a really good and kind-hearted man, with a high sense of humor and a dazzling smile, yes, I am his loyal fan. And that’s not a teenager crush, it’s an adult decision.

          At this point of your life, you can lust over McGarrett and love Alex in the same breath and come through the experience unscathed. I promise!
          Try it!

          Liked by 2 people

          • I whole-heartedly agree with you about him. He is absolutely down to earth and has a wonderfully wholesome approach to life. It’s very rare to find in this day and age.

            So, we 3 are grown up, sensible women who have never been fan girls before – no, that’s not the right name for us. We are steadfast supporters of a very talented actor and excellent all-round person 😉

            I can be that ☺️

            Just waiting and hoping to see what he does next 🤞

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