#H50 7.21 – Steve and his lovely blue henley

Finally a bit rested and spent some nice henley time tonight 😉 let´s hope it finds its way to Steve´s wardrobe choice in the future too 😀

And the bonus, “Does McGarrett know…”



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15 responses to “#H50 7.21 – Steve and his lovely blue henley

  1. Lynne

    He looks exceptional, and I hope he wears the blue Henley all of season 8


  2. DoubleL

    As much as I love the blue henley, I’m tired of those charcoal pants. I’m hoping they retire them for season 8 and go back to some khaki, olive, or black cargos!


    • Regina Filange

      I for one do like these pants but I also loved him in the khakis with white t-shirt and his vest. One word…SEXY! He always looks sexy as hell in blue. Hoping that the rest of the season is great and that he gets rested for the upcoming season.


  3. OH Nommy Nom Nom Nom 😛 ♥ I love that Henley on Steve. ♥
    Thank you Paula for the gifs ♥


  4. Lulu

    Oh, Paula, you are so good to us! First, the shirtless Steve/Alex and then the Henley shirt. I would love to see him wear that shirt again and again!

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  5. Ladies!!!! you have very good taste in men and blue Henleys and

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  6. Wow! Alex looks great in any colour, but this blue Henley, wow! He’s absolutely irresistible!Paula, what would we do without you? Thank you!

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  7. The Henley deserves a badge more than Jerry. Just saying.

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  8. gracenotpark

    Alex has always rocked a henley! He should totally always wear em.

    And I’d say the henley was far and away the best thing about this very so-so episode. 🙄

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  9. Paula, you are the best! Thank you very much for this post.


  10. vanduyn

    Love these all so much!! Much thanks 🙂


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