The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 163 (Epi 7:20)

Just a normal run of the mill entertaining Hawaii Five-0 episode. I enjoyed it and felt well entertained. It is always good to just sit back and relax and enjoy some mindless fun while watching Alex do his thing as Steve McGarrett …..

All the ingredients once again there for a good episode ……. But beware if you let one brain cell work too much. You might just experience some real WTF moments.

It still makes me wonder about the missing links of continuity and logic in the show. And I am not talking storylines in the whole series here. I mean continuity and logic in this one episode …… Is it the writing, the director, the actors ad-libbing too much, the stunt crew doing weird stuff or the editing messing it up at the end? Or is this just the “way” of the show. Just the laid back ‘Island style‘ of doing things without too much thought or logic?

Here are my random questions ……

I am not even going to mention that the opening scene of the kidnapper with the girlfriend being kidnapped actually only happened later in the episode, and that it was shown out of sequence without any explanation. Or ask why she could not remove the hood with her hands tied so close to her face. Or why she could not make noises by kicking in order for people to hear her. She showed so much fight when they grabbed her – why did she become so meek and mild? Not even going to wonder why the guy was now alone with her when he needed to shop, while his mate was doing …. what?

Or that it is completely silly to believe that a sharpshooter can dare to make a shot from a shaking unstable helicopter with a victim so close to the perp. Or that Steve will just duck a bit when bullets start flying around him and Kono (remember the last time he was flying and being shot at he nearly died ) ….. oops, I guess I did say all that out loud. But let’s move on to the ‘really serious’ questions.

  • At what time do schools close for the day in Hawaii? Why am I asking it? Because  most of the activities in this whole episode happen after Charlie was picked up from school … Activities which include Steve switching clothes a few times between the tan shirt and the blue T for under the tac gear. And as usual with we the viewers not having the joy of witnessing it all …..

Koala Smartass: Oh dear – this again. How long have you been watching the show? The amount of stuff they pack into a day (or even half a day) is astounding. Time moves at a slow pace of “Island style” there. And why would we want to see something as mundane as STEVE changing clothes? #sarcasm

  • And why and at what age do kids go to school in America where they wear formal uniforms. Charlie was born in the beginning of 2012. He is now only 5. Isn’t it a bit harsh to have him already attend such a formal school?

Koala Smartass:  Seems that where you live you allow kids to be kids for far too long?

  • Not often that we get an episode without a dead body to begin with.

Koala Smartass: I gather that is just an observation and not one of your silly complaints?

  • Once again as with Sang Min the other day – what did they talk about with Harry while waiting for Noelani to get there to patch him up? I like how they use her character with these ‘house calls‘. Love her being included in the cast (Not only is she a strong intelligent female character, but she is also Hawaiian and a beautiful ‘normal’ woman at that.) But the way they do it by waiting till she has done the job before they start discussing the case, just does not make sense to me?

Koala Smartass: Time stands still while the cameras are not rolling? Or maybe she was in the building with her medical case when they called her in?


  • Harry about his client: “Older man, younger broad”? I must be honest the wife looked older than the husband to me. But in fact in real life the actress is 1 year younger than the actor. (older man, younger broad – yeh right)

Koala Smartass: Old school PI talk. It would have sounded so “boring” if he just said that the man had suspicion that the wife was a cheating old hag – oops.

  • Why is Steve only introducing Kono after she already tapping the guys phones? Kind of rude to have her play with his stuff even before meeting him?

Koala Smartass:

  • Harry using the same nicknames (‘muscles’ and ‘hairdo’) for Danny as Tony Archer in season 2? Really all the writers can come up with …….?

Koala Smartass: My guess is that it is actual nicknames that James Caan have for his son in real life, so his old time friends just keep on using it. Not the writer’s fault then?

  • So the wife was having lunch with a another woman and they have a heated argument. Yet no follow-up from Harry about that? It could have just as well been a lover’s quarrel. Maybe the wife was cheating on the husband with another woman? What happened to following all leads? Never crossed Harry’s mind to ask?

Koala Smartass: Have you been reading too much slash fiction again? Suspecting everybody of switching ‘sides’ easily & randomly?

  • Why is Steve asking Danny why he is pouting? I watched the scene a few times, but did not see any pouting. The camera is actually on Danny the whole time … no pouting.

Koala Smartass: Use your imagination. Or maybe Steve was just using figure of speech.

  • Harry: “I gave my name to 3 different women”. A man talking like that, no wonder none of his marriages lasted. If marriage is all just about giving his ‘name’ to the broad …..

Koala Smartass: Harry is ‘old school‘. Of course it is okay for him to think and talk that why.

  • I do not understand that Danny being sad/worried about Rachel’s divorce means to Harry that they might get back together again? Why be sad or worried if you could be reconciled?

Koala Smartass: Don’t confuse everybody with your logic.

  • Therapy worked for us? Really Steve? Worked? No comparison between needing therapy for some bickering between work partners about who is driving whose car at what speed, and actual marital problems where commitments were made and kids are involved.

Koala Smartass: We are all watching a different show I guess.

  • Where I come from if people don’t answer the door nearly immediately, you do not wait around ringing the doorbell untill they have finished: 1) drying off their wet bodies, 2) got dressed,  3) do their make-up, 4) and even take the time to put in earrings and 5) slip on some shoes etc. You kind of presume that they are not at home, or I suspect if you are a perp, you would have barged in long before then ….. Why only barge through the door as soon as, after all that I have mentioned above that she must have done, and when she at long last walks to the door?

Koala Smartass: I was just wondering why the writers or the director felt that she needed a shower in the middle of the afternoon?

  • One thing I do not really understand – if the wife knew about the girlfriend, why did she not ask for a divorce? Was the prenup only protecting him against her infidelity and not the other way around?

Koala Smartass: He had the money you silly cow.

  • They are working on a serious case of kidnapping, yet Danny has got time to talk to Stan and even call Steve away from the case for some discussion.

Koala Smartass: Never let an urgent case get in the way of some Williams family drama.

  • Everybody, Steve included, seemed to forget that Danny and Rachel got back together in bed when Danny was seeking some comfort after his brother fled the Feds. Rachel was all alone because Stan was always away on business, and they shared a family moment with Matt. Things just sometimes happen when you see the person you love in pain … and the sometimes they just escalate without thought of consequences.

Koala Smartass: History rewritten. Nothing unusual in the land of Five-0. What happened with Danny and Rachel might even be the most realistic real life thing in regards to relationships in the whole show.

(Btw, I saw some comments that complain about a “gossiping” Steve that was out of character. But it was Danny who brought up Charlie in front of Harry and got him to ask the question, which Steve just tried to explain in short. #justsaying )

  • So you know that perps have got hostages –  you therefore storm the house with the whole of HPD and SWAT with all sirens wailing. NO sneaking up and surprising them?

Koala Smartass: It is the Five-0 way I guess.

  • Steve: “We’re going to breathe together” Me: ……. “SIGH”

Koala Smartass: Perv!

  • Danny orders the older and bigger member (Grover) of the team to take the steps with him, while Chin takes the elevator? No wonder he ends up following the perp alone. Not real clever thinking there.

Koala Smartass: That scene at the chute was shot on Chi’s day off – don’t mess with the schedules.

  • I was just wondering how the two guys could hear each other on the phone, while a helicopter was hovering over them? Because the helicopter had to be close by for Steve and Kono to see all that detail with the naked eye. And why did the perp not demand that the helicopter should leave?

Koala Smartass: You are messing with the action stuff of this show again. Rather go and clean your kitchen and leave the man stuff for the boys to worry about.

  • When you see a helicopter outside you rather shoot at them and stay in front of the window? Really? What happened to maybe closing the curtains or just stepping inside and taking cover in the room? Why insist on standing in front of the open door?

Koala Smartass: Who ever said baddies are clever?

Confused smiley 83

  • How did Chin know where the suspect was running to or where Danny was at the time? He was in a closed elevator when the guy ran passed it and he could have gone back?

Koala Smartass: It was in the script ……


  • Why would a greedy wife leave her expensive rings at home when she leaves her husband? After all $1 000 000 ransom is not “that” much when you need to start all over again somewhere with an “ex”-con new boyfriend.

Koala Smartass: I guess she is as dumb as her boyfriend?

Sad smiley 141

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:20

Huikau Na Makau A Ka Lawai’a

(The Fishhooks of the Fishers become Entangled)

Written by: Matt Wheeler

Directed byJerry Levine

(31 March 2017)

To be continued …….



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8 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 163 (Epi 7:20)

  1. SanDee

    Just a quick side note: it’s actually quite common in America for even pre-school age children (ages 3 and 4 years) to wear uniforms if they attend a private school. Charlie would be in kindergarten and that wouldn’t be unusual at all. My kids attended a Catholic preschool and grade school from the age of 3 and wore uniforms similar to what Charlie and the other students were wearing.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. DoubleL

    I liked this episode except for Steve’s khaki shirt (somebody needs to burn it)! I didn’t think Steve was being gossipy either. He sees Harry as somebody he can trust because Harry was friends with John so Steve talks to him the same way he would talk to any of the team. I also agree with you about the Rachel and Danny deal being very realistic. Danny is obnoxious at times, but he’s not evil and neither is Rachel. Love, sex, marriage, and divorce is complicated! Besides, Danny and Rachel are the only couple on this show that have any real chemistry including Danny/Melissa. Steve/Cath, Steve/Lynn, Adam/Kono, Chin/Abby and even Chin/Malia! Claire and Scott always look like they are having a good time in their scenes together.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Koala Smartass: Have you been reading too much slash fiction again? Suspecting everybody of switching ‘sides’ easily & randomly?”
    OMG, that is so funny! I love Koala.
    I really enjoyed this episode, but when I re-watch I will skip through the D/R scenes. Honestly I don’t care if those two adulteres get together again or spend the rest of their lifes in a Pizza parlor. I feel sorry for Stan because he is the innocent one in this. Because of him Rachel and Danny’s daughter led a good life. He took a bullet from Danny to save Grace! And Stan was even trying to make the marriage work after he knew that Charlie wasn’t his. He still loves him, you can’t switch that off. The same goes for Charlie. D might be his biological father but Stan was his father for 4 years. And I am pretty sure Stan highly appreciated the call of the man who had unprotected sex with his wife to load his guilt on him. <- sarcasm!
    The rest of the episode was entertaining. I chuckled a lot. Not always because show wanted me to 😉 .
    And I agree with you about Steve not gossiping. People should watch that scene again.
    (Well we all know the writers like to rewrite history) but my take on Steve saying D and R had a break is that he did not want to paint D in such a bad light in front of Harry. I can see Steve doing something like that. And it is better for my wellbeing, lol!
    Alex' variation of faces, his capability to switch from lighthearted banter to calm, in-control SEAL Steve were perfect. The two scenes I by far loved the most? The scene with Grover at the beginning in Steve's office, I could watch these two in a loop; and the scene with Steve calming down the wife with the bomb! That was really intense. Great!
    The only shame about McGarrett changing cloths that often? That they don't let us witness! CRIME!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. vanduyn

    Excellent!! Oh how I love Koala Smartass!! Awesome pics too 🙂 Thanks ladies 😀


  5. Magnólia

    Muito bom, obrigada!🤗


  6. Kathysr

    OK, lol, in Danny’s defense, he was just sitting in the car, thinking. Steve looked at him and said, “What’s that pouting face?” Danny replied, “I’m not pouting, it’s just my face, the only face I have.” And then Steve coaxed Danny into talking about the situation with Rachel. Remember, Danny said, “I don’t really want to talk about this here,” motioning to Harry in the back seat, but Steve prodded. And then of course Harry just chimed in with his own profound wisdom about relationships, with three failed ones behind him. Danny wasn’t asking for anyone’s advice. He was just thinking. Steve just keeps prodding Danny until Danny talks.

    Later on, Danny asked Steve to join him in his office behind closed doors, to talk about his conversation with Stan. Harry just opened the closed door and walked in the office, totally uninvited and again expressing his unwanted opinions about Danny’s love life. I thought it was all really funny.


  7. merhaba,ben diziyi altyazılı olarak Türkiye’den takip ediyorum..1.sezondan itibaren takipteyim..begeniyorum.heyecan verici ve eglenceli..senaryoya göre rollerini yapan oyuncuları çok fazla eleştirmemek gerek buna inanıyorum..tüm karakterleri seviyorum .. benim için açık ara önde olan karakter tabi ki Steve..tek istediğim steve için romantik sahnelerin çoğaltılması 🙂


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