#H50 7.20 – Steve such a funny face

I really enjoyed this episode, William Forsythe´s voice is just wonderful 🙂 Even the humor worked well. Not many moments for Steve gifs, but a few worth capturing, cute faces and lovely smiles. Enjoy!

I found the convo in Danny´s office, with D and McG and Harry, really funny. Worked for me 😀

Danny: “Despite the little voice in my head that is constantly telling me to never listen to you, I ignored it…”

Mr “All in” junior 😉


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16 responses to “#H50 7.20 – Steve such a funny face

  1. Kimphin1

    Gif #5 and #6 🖒


  2. Gif #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 😉
    I couldn’t care less about the CCWC (cheating cheaters who cheated) but other than that I really enjoyed the episode. Totally loved the Steve/Lou combo at the beginning. These two are gold!
    Loved Steve’s calmness throughout this whole thing and I found the scene with the bomb strapped to the wife extremely well acted by AOL. He was mesmerizing!
    Thanks for the gifs!
    (There was one tiny little moment at the beginning when Lou was talking and Steve pointed his finger at him and made one of his faces… sadly I think it was too short to gif but I found it hilarious and too funny. The camera should have stayed a little longer on Steve, damn… )


  3. DoubleL

    Have y’all noticed how much this show recycles names? Harrry Brown, Alicia Brown, Harry Langford…

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  4. joyfuljaj

    loved all Steve’s looks. The first several minutes had quite a few that would have been hard to separate. I don’t know how ya’ll do the gif thing anyway, but i’m very thankful you do. at the time of the incident i was sad wife in bomb vest did not get a McG hug to gif, but i’m glad now the undeserving lady missed out.


  5. Annie

    One of my favorite parts of this episode was when Harry was in the backseat
    listening to Steve and Danny’s conversation and chiming in every so often.
    Couldn’t care less about the kidnapped ladies story. I’m sure Harry will be back next season.


  6. Lulu

    I could look at the second picture of smiling Steve/Alex all day!


  7. kathysr

    Here’s part of a letter I sent to Peter Lenkov, the 5-O writing staff, Alex and Scott in August 2016. Let’s see if any of it actually comes true.

    “I love Danny and Rachel. My heart tells me that they have always loved each other and they still love each other very deeply, through all their trials and tribulations, through the divorce, even through Rachel’s dishonesty about Charlie. Danny has tried to love others, but he’s still IN love with Rachel. If this is Scott’s final season, I hope that that Rachel realizes that she’s still in love with Danny. Through all her traumas, Danny has always been there for her. Carjacking, Danny. Birth of Charlie, Danny. Grace kidnapping, Danny. Stan’s always been off somewhere else, doing deals and making money. Who can Rachel count on? Danny. I hope that these two gradually realize how deeply they still love each other. They share two children together. They are meant to be together. My hope is that they reunite after Rachel divorces Stan. And then Danny and Rachel remarry. On the beach, barefoot, in Hawaii, surrounded by all their loved ones. And Danny’s finally truly happy. SEASON FINALE FADE OUT.”

    I can dream, can’t I? It would be a very sweet way for Scott to leave the show.


  8. kathysr

    Oh Happy Day!! Another birthday gift!


  9. Glad to know Scott will be back for S8. Danny often gets on my nerves,but I’d miss him. And so would Steve, I think. And maybe Alex as well.


    • Kathysr

      Danny’s very sweet and reflective in this episode. I laughed out loud as the detective kept overhearing Danny and Steve’s conversations about Rachel. They’re three really gossipy girls! They’re more girly that a lot of girls I know. I’ve watched it three times and it gets funnier. “Does he really have to be listening to all this?” Danny asks when the detective AGAIN overhears Danny tell Steve that Stan thinks Rachel is still in love with him. The detective pointedly tells Danny, “Well, I didn’t hear love in there.” And he didn’t. Danny likes Melissa. He LOVES Rachel. I have a feeling that Melissa knows this.

      My take is Danny is, was, and always will be in love with Rachel. Just look at their body language together. Danny’s never cold and distant with Rachel. He’s always emotionally involved, and 100% present — happy, sad or angry. And she clearly is still in love with him. She only left him because she could never get over the fear and dread of getting that horrible visit, telling her that he’d been killed in the line of duty. If he does retire, there’s a real chance that these two could get back together again. Fingers crossed that we see this evolve as the season ends.

      I can see these two working side by side in a kitchen, creating their pizzas, hot, sweaty, frazzled, exhausted, suddenly tossing flour at one another and then ending up in a passionate embrace.

      I can dream, can’t I? Come on Peter, pay attention!


      • DoubleL

        I hope Danny and Rachel get back together, too. They are the only couple/pairing on this show that have real chemistry. Danny gets on my nerves with the way he treats Steve, but I don’t hate him. I think he would be a happier, more pleasant person if he got back with Rachel.


  10. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! Thanks so much!! 🙂


  11. Carol A Roscoe

    I loved the episode I couldn’t stop laughing (in the Danny’s office and in the car). If Rachel and Danny get back together I think it would be a mistake because she loves Melissa he may not admit it but all he wants to do is be with her. Love the GIF’s.


  12. Danny and Rachel / Steve and Cath same shit drama! How do the writers do that. A great cop and a bold seal are made to jumping Jacks. No man would allow that to be done with himself. Lied cheated leave again come back and leave again. The boys are not a toy that can be taken out of the crate after lust and whim. The moving true words and honest feelings have Steve and Danny together. the two would never each other such inflict pain. I hope the writers will finally recognize this


    • I guess opposed to Adam who lies to Kono around every corner, but he is forgiven for that, because his got a penis? And those with penisses can’t be bad, right? It must be all her fault and nothing to do with Adam who have to lie all the time?
      Actually the whole show should all be just about men who jump in bed with each other all the time, because they all LOVE each other SO much and will never hurt each other!
      Just wonder when the writers will be brave enough to show all that? #sarcasm

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