Hurry up, Friday!

I am always hoping for epic hotness with new episodes. This week finally getting fresh Steve ♥
Bring it on, McGarrett!

P.s. this pic above is from 5.04


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6 responses to “Hurry up, Friday!

  1. vanduyn

    Have I died and gone to heaven??? 😀

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  2. I’m so ready for Friday and new Steve yumminess. BTW love that gif ♥
    Alex has such a sexy strut. UMF *THUD*
    I can re-watch this gif for several more hours and still feel the thrill. ♥♥♥


  3. Fresh Steve is right!! HOT and close to the bone. The juciest man on Earth!! SIGH!!

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  4. How does he do it to look so hot all the time? He has a coach or what? I mean, he simply walks full dressed and he manages to be sexy.


  5. DoubleL

    Bring on fresh Steve!!!


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