Stan, well-rounded character

Stan is not just “the guy” in Zoe (Lopez)’s story. He’s a juicy part, with his own needs and wants and sacrifices. “He’s a great well-rounded character and it just made perfect sense. I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve played more villains than anything else. I love playing villains because I can just be evil and do whatever I want. They’re like, ‘That’s genius.’ And it’s not really. I’m just being silly. – Alex 2010





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10 responses to “Stan, well-rounded character

  1. gracenotpark

    I’ve enjoyed Alex’s villains. I wish there’d been more Stan in TBUP…mighta been a better movie. The original script had his parents and a little more background for Stan. Sigh.

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  2. passion808

    I adore Stan. I think I’d struggle to choose between Stan and Steve.

    I enjoyed TBUP. It’s a nice, cute, fluffy movie. I enjoy romcoms so TBUP fits the bill. I didn’t know the original script had more background for Stan 😞 The more Stan, the better.

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    • gracenotpark

      There was an awesome scene in the script where he’s talking to his mom, trying to figure out how he feels about preggers Zoe and her kookiness. The mom is empathetic to Zoe, and kinda defends her a bit, and notes how happy he seems with her. Towards the end of the scene she has this hilarious line about what do I know I spend my days ankle deep in goat shit? Not an exact quote cos I don’t remember perfectly, but something funny like that. The scene gave Stan depth, and woulda given Alex a deep moment, which woulda improved the movie. 😉


      • passion808

        Damn, that does sound like a good scene. Shame they didn’t go with it.

        I need to watch it again sometime because parts are fuzzy for me now. Was there any mention of Stan’s parents [in the movie]? Where were they when Zoe visited the farm? IDK why, but I figured they were dead. Maybe it’s because they were MIA at the farm.


  3. IMO,TBUP would have been no more than a pleasant movie among so many others had not Stan been Alex. He managed to take it to the next level.

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  4. Kathysr

    Alex is wonderful as Stan. I’ve been watching the behind the scenes videos of filming and Jennifer and Alex’ promo interviews for TBUP on Youtube. They’re funny and cute together in the interviews. Jennifer’s a gifted physical comedienne, and she does some really funny stuff in this movie. Stan trying to help her into the cab in that white dress cracks me up every time. Alex is really funny in this movie. Stan is an important character, he’s not jut background, fluff and eye candy. He’s her equal in every way. That’s why the movie works for me.

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