The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 162 (Epi 7:19)

All in all this has been one of the most engaging episodes for Season 7. My hopes for some good episodes to finish off the season were better served by this one that last week. Of course I loved that Steve and Kono spend so much time together during this episode. They are great together.

The episode was a good display of different women (good & bad) in society. The young and innocent being cute, strong ones looking out for and protecting the weak, the bad ones exploiting the weak. Those fighting for and rescuing the oppressed and the exploited. And the scarred ones fighting back to restore their lives.

Of course me liking the episode and the theme of it, did not mean there were not some serious facepalm moments. Here are a few thoughts ….

  • I don’t understand why the sex trafficker (Emilio) would care to take Moani to the ER. Why take such a risk and then just run away before getting any help? What did he expect to find there? A red carpet reception? The writers idea of using, it did not make sense to me.

Koala Smartass: You are messing with the logic of the story again. Just take it as it is.

  • Not a fan of crossover episodes of two different show. Mainly because I do not live in America and do not see these shows on the same time slots as they are seen over there.

Koala Smartass: No harm done I guess. If you did not see it, you did not miss anything. You watch for Steve (Alex) in any case and he was not part of it.

  • Well at least somebody remembered and brought Steve cookies on his birthday – although he had to buy them.

Koala Smartass: You know the birthdays and stuff only  mean something to the fans – well at least some of the wacky fans like you.

  • Why a split episode when dealing with such serious matters as sex trafficking and drugs? And then rushing through the second case.

Koala Smartass: Lalallalalallalal


  • It must be really dangerous to just drive around in Hawaii. Road rage is dangerous! Utterly preposterous for Kono to vent against an innocent person in traffic. She was in the wrong and it is she as an officer of the law, who is supposed to serve and protect others rather than damage? That kind of “heroism” being applauded and condoned  is exactly what is wrong with society lately. If you get upset, you can just violate the rights of others – it’s okay and normal? #NO!

Koala Smartass:

  • Kono hitting the teacher before he even had time to say anything? Really? Stooping to a level of brutality is really childish. At least give him a change to be an asshole first.

Koala Smartass: But he deserved it, didn’t he? Men like him are actually the real problem. The laws of supply and demand. If there is no demand, the sex trafficking business would not be so lucrative.

  • Why is Steve shooting the number plate of the SUV while it is backing up? Shoot the tyres, shoot at the window – be productive.

Koala Smartass: How long have you been watching the show? By now you should know, that it is how it is done in the land of Five-o.


  • I fail to get the connection between Kono and Moani, the girl she brought to the sanctuary. Her connection was with the OTHER girl, Kelsey. (She was also a better actress, portraying the pain.) And why was only the one girl taken to the sanctuary? Although very moving, the story kind of lost me there because it did not feel organic with her taking the “wrong” girl in my opinion. And without her parents?

Koala Smartass: I am sure you are the only one complaining about this.

  • And added to that, she easily hugged Kono. NO sign of the broken ribs and injuries Emilio took her to the hospital for.

Koala Smartass: Since when is it strange that injuries sustained during an episode, still exist by the end of the episode? At least it was 3 days later. Normally they heal within a few minutes.

As you can see, there was not much to complain about in the episode, and the Koala is very happy about that. Hopefully that is a good sign for the rest of the season …… I just hope that somewhere along the line we will also at least get some personal story of Steve again. And not just something from his family’s past, but also something for his future and happiness! (Maybe he can chase Adam away, and he and Kono can live happily ever after? )

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:19

Puka ‘ana (Exodus)

Written by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed byBronwen Hughes

To be continued …….

Slide show of screencaps of the episode.



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33 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 162 (Epi 7:19)

  1. gracenotpark

    So glad Koala agreed (by default anyway) with your rant on cop brutality. Cannot imagine how the writers thought that traffic attack was cool. 🙄

    And OMG the lack of connection between Kono and Moani! Do these writers never read back the full script to themselves? Does anyone involved with 5-0 EVER watch an ep for continuity sake? Arrrggghhhhh!

    But yeah otherwise a decent ep. Tho Alex deserved more kudos than he has gotten. I hate when he gets overlooked. It’s like peeps (especially the crew and EP) just take his brilliance for granted now. 😡

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    • Agree. He deserved tons of kudos. But that will never happen with this EP. Every grain of sand lying around at waimanolo beach gets more twitter praise than his lead actor who rocks this show for years!

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  2. Lynne

    Good Morning, I have worked in ERs for a long time. The abusers bringing the victim is not unusual. If a young girl is expected to perform sexual acts and has broken limbs or ribs, they can’t perform and thus cost $$$$. I’ve had pumps bring in their ‘ girls’ for STD checks
    . If a victim is lucky enough to go to a ‘ center’ for treatment, it is voluntary, so maybe the other girl and/ or her parents didn’t consent to going. That being said, I liked this epi because of displayed emotions. I love Kono and Steve working together ( did not approve of the assault on private citizen for tooting his horn) but it happened. Steve was stellar in his emotional responses. Epi demonstrated his breadth of acting… Selfishly I hope they picked up for 8th season. Thanks for great pics

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    • Lynne

      That’s pimps not pumps


      • passion808

        I feel you Lynne. My autocorrect changes nearly every word I write! Ugh.

        IA FOYeur, the nurse didn’t give any indication she suspected anything was wrong, I wasn’t even sure she suspected anything until she talked to the other nurse, so it was strange that Emilio took off.


      • LOL
        Pumps are not far wrong.


    • Maybe I should have made it more clear. I did not question the fact that he took her to the ER, What bothered me was that without any real sign of something being wrong, or getting treatment he just left.
      He should have had a better rehearsed story if he wanted results.


  3. Yeah to chasing Adam away!!! I will never get why Kono chose this man. Neheeeever! McKono! LOL.
    But first things first:
    The POUT!!!! This tough as nails badass Navy SEAL has such a boyish streak at times and I love it!
    – I didn’t get why they did this second storyline. I never get that. Concentrate on one case and make it good.
    – I was disappointed they didn’t even mention Steve’s birthday. All he got for his birthday was one stupid salty cake in 7 years.
    – And I support your NO! to Kono’s brutal behaviour. No. Just NO! The guy who honked? That could have been me. And btw, just try to break a car window with your fist. Good luck with that. It would have been ok if Emilio attacked her and she RE-acted and kicked him you know where. But this? Stupid, and unrealistic too.
    – I agree. Kono’s sudden closeness to the girl brought me out off the story. When did that happen? That was … forced.
    But I love Steve and Kono working together. Always have and always will. They are similar in many ways, their caring, their heart, their empathy. But Kono could learn a thing or two from Steve. Bracing herself i.e.
    In the first seasons we got much more Steve and Kono, mostly caring about the victims and the relatives of victims. They were so good together. I always had a soft spot for those two. Opposites attract may happen at first but it is not working on the long run.
    But Adam happend. The poor murderer who doesn’t get a job as a lawyer. Pfft.

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    • lindae5o

      Any caring person would naturally become angry at what these poor girls suffered, but when Kono was so affected, I thought there was going to be a flashback o f her possibly being exploited in some way, as a teenager. The girl playing the teenager rescued from the house, was so good, and she should have had more scenes. She should also have been taken to the shelter.
      The traffic light scene was so wrong !! Just wrong !! Why, when they have a decent, important episode, did they ruin it.
      I loved Steve so much in this episode. Alex shows, all the time, why he is the heart of HF-0 !!

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  4. passion808

    Great write up!

    I enjoyed this episode but, as always, there were parts that fell short. I could see what the writers were trying to do, but they didn’t quite pull it off.

    Alex, as always, was awesome. The cookie scene was a nice bit of fluff. His competitiveness as amusing as ever.

    Kono’s rage, though understandable, was a bit much for me. It was a case of the writers going overboard to highlight their point.

    I’m no good at remembering episode seasons and numbers, but this episode got me thinking about the episode where Steve goes for a haircut and ends up trying to save a teen from gunmen, only to find out that the teen was a child killer. Alex’s scene at the end of that episode was heartbreaking. We saw the horror of the crime through Steve. Grace is a great actress and could’ve showed us her anger and distress without the unnecessary lashing out.

    The biggest head scratcher for me was Kono taking Moani to the sanctuary. That scene would have been far more moving watching Moani’s parents dropping her off. The scene would have held its own without any of the team there. As it was, the scene felt flat and forced.

    Still, it was one of those episodes that stays with you, and helped highlight a real problem.

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  5. Kathysr

    I didn’t care for this episode. Steve was the best part of it. I really didn’t like the way Grace acted in this episode. Kono was either totally flat emotionally or throwing raging fits, which were weird, illegal and a really BAD image to put out there for the world to see. I guess it’s OK to beat someone to a pulp if you’re righteously pissed off at them or daydreaming and stuck in traffic. Another person would have quickly apologized and driven off, realizing that they were blocking traffic.

    Sexual trafficking is a huge, worldwide problem which merits serious discussion. Parts of this episode were really emotionally engaging. The actresses who portrayed the victims and the abusers were all excellent and I powerfully emotionally responded to them.

    I also agree, I don’t understand the two storylines in the episode, and really shortchanging the other one. Why not do two separate episodes on the subjects?

    I haven’t liked the writing this year. For me, the episodes have been either really great or kinda boring. JMO, as always.

    Alex was adorable and letter perfect as Steve. He hit all the emotional notes perfectly, and he’s looking particularly gorgeous in this episode!!! I get lost in those eyes and those eyelashes!

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    • SanDee

      I agree. I was surprised at Grace’s lack of acting in this episode. Either she sat around with a weird expressionless face or she was beating the crap out of people. Nothing in between. Alex is so good at showing what’s going on in Steve’s head. Little glances, gestures, even how he sits and stands.

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      • DoubleL

        “Alex is so good at showing what’s going on in Steve’s head. Little glances, gestures, even how he sits and stands.”
        This! He doesn’t have to say a word and we know exactly what Steve’s thinking even when he’s in the background of the scene.

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    • Ally

      I thought it was a great episode. It was written for some of the mature viewers that like a little substance and realism. I understand what some are you are saying about the episode. The second case was unnecessary. I think that the mindless actions of Kono were over the top. I understand that this show is written to grab a multitude of viewers. Some of the viewers like me work a Monday-Friday job and just want a little Friday night escapism to unwind so I assume some of the writing was too lighten the mood. I kept hoping that Kono would at least reveal that she understood these girls because although she hadn’t specifically experienced what they had been through, she being a young pro-surfer experienced older men that tried to take advantage of her. This could have explained some of her blind rage, especially with the horn-blower. Like some of you I’d have pulled out the phone cam and immediately found representation to sue the state of Hawaii.

      As usual Alex was brilliant. I’m beginning to think perhaps Steve’s entire team needs counseling since they have all gone bat**** crazy at some point in the series. Although Steve is impatient, he manages to stay focused and is very in control during whatever situation he’s in. Maybe his team just needs a refresher course. I read that this storyline will be revisited again this season so hopefully we’ll get a better understanding of Kono’s actions or she’ll be more in control and we’ll get to see more of Steve’s quietly conveyed emotions.

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      • kathysr

        Now that sounds interesting. This is a huge topic which merits more than half an episode. Maybe what we suspect will turn out to be true. Kono’s hiding a big secret from her past. She really was acting strangely. Maybe Steve can coax the truth out of her. He’s a wonderful listener. Trafficking is mobile and worldwide. It’d be fascinating to see the Five-O team chasing the top criminals all over the world. Maybe there’s a huge trafficking cell on Oahu, since it’s a major trans-shipment location. It’s such a hidden crime. It’s hidden in plain sight, because no one wants to believe that it exists where they live. It’s everywhere now.


        • Ally

          Trafficking is becoming very bad in my city. A lot worse than I thought it was or would be. I wish when they revisit it on 5-0 that they would expound on since Hawaii is made up of several islands in which to traffic and we only saw the girls on one localized island and Kono’s reaction. Several years ago there was a study that reported 50% of the children trafficked were boys. In my city we have had some as well as girls go missing and some convictions. Since the team is mostly comprised of men, two that have young sons, it would be good to show some of their reactions from the male perspective. It would be nice if we could see Nahele again and since his original situation is one that can lead to trafficking maybe they could find a way to tie it in. A lot of times the only way for young male’s to survive on the street is to steal, deal drugs, or sell themselves leading to trafficking. However, I realize I’m reaching and expecting a little too much from the writer’s so I’ll enjoy whatever we see.

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  6. shooster

    Kono acted to me like she had been sexually assaulted way in her past and had buried it. Thinking along this line, I noted the doctor/counsellor whoever… mentioned about the clinic that often it is only years later that adult children went to the clinic… and I thought it was going to end that Kono told Steve about this assault from her teen years and it was she who was going to go into the clinic realizing the rage in her that being unleashed in her by this case! Hhmm – how wrong was I with that plot following the clues.


    • Kathysr

      Now that would be a great story line which would explain Kono’s really strange behavior. You know, maybe this story line’s not over. Hmmm. We did see Kono standing there, looking at the sanctuary.

      The writers may be setting up Kono and Adam’s story line so that they leave Hawaii to go somewhere else for a brand new start. I think that’s why she had that conversation with Steve. Kono’s been wallpaper background this year, basically like Danny and Grover. The only actor who’s publicly announced that he’s signed for an 8th season is Alex. We’ve heard thundering silence from Daniel, Grace, Scott and Chi. I’m suspicious that one or more of them will not be returning next year. If Grace leaves, I hope they replace her with another powerful female character, or maybe a more cerebral character, like Alicia, lol, if she didn’t commit murder!

      Just thinking out loud. I wonder if the show may be working up to a really powerful and suspenseful season finale this year, where the future of every 5-O member is unclear. Could make a very intriguing summer!

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    • Interesting thoughts
      Unfortunately far to deep, clever and difficult for writers of this show to come up with.

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    • passion808

      I thought the same thing. The way Kono was acting, I felt sure she was going to say she had experienced something similar.


  7. SanDee

    I said the exact same thing on another website about Kono’s violence in this episode! Tell you what, if she broke my car window and cut me with flying glass and threw my car keys away, by the time my lawyer and I were finished, she’d be stripped of her badge and paying a hefty fine! Just because poor Kono was having a bad day? And punching the suspect in his own home before he even answered any questions? Hello, 4th Amendment! Have they not heard of you in Hawaii? And even when she was fighting the guy at the end–she already had him down and had the knife away and she just brutally bashes his face in, punching him over and over? Yeah, the dude deserved it but we DO have due process in this country and cops are not supposed to rough people up during arrests and questioning. Seems to me they were trying to make Kono a BAMF, like she’s tougher than the guys. That’s not necessary. She has her own skills. The way she was portrayed the other night was awful, in my opinion.

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  8. Lulu

    My friend and I discuss H50 after the show each week, and we both agreed that if it was one of us who smashed somebody’s window like Kona did, we would end up in jail! I don’t understand why they put that scene in the episode. I also thought that Kono might have been assaulted and that would explain her strange behavior. But, back to Alex! He can show every possible emotion without saying a word! That is truly a great actor! He is definitely the reason I still watch the show.

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  9. DoubleL

    I don’t care much for cause du jour episodes because they always feel forced and this one was no different. That said, I did like parts of it. Steve and Kono always make a good team and I loved the way Steve was visibly shaken in the rescue scene. I also liked the way Steve talked to Kono in her car even though if he knew what really happened to her hand I don’t think he would be ok with her actions. I still miffed that there was no mention of Steve’s birthday. They owe him for that stupid salt cake!!!

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  10. Regina Filange

    I for one really liked this episode due to my profession and what my office deals with. I thought Steve and Kono worked well together. As always Steve/Alex looked sexy as hell. His caring demeanor was very touching. I also watched the “crossover” episode. While I did find it kind of lackluster, I’m glad we did get a little closure to a particular storyline. I’m disappointed that they mentioned it in the “crossover” episode and not in the actual show, but then again who knows maybe they will bring it up, but I’m not going to hold my breath. For those of you who question what I’m talking about you’ll have to watch that episode. Hoping for a renewal notice soon as I’m also hopeful for a trip to Hawaii early next year to maybe see our man.😋😜❤


    • Kathysr

      My fingers are crossed, Regina. I’m hoping we hear soon. Last year the show was renewed on March 25, 2016. I can’t bring myself to watch McGuyver. I never watched the original series and I’m not gonna watch the reboot. I wonder if it will get renewed. So, I guess I’ll never know which story line was resolved.
      The 5-O members and the other people on the show are Steve’s family. He loves his Ohana. He notices things, but he keeps his counsel until people come to him to discuss their issues. I love all the scenes where everyone’s gathered together at a meal. You can see Steve’s love and contentment radiating out as he watches over his family. It’s really beautiful. The young boy who stole his car is there too, I had hoped that Steve would adopt him, now that he has no more biological family. Steve loves him like a son. Then Steve could truly discover the challenges of fatherhood!!

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      • Regina Filange

        I don’t typically watch Mcguyver either but because it was labeled a “crossover” episode I watched it. I didn’t watch Mcguyver growing up but knew the premise of the show. While I wasn’t real impressed with the show I’m still glad I watched it. I wasn’t expecting to get the information I did get.


      • “…but he keeps his counsel until people come to him to discuss their issues.”
        I think I have to disagree on that. For me it is quite the opposite. He feels, senses, knows that something is not ok with his friends and actively goes to lend an ear to them, to give some input, some advice, his empathy or just to be there. Remember how often he went to Danny’s special place when D was reflecting after a hard time? That’s what makes Steve special. No one has ever done something like that for him. He was always alone.
        As for the storyline Regina was talking about. Well, I don’t live in the US and I won’t go the extra mile to watch this MacGuyver stuff (a glimpse was enough, ugh) so I looked around. Seems that they mentioned Steve’s birthday and what happened to Dr. Grey in that show. Unbelievable. May I go all Kono on the writers/EP?

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  11. Annie

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. Of course, any scene with Steve gets my heart racing but I have questions about how the writers used Kono. That scene at the traffic stop, I agree, was totally unnecessary. From the beginning I had a feeling something happened in her youth but not necessarily like these young girls. I’m really want another season with H50 and really don’t care who comes back to join Alex.
    Personally I felt in the latest episode with Steve & Alicia, I saw a connection between the two of them, more so than with him & Lynn. There is some sort of attraction maybe because they are rather guarded concerning other people. Isn’t it about time TV gets to the 21st century and the fact a couple can have the man younger than the woman. And to that I say, “AMEN”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • DoubleL

      In reality Claire is only 4 years older than Alex. Why did they cast such a young actress to play the mother of an at least 25 yr old daughter?
      I would like Alicia to become a regular on the show, too; not as a love interest, but as part of the team. Maybe she could do profiling work for them because I can’t really picture her in the field wearing kevlar. The show already has too many regulars so if they add her they need to drop some dead weight.


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