#H50 7.19 – Steve the ultimate cookie monster

This was clearly a Kono centric episode, but we were lucky they had her work with Steve 🙂 Even with him being in a bit supportive role, we got plenty of yummy McG to enjoy. This man is such a treat for our eyes (body and soul too)…♥





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16 responses to “#H50 7.19 – Steve the ultimate cookie monster

  1. DoubleL

    This episode had me thinking that Steve is the only member of the task force that’s never gone bat-poop crazy on somebody. I don’t care that Kono beat the snot out of the trafficker, but what she did to the guy at the red light was stupid.

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    • gracenotpark

      Yeah police brutality. That scene upset me. We have enough cop issues not to encourage more…not good for cops’ safety or rep, not good for people to think/fear that of cops.


      • DoubleL

        I wouldn’t even call it police brutality. It was just Kono done lost her marbles and Steve would not be ok with that behavior. The others only lost their minds on people who were actually guilty of something.


    • lindae5o

      Yeah, they had to taint a nearly perfect episode with the traffic light scene. I liked this episode a lot, otherwise. Steve was perfect support, and he looked positively yummy. I hope he and Kono work together more often.
      The sight of Kamekona in the Aloha Girls uniform was a total hoot !!

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      • Patricia TODESCO

        I loved this episode. Steve and Kono together, good idea! I was very moved by the story. I hope to see other epsiodes like this which speak of serious subject,

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  2. Tastier than a cookie 🙂

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  3. Lulu

    Love the pouting scene!

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  4. vanduyn

    Thanks for the gifs!

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  5. gracenotpark

    Great visuals from the ep. As always. 🙂

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  6. Karen

    OMG you got some really good gifs from episode 19. Thank you!!!

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  7. passion808

    Cookie Monster Steve has us all 😍😍😍😍😍. There’s just something about Steve/Alex eating that is so 🔥🔥🔥

    I enjoyed the Steve/Kono and Chin/Grover pairings. Grace was great but, like others, I was expecting a revelation from Kono based on her strong reaction to this case. I’m glad that didn’t happen though, the focus should be on those poor girls, not the team. It was a good episode.

    I didn’t realise how much I needed a break from the Steve & Danny bickering/banter until now. It was refreshing. The bickering can be funny in small doses, but I wish the writers would allow them to get along and enjoy each others company more often. They’ve been through so much, we know they are extremely close, so let us see more of their good times!

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  8. karen

    The second I saw that last capture I knew it would be here. Essence of Mick with a few more crinkles. Beautiful

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  9. Really love the Girl Scout thing. As Steve has come a long way from being awkward to being a teddy bear around kids.

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  10. ♥ Thank you Paula for these “body & soul” treats. Ymmmm so good and way better then any chicken soup for the soul. 😉 ♥

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  11. Steve and Sara were adorable together! Steve was a wonderful supporting friend in this episode. Always there to support his friends emotionally. Who is there for him? Who was there for him in his darkest moments emotionally? Nobody.
    For the episode: It was heartwrenching but I didn’t like any of the Kono brutality. Too much. Both of these scenes. And btw totally over the top Wonderwoman BS. Kicking the guy’s a§§ would have been fine if he attacked her first. This way? No.
    Paula, the moment I saw the scene I just knew you would make a gif. I am talking about the last one. Just WOW! And in your first gif we can see all his piercing scars. I love that!

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