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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (2 – 10 Mar 2017)

A lot of footage from the set of Hawaii Five-0 posted this week. As usual Thank You to everybody who posted and found pictures. Hope you all enjoy them!

Life on the Set:

sunburns622   McGarrett is all done shooting his Hawaii 5-0 scene. 

Cyndy Knudson  — feeling amused at Hawaii Five-O Set. And this happened during lunch. Hawaii Five O LIVE!

Escape Waikiki Tours A big MAHALO to the cast and crew of Hawaii 5-0! We have been on set many times, but today was a real treat! Mahalo @danieldaekim, #alexoloughlin and Chi McBride for making my guest’s vacation super special! everyone we talked to was friendly and willing to take a quick photo. True ALOHA spirit! #escapewaikikitours #hawaii50 #hawaii #vacation #travel #luckywelivehawaii #danieldaekim #alexoloughlin #chimcbride

Hawaii Isla 808  Hawaii Five-0 Shot filming EP7*22. Honolulu, Hawaii Today (5 March 2017)

From this picture above and also some other footage posted, it looks like Eric Norris  (son of legendary action man, Chuck Norris) might be the new stunt coordinator on the set of Hawaii Five-0.

Just some mindless trivia, Chuck Norris and Steve McGarrett share a birth date – 10 March

hawaii_isla808   Hawaii Five-0: Alex O’Loughlin was amazing and awesome when he love seeing children and give great hugs when he get a chance. That is why he is also awesome dad to his own children. ❤. We all smile when he give a hug to a little girl! 🤙🏼🌺❤😀 check our Facebook more pics and video #wearehawaii #hawaii #luckyweliveinhawaii #ilovealoha #waikiki #aloha #ig_oahu #visitoahu #loves_united_hawaii #waikikibeach #welovehawaii #weloveoahu #hilife #wemisshawaii #honolulu #hawaiian #oahuhawaii #canon #visithonolulu #visithawaii #five0 #h50 #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin




Kristine Averill to University of Phoenix Hawaii Campus Hawaii Five-0 evening explosion scene. When McGarrett turns around to ask if you got his pic, you know how lucky you are to live in Hawaii! #luckywelivehawaii #phoenixlovesfive0 #alexoloughlin


  Is the plural of nemesis, nemesii? Blast working with Alex O on It was truly a pleasure… and a beating. 😜 It’s a doozie!


Fan Photos:

  #9Today Tyra and Zali Ryan met Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii 5-0 when holidaying in Hawaii last year

News for the week:

  • Hawaii Five-0 featuring some serious issues:

Something Pretty from others:

  • Picture from video posted by bwallace808 on IG stories

 It looks like they had a lot of fun on the set that day, with Alex in a real goofy mood. From the clothes and the background it looks like the pictures were taken on the same day in, August 2015, as these:

Alex, Family, Friends & Colleagues:

  • From the set of last night’s episode:
  • From the set – January 2016
Jimmy Borges Eternal  Jimmy with his daughter, and with Alex O’Loughlin of Hawaii Five-0, at the Hawaii Five-O Studios by Diamond Head, Honolulu, HI, January 2016.

A year ago when I made a post about what the iconic Jimmy had to say about Alex ( They say …… #AlexOLoughlin treat others with a great deal of ALOHA), I was looking for a picture of them together and could not find any. These are beautiful and great!

Most ‘interesting’ searches for the week:

  • alex o loughlin hair balding 2017
  • was alex o laughlin actually a navy seal
  • can alex o’loughlin sing?

Next Week:

  • They should get busy with filming of Episode 7:23 by now. Hoping for some more footage from the set to share.
  • Remember that there will be a few weeks without new episode of Hawaii Five-0. Episode 7:20 will be broadcast on 31 March.
  • And we would like to wish Alex’s stepson Spike, a Happy 8th Birthday tomorrow.

Enjoy your week!


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