#AlexOLoughlin likes telling human stories

Every vampire in this show is based on some amount of emotional truth. That’s really what drew me to the script in the first place, telling the dramatic human stories that we all struggle with every day.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Watch, October 2007



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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin likes telling human stories

  1. Brenda Clark

    What a great person.


  2. I loved how Alex put the humanity in Mick defying the monster who Mick thought could never be loved. Surprise Mick! Millions fell in love with you and still love you to this day. ♥ Thank you Alex for finding the “emotional truth” to bring this original character to life. ♥ IMO I like to pretend Mick is still un-living in LA fighting crime just as Steve fights crime in Hawaii. 😉 ♥

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  3. Ontlls

    Mick!! Still my favourite Alex character!

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  4. gracenotpark

    Yeah the main emotional truth and human story I’m getting from that particular photograph is “Damn! My girlie parts are mounting a *friendly* takeover of the rest of me.” 😆

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  5. Hope he can pursue other things after Five 0 is over. Wished he got the James Bond thing.


  6. This picture of Mick leaves me breathless but not bloodless but i would be happy to have Mick take care of that .!! SIGH.

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  7. I’m not keen on vampire stuff, but Alex made Mick so human, so vulnerable in spite of his condition,that I wanted to hug him all the time.

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  8. lindae5o

    Such perfect deliciousness !! That scene, with Mick bursting out of the bathroom in his torn Henley, still gives me a thrill every time I watch it. Mick’s vulnerability and sadness always came through on Moonlight.


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