#AlexOLoughlin #H50 – Raw Interview (2010)

 We still need to do a few transcripts of some of the old videos, to complete our media archives.
Here is an interview for Hawaii Five-0 from 7 years ago.
Remember you can get the links to all the transcripts we have already done here

The very funny Alex O’Loughlin talks about Hawaii Five-0 and shows off his ability to do different accents with 19 Action News Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet.

Alex: Now listen; I’ve got a badge and a gun.

Chris: Hey.

Alex: So, no funny stuff.

Chris: Wow. Is that a real gun.

Alex: It’s a real gun and a real badge. [Laughs]

Nothing is real, man.

[Playing with the gun, making ping sounds]

Chris: It’s exactly what that does.

Alex: Five-0.

I want to ask you a question? You know how Five-0 has become a street term for the cops?

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: Is that from the original Hawaii Five-O?

Chris: I thought … I thought it was called that Hawaii Five-0, because Hawaii was the 50th state.

Alex: It’s true, you are right. That’s correct. Very good.

Chris: But you mean like when thugs are like, “Oh, The Five-0’s are here”

Alex: “Five-0 man”. Gangster sort of thing. And do you think that is from the original show? I’d like to believe that it is.

Chris: I’m gonna have to say, absolutely.

Alex: Let’s log it in.

Chris: And it’s going to continue with the new show.

Alex: Yes.

Chris: Would you call this a …. Is this going to be a remake, a rebirth, a re-imaging, or perhaps some other word that starts with re?

Alex: They are all good. But I think it is a reboot.

Chris: A reboot?

Alex: I think it is a reboot.

Chris: What exactly …. How exactly would you define a reboot?

Alex: Well …. a …. The characters have the same names.

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: Pretty much, you know. It’s the same sort of overall story. It’s a task force in Hawaii. Cleaning up the streets of Hawaii. Steve McGarrett is asked to run this task force for the governor. And it is crimes in Honolulu and the surrounding areas.

But we’ve got a lot …. there are a lot of differences too. You know what I mean, it’s modern day. We’ve got new technology. We’ve got new military technology.

Chris: You have the internet now.

Alex: We …..what’s that? [Laughs] We do have the internet.

Chris: I hear they even have it on computers too.

Alex: It’s crazy.  I’m going to get one.

Chris: A computer or an internet?

Alex: I’m going to get an internet computer.

Chris: Very nice.

Alex: You’re welcome.

Chris: Did you watch the series growing up at all?

Alex: I didn’t really. I mean I was pretty young when it was on TV, and ….

Chris: How old were you when the show went off the air?

Alex: Oh. It was 1980, it went off the air, and I was …. a…. four years old.

Chris: Four years old.

Alex: I had to think about that for a minute. I had to think, “What year was I born?”

Chris: [Laughs]

Alex: I’m a ‘76 kid. So I was four years old. So I watched the reruns obviously. And my memory of it is …. I mean I remember it as an old cool cop show, you know.

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: I tried not to watch too much of it when we started this, because I did not want to be influenced by that. I just wanted to … I wanted to just do my character work, and ….

Chris:  It must be difficult though. You know, because there is so much material out there that you could source.

Is it not difficulty for you to kind of turn away from that and not watch it?

Alex: No not really. I mean a little bit, because I am intrigued, and I go, “Oh, I wonder how he did it back then?” But I mean it is just my curiosity that ….. It’s just the only annoying thing is that I’m really curious and I just want to have a look.

Chris: For sure.

Alex: But I actually much prefer building something from nothing.

Chris: How similar and how different do you think this will be compared to the old version of the show?

Alex: I think it is very different. I think it is very different in ….. Oh well, I do think it’s very different. I mean television is a completely different thing now.

You know we have technology that allows us to … you know, with computers. The internet computers

Chris: Yeah, the internet computers.

Alex: With internet computers generate, internet computer generated images ….. Oh, what was the question?

Chris: [Laughs]

Alex: I think it is going to be very different because everything is different about TV, than what it was 40 years ago. You know, I mean even the acting.

It’s like the realism that we go for today and hopefully achieve, is much more like what happens in day-to-day life …. in real life than what it was back then.

It was much more stylised. It was much more …. There was a lot more sort of posturing. Today we try to get the story … and try to, you know … stick to the truth.

Chris: I’ve got to ask you. Your character is American. You have this .. you do the American accent perfectly. How are you able to just turn it on and off like that?

Alex: I don’t know. It’s a …. It’s been many years of practise and … actually …

Chris: It’s incredible.

Alex: Actually, I grew up with an American though. My stepfather a … his Canadian and so as a child I had the North American sound in the house. I think that’s probably had something to do with it.

Chris: But you can just like that, do your next sentence with an American accent.

Alex: I could, but I am not going to.

Chris: Why not?

Alex: Because I don’t want to confuse you. We’ve already talk you about internet computers and I don’t want to … this is a two shot and …..

Chris: Yeah, but you might have to see my reaction then that way. It could be a big reaction.

Alex: Okay, listen to what I am saying right know. I don’t know even know how it happens. That’s the thing; it just comes out of my face.

Chris: I can’t put an Australian accent on that way.

Alex: I will give you a thousand dollars, if you do a good Australian accent.

Chris: And not sound like the crocodile hunter?

Alex: Just go. Just don’t think. Go!

Chris:  ‘Alright mate. We’re gonna go surfing today mate.

How’s that?

Alex: Pretty good.

Chris:  Really? Out of 10?

Alex:  Like …… like … like … like a 3. Which is …. But the thing is mate, most people get, like they don’t even bump a 1

Chris: Well I got ….

Alex: I’m not giving you 1000 bucks though.

Chris: Do I get like 300 bucks then? Because of 3 out of 10?

Alex: I’ll talk to you later. Come and visit next year…

Chris: I got you to say mate. I pulled a mate out of you.

Alex: Yeah, you did pull mate out of me.

Chris: Moite

Alex: Is that a mind trick? You say moite. Say mate.

Chris: Mate.

Alex: It’s a very clean, mate.

Chris: Mate. Mate.

Alex: That’s not so bad. More like a 4 or a 5.

Chris: Okay. Do I get it know.

Alex: We should talk about other stuff.

Chris: You’ll talk about it later.  Do you want to talk about Hawaii Five-0 or something like that?

Alex: It’s a good show that’s coming on TV in September.

Chris: Can we talk about the epic .. that movement.

Alex: Yeah, the epic head movement that’s never happening in the show?

Chris: It’s not?

Alex: Yes, we can talk about it

Chris: It’s never happening?

Alex: We talked about stylistic differences from the areas of the show. I don’t have the fringe for it.

Chris: When you got the call that you were going to get this part, did you think, “I’ve got to grow my hair”?

Alex: I’ve got to grow the bangs out.

[We hear somebody drive by on a motorcycle]

That a man on a motorcycle. He’s keeping the beaches safe.

Chris: [Laughs]

Alex: Yeah, no. Jack Lord ….. Jack Lord had epic hair. I myself have … I mean it’s fine, but it’s like you … you have good hair. We ….

Chris: You have good hair.

Alex: Thank you. It’s just sort of hair though. You know he had HAIR.

Chris: Yeah. It was 70’s hair though.

Alex: It was 70’s hair.

Chris: What are your expectations for the show?

Alex: I would …. I hope the show is a big hit. I hope millions of people around the world will really enjoy it as much as I enjoy … Enjoy watching it as much as I’m enjoying making it.

I mean, I’ve done a few TV gigs now. And this is…. This is awesome. You know what I mean, it such a great combination of character, and crime and comedy. You know, there are great relationships, there’s great stories. There’s a lot of fantastic action and … I don’t think ….. I don’t see why it’s not going to be a hit.

Chris: I got to try something here.

“Book’em Danno”. How was that?

Alex: That was like an 8.

Chris: 8 out of 10?

Alex: That was like an 8 out of 10.

Chris: Can you give me one? Maybe I can learn from it.

Alex: [Smile] I’m nervous.

Chris: I’ll stop looking at you then.

Alex: I need you to look at me.

Chris: Okay. Can I be Danno?

Alex: Oh you see, you cut it off. Now you’re not getting it.

Chris:  Come on. I’ll be Danno.

Alex: Cut, you’ve done it. You’d be Danno?

Chris: Just for a second.

Alex: You just have to look angry. Look angry. And look like ….. look like someone just did something ….. [laughs] I can’t do.

Chris: Okay.

Alex: I can’t do it. I was willing. You need to know I was willing.

Chris: Okay, here we go. I will look at you.

Alex: “Book’em Danno”

Chris: That was pretty good. Thanks a lot.

Alex: You’re welcome man

Chris:  That’s awesome.

Alex: That was like constipation face.

Chris: [Laughs]

Link to the video:



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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin #H50 – Raw Interview (2010)

  1. gracenotpark

    What a delight! I so miss his interview days. That man gives a great interview. Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. passion808


    I just read your Alex O’Loughlin Diary posts. They were really interesting. It was nice to have a timeline of events. You must have put sooooo much time and effort into them, so thank you!

    I just wanted to check there are just the 4 parts? I don’t mean to sound greedy, I can tell how much time you put into them, I just want to make sure I’m not missing any 🙂


    • Hi Passion
      Yes, thanks. There was a lot of research done and effort put into those first 3 posts. I kind of did them the hard way. Could have done it easier and with less effort and made it easier to do the follow ups.
      The 5th one has actually been kind of finished in a draft for more than a year. But then comes the updates and I fall behind again. Unfortunately real life kind of caught up to me last year and I did not always have lots of time and enegry to do the hard stuff.
      Also the weekly posts kind of kept me busy a lot, and those or more real time updates of his daily life than the diary.
      I however do plan to finish it – hopefully soon. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • passion808

        Thanks FOYeur 😊

        I understand that real life can take over, and definitely needs to come first.

        The weekly posts are pretty much like the diaries, I enjoy those too.

        Thanks for all the work y’all put into this blog 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. lindae5o

    I don’t remember seeing this before. Thank you !! Alex is DROP*DEAD* GORGEOUS !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for braking this down FOYeur. That was a fun interview with Alex on such a new show high and being playful. It’s silly to read, but so much more fun to watch with his infections added. ♥ WOW! Has it really been 7 seasons? Time sure flies when you’re having fun. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your hard work is truly appreciated, FOYeur. I’d have missed half of what was said in that interview without the transcription. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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