Romantic #AlexOLoughlin

It is to grab a rose from a bush, even if you end up with your hand full of thorns, because in that moment you feel like showing her how much you love her.

Being romantic means being a bit stupid really …

– Alex O’Loughlin

Vanity Fair (Italy)

May 2010



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9 responses to “Romantic #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Awe… be still my beating heart!!!! So romantic.

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  2. Oh adorable, cuddly man! My heart is not beating, it’s melting.

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  3. DoubleL

    This reminds me of the scene in season 2 when Steve picked a flower and gave it to Catherine! Maybe Alex came up with that on his own?

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  4. Sometimes he says things that send my imagination swirling and racing in all sorts of directions. Sigh!!

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  5. Nada Tribuiani

    Meraviglioso… ❤

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  6. Oh! So the man has a flaw. Good to know 🙂 Definition of stupid and definition of romantic could not be further apart. Nothing about being romantic is stupid, ever. Being romantic is like an escape from stupidity because as long as you’re being romantic, you cannot be stupid. I.e. even if some deed would otherwise be considered stupid, if it is done as a ‘romantic gesture’ it is no longer stupid. It’s kind of like being old and free to say whatever you want. When you’re young you can’t get away with it, but with old people and it’s like ‘Yeah, but they old so…’


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