#AlexOLoughlin – you create your own character

I personally think that you make your own character decisions.

And sometimes that stuff never makes it into the final cut of the show.

– Alex O’Loughlin


April 2008




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18 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – you create your own character

  1. Only great actors like Alex can make their own character decisions, I think. The others just let themselves be directed.

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  2. Dq

    Well, if his character is a sexy beast, he nails it!

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  3. Lulu

    It would be nice if H50 let Alex do more behind the scenes work. I’m sure he could come up with a great episode!


    • Hi Lulu.
      Yes it could be nice, but ……
      I personally think that because Alex does not watch the final product of the show, and because he is not on social media, that he is not in touch enough with what happens on the show and what fans would enjoy.
      I think after giving so much of himself to Moonlight and to Three Rivers, and because some of the story arcs for Steve has also been dropped over the years, that at this stage Alex just does his best with what is given to him and his character, and for the rest, just sit back to enjoy the ride until it ends.


      • gracenotpark

        I agree. I think the first 4 years he tried to get his ideas about McG and his character and story arcs thru to the writers and EP, and he had maybe some success, but eventually they ignored him. By S5, he started just going with the flow. This year he seems even to have checked out a bit. I guess you can only fight the power for so long. I’m sorry they didn’t listen to him. I liked the early seasons, and his take on McG, better.

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  4. I also agree. His imagination running wild could be really interesting and fun. I wonder which type of Steve he would want to work on. Action, emotional or just plain goofy.


  5. Yes Alex! That’s the way it’s done. The (good) actor makes the character decisions. And the (very good) actor does this with heart, commitment, versatility. And the (phenomenal) actor uses his variations of excellence to make a character real. Acting and writing are two sides of the same coin. If your character is written two dimensional, it’s your talent, heart and soul that makes him multi dimensional.
    Alex portrayal of Steve McGarrett is what makes 50 special. He makes him real, makes us forget the man behind the character like he did it with every character he played.


    • Yes, the writers give you words and stories to play and portray, but the heart of the character and the soul that reaches the audience comes from the actor.
      The way you say things and the way the actor portray the feeling sets the emotion.
      Over the years Alex has even made us care for the souls of serial killers and and thieves. And the heroes he plays, become superheroes. Or maybe it is just the fangirl in me, elevating what he has done thus far.
      Sometimes I wish I could ‘discover’ him again, and see if I still feel the same. (Not sure if that makes any sense?)

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  6. Lulu

    You’re probably right, FOYeur, but a girl can dream!

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    • I would love to see Alex be completely involved with something from the writing to the directing and the acting. I just don’t feel H5-0 would be the best chance for him to do so. That ship has sailed a few seasons ago.
      I think he as a person would enjoy very much being part of the whole production of something.
      But as a fangirl I would hope that he does not enjoy it so much that he will not be in front of the camera anymore. That would be sad.

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      • gracenotpark

        After the epic fails of this season, I am very ready to see Alex in something new. And YES!!!! See him! I’d love to see him get his creative on BTS, but he MUST remain on camera too, please please please!

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  7. Lulu

    Yes, he has to stay on the screen so I can get my fix of that hot man! Maybe, he could produce and act in something. (Yes, FOYeur, you are right that it won’t be H50).

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