The Steve McGarrett Story – No #159 (Epi 7:16)

Before we start

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I guess different opinions about this Valentine’s episode clearly come from which glasses one is wearing while watching it. By that I mean people being team Lynn, or team Cath, or team McDanno mainly, and what these different groups desperately wanted this episode to be. For myself there are no expectations for Steve’s love life going in any specific direction. And I think relationships and girlfriends on the show, are used and abused by the writers for whatever story they need tell at that time. In other words, not really important stuff for a procedural cop show.

In the end I found this episode more entertaining than what I thought it would. If you just take it as some holiday silliness, there might have been a few giggles and laughs in there ……

Just for some fun I add this question posted by somebody on twitter who I have not seen on #H50 tag before.

I guess the answer was loud and clear here? As it stands now: 94 RT’s for McRoll and 32 Likes for McLynn (And as a truly unbiased viewer in the case of these 2 ships, I did not RT or Like.

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Over the course of this season, Paula and I have been discussing on a number of occasions, that we feel that there is a lot more of Alex in Steve this season than before. It is as if Alex just decided to have some fun as being himself with Steve on occasion. I kind of had the feeling that this was an episode of Steve much closer to Alex than to the Navy SEAL Steve we met in Season 1

The actor adds he is happy to jump out of a plane or roll a car, but he would like a chilled episode every so often. “A vacation episode would be nice,” Alex says, “where all McGarrett does is sit on the beach and gets served mimosas and get his feet rubbed.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Week, March 22016

We have read in articles that because of their busy lives,  Alex and Mrs O like to do the staycation thing and that they on occasion book into one of the hotels on the Hawaii for a weekend of fun. And I am sure Alex visits the spas at these hotels on those occasions. Actors are so used to all the make-up and treatments their skin needs for their job. I think Alex is no stranger to all this pampering, and knows a lot about all these beauty treatment and things. You can see he had loads of fun doing this episode, especially filming it just before Christmas break.

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You can also see the fun-loving Alex, channeling his role models as a teen growing up during the 80’s, coming through with that headband during the Yoga class.

Sarah Carter tweeted: ” that look was al Alex 🙂 “

(You will know what I am talking about if you grew up during the Rambo, Karate Kid, Staying Alive, Jane Fonda years)

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My random thoughts with some “wisdom” from the Koala Smartass:

It is as if this episode did not know what it was supposed to be. (And here I am shamelessly stealing some great phrases that I saw all over social media in regards to this episode)

  • Prologue to some bad porn (Those giggling handholding girls with Danny and his cheap glasses on the balcony)
  • A swingers weekend (Adjoining rooms and switching teams – although not sure which way the switching would have gone)
  • Some S & M going wrong (aka ‘safe words‘ not working – Danny was clearly in unbearable pain)
  • Or just the5-0 Shades of Danny Williams
  • The mandatory yearly shipper-baiting episode with a side slap to say they have girlfriends across the table (With Steve stroking Danny’s ear so lovingly)

Koala Smartass:


  • Crime Of The Week: Lynn and Melissa organising a double valentine’s date/day for their respective lovers.

Koala Smartass: Bazinga!

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  • Question for the week: Is it wise to cast friends as lovers? Can there be good chemistry? It looked like Steve was on holiday with his sister. Actually Steve looked more seductively at his sister Mary in Episode 1:05, than what he ever looked like when looking at Lynn during this episode.

Having said that – Steve and Lynn acting more like brother and sister could mean any of a number of things:

  • The actors as friends feel self-conscious and do not know how to play a couple of lovers.

Koala Smartass: But this can’t really be true, because they managed to look like lovers in previous episodes.

  • Okay then maybe they want to show us that Steve and Lynn is not 100% in this relationship at all. But that could be because of one of a few reasons:
    1. Lynn seems to be more into Melissa
    2. Steve is still too much in love with Cath
    3. Steve is actually really in love with Danny
    4. Steve is just a bad lover and Lynn don’t want to really be lovers with him anymore.

Koala Smartass: Wow! What a mystery and major story arc for the future might the writers be setting up here? #sarcasm Maybe Steve should have attended “The Method” classes?


  • The character of Lynn, just as with Ellie, had the potential to be a really good addition to the show when she was initially introduced. Working with delinquent children; I really thought that there could be opportunities to work with Five-0 and give her character some meat other than just being in Steve’s bed. I expected their relationship to build and become better and not go backwards as it seems to be at the moment. They have known each other for more than a year now, but Lynn never matured and neither did the relationship. She  just turned into a giggling teenager. Lynn seduction moves and body language reminded me of some insecure teenager trying to be coy. And when she accuses the inquisitive and engaged it the fun Steve when he asked questions, of ruining her Zen, she looks more like someone on some serious drugs, than a pissed off girlfriend?

Koala Smartass: Questions I would like to ask. Was that what the actress was told to do? (Just like the childish attempt at flirtation moves she made when stripping for Steve during the previous Valentines episode) Was that what the writers wanted? Or did the actress and director get it wrong?


  • Why is a seemingly gay dude trying to teach insecure straight guys “The Method” of how to hook up with girls? That alone should be a clue to these hetero guys that he is a fake. I think Kono could have been kinder and just advised him to get out from the closet rather than to chase unattainable women.

Koala Smartass: Ouch!


  • I found the people playing the young boy’s parents really bad actors. And they did not even look like they could be his parents at all.

Koala Smartass: I always wonder if that was a casting faux pas, or if the director failed at coaching the unseasoned extra actors on the set. Or maybe the editors just included the wrong clip.


Things that really went wrong in this episode:

  • NOT seeing Steve in full length, wearing those white pants.

Koala Smartass: Yes, that was a lot a like a lover charging you up for weeks, just to let you down at the climax. (Oops did I say that out loud?)


  • NOT seeing Steve getting his moves on.

Koala Smartass: Maybe Alex’s back was too sore for bed-action scenes and the stunt guy did not want to do stand-in for all that heavy breathing?



Since the message boards on IMDb will be closing down in the next few days, I thought just to post one person’s perspective about the episode from there here:


Friday nights show was a disgrace. This queer-baiting has got to stop! Steve had more physical contact with Danny then he had with his date. Asking him if he wanted to switch teams? And what was up with him practically fondeling Danny’s ear!? Adjoining rooms? Facials at the spa? Frisbee into the ocean? Using their “immunity and means” to break into that kids room to get back a non-existent pair of $20 sunglasses? Steve should have bitch slapped that whinny idiot. What, taking a day off from work means you leave your brains at home? And the crime of the week was just absolute nonsense. No wonder they don’t show previews of the upcoming show. What a disappointment.



  • “Life lessons” I thought the episode tried to teach us:
  1. If you want to treat somebody (on Valentines or special days), find what they actually love doing and organise something along that line for them, not what you would like to do. Spoiling them with what they love, is real love.
  2. Surprises that need a lot of organising, rarely end up being great.
  3. Spending loads of money on something while trying to be romantic, does not always guarantee results.

Koala Smartass: Oy, you have gone deeply philosophical again.


And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:16

Poniu I Ke Aloha (Crazy In Love)

Written by: David Wolkove & Matt Wheeler

Directed by: Jerry Levine

To be continued  …….


Slide show of screencaps from the episode:


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55 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #159 (Epi 7:16)

  1. Carol A Roscoe

    My favorite quote of the episode was Steve saying “with my lady friend”. I thought the episode was funny and I love Melissa and Danny they are so cute together.


  2. Lynn could have been such a great character with her background. But in my eyes, is a total fail on the show.
    I actually enjoyed her in her first episode, and I really liked last year’s episode, but 716 was a total disaster.
    I can’t see any kind of future between Steve and Lynn, but we’ll see. 😉


    • Kathysr

      Lynn is a fail because Peter has decided to write her that way. I really liked her and thought she was wonderful the first few times we saw her. This time, she was just window dressing. I like the actress and think that, if we could actually get to know her as a person and see her in her professional and personal life,we’d grow to like her. She and Steve could make a good match, because they’re both doing important, meaningful, and life altering work. They’re in spiritual alignment, as Steve was with Catherine. Lynn does important work, she has a career, and Steve respects what she does and who she is a person. Those are foundations upon which you can build a lifetime together.

      I really think Peter’s endgame is Catherine.


  3. I am not team McRoll, I am not team McDanno and I like Lynn. I think she could have had great potential.
    But I did not like this episode. I think Alex was talking in jest about “getting mimosas and his feet rubbed” (I don’t think Alex is the mimosas kind of guy 😉 )
    Steve was OOC, and Danny a complete utter jerk. And that’s me being nice.
    The girls were stupid thinking the men would enjoy this staycation. Seems that Amblissa does not know D very well. After three years. Steve at least tried, while D was harassing teenagers, not only the one who *didn’t* steal his glasses but his friends too.
    The only thing I enjoyed was Alex’ v.o.e. His various facial expressions!
    Alex won – show lost.
    On to next week. Looks good.


  4. evowoman88

    When the highlight of the episode is McG shirtless…


  5. Ally

    Sorry for the long post. Love posting back and forth on imdb with dap! Dap has theorized that this show is written by a bunch of adolescent boys and I almost agree. I’ve posted this before and believe if any of us are looking to see Alex stretch his acting abilities by showing romance or work trauma we’re wasting our time. They’re not going to do that deep kind of writing on 5-0. I think he’s finally realized this. I don’t know if season 8 will be his last, but although I love seeing him on a regular basis, I have no problem with him moving on to explore his creativity. I don’t know much about Australia, but I assume NIDA is to Australia what Julliard is to the United States. If this is the case he’s not going to find a lot of U.S. network shows that write to display his talents and training. He would probably find this more on a mini-episodic tv series, foreign tv and movies, or independent films. Think about last year’s full team Valentine’s compared to this season. The funny thing is that this year Ian Anthony Dale’s (Adam) tv show on TNT was cancelled, but Kono gets no Valentine’s Day. I know the actress that plays Grover’s wife is currently on another show as is Chin’s girlfriend, but not even a mention. Last season Lili Simmons was on once or twice and Sarah Carter twice, I doubt we’ll see them anymore this season if ever again. If they’re not going to waste time developing and maintaining a relationship we see regularly, Alex might as well be comfortable acting alongside a friend he’s known for years so that they don’t have to bring in some stranger he has to feign romance with 1 or 2 times a season.


  6. Kathysr

    Season Six Valentine’s Day episode is one of my all time favorite 5-O episodes. I laugh out loud every time I watch it. Everyone had a disastrous Valentine’s Day except Kono, who didn’t have any Valentine’s Day at all. Where the heck are the Kono/Adam stories this year? Ian Anthony Dale is no longer on MURDER IN THE FIRST, which I watched for three years. It was a good show, well written and beautifully acted. It had compelling story lines and lots of mystery.

    The only glimmer of romance I saw in this 5-O episode was between Steve and Danny. Really, they both ditch their ladies to chase after sunglasses? This was a seriously lame Valentine’s Day episode. The writing on this show used to be excellent. I love to go back and re-watch the first few years of the show. Way better than what I’ve been seeing lately.

    Alex is adorable doing yoga! Now THAT I could watch all day. And where WERE those gorgeous white pants? Really!!


  7. SanDee

    Oh, this episode. They fly Sarah Carter in from LA for what, 10 lines of dialogue? Alex hugged her like she’s his jiu jitsu coach and she ducks out of his embrace by the window? “Lady friend?” He can’t say girlfriend? Lynn called him her boyfriend in her confrontation with Cath. There was definitely some teasing going on with Lynn and Melissa all over each other acting cutesy. And Danny ditches his date to chase a smart aleck kid? And then Steve follows? What does Melissa SEE in Danny? He can’t say I love you, he’s emotionally distant, and he leaves her in the middle of their romantic weekend. Something was way off here. Sarah and Alex have zero chemistry. I don’t but the “friends who can’t play lovers” theory. He had no problem simulating sex on a wooden dock with his good friend Diana Glenn in “Oyster Farmer!” Sarah Carter looked like she had no idea what she was doing there. Maybe she should do less political ranting and start working on her acting. I’d be happy never seeing Lynn or Catherine again and McDanno is ridiculous. Although the ear fondling thing was weird. If I’m sitting across from my date and he’s doing that to his male friend, that’s our last date!


    • kathysr

      Wasn’t this the weirdest, lamest episode that wandered all over the place and went absolutely nowhere? I thought Sarah and Alex had wonderful chemistry in their first episode in the beginning of Season Six. I thought she was cute and funny in last year’s Valentine’s episode, doing a striptease for her lover. I laughed out loud when the shoe hit Steve in the eye. He looked hilarious wandering around with that black eye. For me it made the episode great. Steve’s secret. The writers didn’t give Lynn or Melissa anything to DO in this episode. I want Danny back with Rachel, so I don’t care for Melissa.

      My heart goes out to the McDanno shippers – this show just keeps teasing them like crazy.


    • Dq

      Just curious. You mention Sarah Carters political ranting. Please explain. I couldn’t find anything about her being very political. Again, just curious. She’s from Canada, right?


      • SanDee

        Check out her Instagram. It’s almost nothing BUT political ranting. Especially about the women’s march and the current administration. And yes, she is Canadian and as far as I know is not a naturalized US citizen and so is not able to vote to begin with! Peter Lenkov is also Canadian and has tweeted several political statements that would offend a large part of the US viewership of his shows. Maybe Lenkov is a naturalized citizen, but I don’t think so. My thoughts are, if you don’t like it in America, by all means, head back up to Canada! 😂


        • Ally

          Well I know her husband’s Facebook page always has something political on it. I’m pretty sure he’s American. Politics is probably a household and maybe an in-law dicussion topic so it’s only natural.


          • SanDee

            Who is her husband?


            • Ally

              Kevin X Barth. If you scroll down to July 4, 2016 on his page it has a wedding pic and somewhere maybe on her Facebook page on July 4th (not sure if it’s 2016 or 2015) it has the story of how the impromptu wedding came about. I’m not sure if he’s also in her band or if a band member invited them to have a double wedding. They’re still in the shiny and new phase. She will rarely write a comment that says husband, but never says his name. He does the same thing with her. His page address is down below. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post it and I didn’t know how to link it. I apologize if I’m not supposed to post the web address. It only has general posts for everyone. You have to be friended I’m assuming for more in depth info.


  8. Apart from Alex’s charm and Beauty this episode Sucked. 3 whiney adolescents with a gorgeous ex Navy Seal. This was HAWAII FIVE-NO !!!!


  9. Kathysr

    lol, Hawaii Five-NO! love it. From now on we give each episode thumbs UP or thumbs DOWN.

    The saddest part of this is that these lame, poorly written episodes are drawing 9-10 million viewers, the best viewership in years and the numbers are going UP. So, when the show get renewed for an 8th year (I really think it will get renewed), Lenov will just coast along all next year with equally stupid stories.


  10. Brenda Clark

    I wish I could see this man in person. Lynn is no good for him. Catch is better or bring Lori back.


    • Dq

      I’ve never been a fan of head honchos(bosses) having relationships with co-workers. Lori and Cath were just that when she joined 5O. She was better when she was just his main squeeze. At least Lynn and him were just dating. Everybody deserves a social life. I used to think PL was just obsessed with MB, but now I think he’s trying to emasculate Alex by making him a spineless girly man. Sad, very sad. He can try all he wants but it is useless. The man exudes testosterone like an aura. He absolutely takes my breath away. Yum.


      • Kathysr

        Hmmm, Peter’s revenge for Alex announcing to the world that he was badly injured? As long as Alex was a good soldier, silently destroying his body for the show, Peter was happy. This is total speculation on my part, I’m just musing out loud, I don’t know anything for a fact. But Steven McGarrett hasn’t been written in a compelling way since Alex let the world know he was injured.

        In my opinion, all the characters have been poorly written this year, with the exception of Chin, who got a good story line. All the other characters have been lame this year. I just saw that Ian Anthony Dale is in ANOTHER series premiering this summer, so that’s why we haven’t seen Adam this year. He’s busy doing another show.


        • Dq

          I think that PLs revenge is more about Alex stating his opinion about how the story lines are progressing or not progressing. I know that there a lot of Cath fans that want to see them reconcile, but even Alex said that Steve would be stupid to take her back after she lied to him so easily. How many times can a woman leave a man before he realizes this thing just isn’t going to work out? PL implied that that episode was not a final episode for any character. I took that to mean Catherine and Doris. My opinion? He thinks Alex overstepped in that interview and wants to remind him of who’s boss. People watch for either the action or just to bask in Alex’s sexiness. The action parts absolutely suck, and I could easily watch Alex with the volum off. Again, just my opinion.


        • vanduyn

          Kathysr I also feel this way regarding Peter and Alex


      • SanDee

        You are so right on all counts! I believe this entire season has been Lenkov trying to punish Alex for speaking out earlier this year. I think Lenkov is saying, “I’m still the boss” by reducing Alex’s role in the show and talking about how the show could go on without Alex, which is laughable. Unfortunately, I do still think Lenkov is obsessed with Michelle Borth, and his statements to McRollins fans lead me to believe he will bring Catherine back and have her as “endgame” for Steve…which would also stick it to Alex, who has said he doesn’t think Steve should take Catherine back. Lenkov can maneuver all he wants, but Alex will be just fine with it without the show. Alex takes my breath away, too! 😍


        • SanDee

          With or without the show, I meant to say!


        • Ladies
          I feel very sad reading these comments about Alex and Peter and I will tell you why.First of all I respect your right to your opinions and hope you will respect mine . San Dee and Kathysr we have have often agreed and had Laughter, sighs and tears about many of the episodes and Jilly you know i love you. So lets begin!!!
          Have any of you actually met Alex and Peter and more especially seen them both Together??? I have. Peter has always been SO kind to the fans at SOTB . He comes and mingles with all the diehard LLOL{ and others}fans who camp out for sometimes 48 hours before the event. He brings us boxes of fresh malasadas. He throws Hawaii Five-0 Tee shirts. coins and other goodies every new Season he asks our opinions and values them!!
          He is the Showrunner. He personally Chose ALEX to be STEVE McGARRET and the rest of our marvelous cast. for their beauty and charisma, and when Alex was chosen as Breakthrough Artist of the Year by Australians In Film Alex chose Peter to give him his reward in front of all of us!! MY friend Audrey and flew first Class on Hawaiian Airlines after the first SOTB/Peter and his PA sat across he aisle from us. he recognized us and was very kind and gracious to us. He even sent one of his writers over to us to see how we liked things and if we had any suggestions for the show!!!
          We have had 7 that is SEVEN amazing seasons of our show and I am sure there will be an 8th. Do you know how rare 7 seasons of a show of a show is in Hollywood when MOST get ONE season OR LESS!!!!Peter cares about His show and Alex knows this He has A life . a wife and and is a star thanks to Peter and their MUTUAL devotion to the new HAWAII Five -O All the rest is pure speculation on our part. Have faith in them BOTH ladies XOOX


          • kathysr

            Hi Pommienana,

            I do respect your opinions, feelings and your wonderful personal experiences with Alex and Peter. However,all the events you describe happened several years ago. People and relationships change over time. I sense that Peter has shifted his emotional energies and attention to McGuyver in the past year or two. Just look at his Twitter and his Instagram. They’re all about McGuyver, only every now and then about Hawaii Five-O. I feel that Peter has moved on emotionally from Hawaii Five-O and that Alex may be feeling abandoned, because perhaps their friendship has cooled from the closeness they once felt. I suspect that Peter may think that Hawaii Five-O can just keep on going on automatic pilot. These are all just my own opinions. Clearly Alex and Peter were at odds over Catherine and Steve, and both expressed their contradictory opinions forcefully in dueling interviews for the 150th episode. That signaled to me that these two guys are no longer on the same page. Had you ever seen Alex do that before?

            I didn’t see any compassion expressed by Peter for Alex’ injuries. He didn’t even mention them. If they’re close, then Peter knows in great detail about all the injuries Alex has suffered over the years. He could have said, “We’re all concerned about Alex’ injuries, but we’ll figure out creative ways to work around them and give him a chance to heal and still create great story lines for the show.”

            Peter’s love and attention are now split between two groups of writers, two shows, two sets of story lines and two heavy production schedules in two widely diverse geographical places. He’s just one guy but he’s now producing double the work he did before in the same time frame. He’s not going to be able to devote the same level of love, attention and devotion to Hawaii Five-O that he could during those first few wonderful and glorious years.

            Just my humble opinion, as always.


            • Hi Kathsyr
              Thank you for your response and yes of course I respect it.
              What I loved most of all is your last paragraph. yes time HAS gone by but Alex and Peter are still part of H5-0 together. Alex is as you know VERY private about his personal life and really did not want anybody to know about his injury. Peter respects that. it is Alex’s story to tell NOT Peter’s,
              I love your very own words”
              Peter;s love and attention are now split between 2 groups of writers 2 shows.2sets of story lines and 2 heavy Production schedules in two widely diverse Geographical places.”
              TRUE but Kathsyr he does have very good help in both places with his production staffs and he has the internet as well as being a highly intelligent and professional man.. He was on his laptop in flight from Honolulu to LA and I am sure that still happens whenever he flies for Either show!!!
              You don’t stop loving your older child when you have a new baby tho = you do have to coddle the newborn at first but it all evens out to equal love very quickly. Mc Giver is now well established and Hawaii Five 0’s ratings are fantastic so Peter can be a very proud “Daddy” to both shows,
              Can we agree on this??
              With love and respect POMMIENANA


  11. Kimphin1

    I love it when you go deeply psychological FOYeur!


  12. karen

    I’m a McRoll woman. The show has to end with them together. PLEASE!


  13. Lulu

    I have to agree with those of you who thought this episode was lame! It really does seem like Alex/Steve is not the main character anymore since Alex talked about his injuries. What a shame. He really worked hard on this show, and he gets no appreciation or praise from PL. I love seeing Alex every week, but I think it’s time for him to move on after Season 8 ends. I will end this on a positive note and say I loved the yoga scene!!


  14. PL was pissed off by Alex’words and punishes him, instead of “Look how great I am. Alex has broken his body for me” and reward him.


  15. vanduyn

    Great review of the episode!! Things that really went wrong in this episode:

    NOT seeing Steve in full length, wearing those white pants. BINGO!!!


    • Kathysr

      lol, ridiculous, no? We only see him seated at the table, fondling Danny’s ear while the two ladies look on. He’s drop dead gorgeous in the blue shirt with white slacks. What is WITH YOU, guys?


  16. DoubleL

    Weird is the only word that comes to mind for this one. What was the deal with Sarah Carter? It’s like she didn’t want to be there (the actress not the character). As for Lynn (the character,) it was like she was mad at Steve as soon as they arrived. Why? Steve’s wardrobe was weird in this, too. Except for the final scene, everything he wore was ugly!


    • Ally

      You know that thought occurred to me. It was almost as if she only took the role of Lynn because Alex was an old friend and she didn’t have the heart to say, “You’re a good friend, but playing your girlfriend just doesn’t seem right or it creeps me out. I guess her thought was since I’ll only be on there a couple of times for season 6 I’ll go ahead and do it. Then they kept asking her to come back and instead of making up an excuse she figured I’ll just suck at being his girlfriend and the fans dislike will end it. I don’t know if she knows his wife or if he knows her husband, but if so I wouldn’t want to play the role.


  17. DoubleL

    You could be right about Sarah or maybe she just didn’t want to be in the annual “let’s throw a bone to the McDannos” episode. Can’t fault her too much for that.


  18. Team Cath, all the way!! I just can’t warm up to Lynn, she isn’t right for McG at all. As to the eppy, I hated it! So much wrong with it, I’ll just leave it alone. I watched it 2x, will never watch it again, even for wet McG.


  19. Kathysr

    In retrospect, to me this entire episode was really lame. The ladies go to all the trouble to plan this staycation for their two guys and then pick the things that the girls want to do. Really, guys want to have facials, pedicures and do yoga? I don’t think so. lol, no wonder the guys were kinda trying escape the whole thing.

    I’d love to see the weekend that Steve would plan for everyone! Deep sea fishing, some surfing, a little rifle range exercises, a little skydiving, some mountain climbing in the fresh air, you get the idea! lol, everyone else would be dragging their asses while Steve would be energized, exhuberant, positively giddy!! Can’t you just see the huge grin on his face, while everyone else is almost passed out from exhaustion?

    Now that could be a funny episode, super SEAL Steve teaching everyone how to have some fun in the sun.


  20. Carol A Roscoe

    The one part of the episode when Steve said “with my lady-friend” and avoided a kiss I just loved that. If Catherine was there at the spa she would probably would of left with Danny. I think if they would have gone camping or rock climbing it might have been better.


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