#H50 7.16 – Steve´s pecs and biceps

Silly episode, but at least we got nice McTreats 😀 A “relaxing” day at the beach, still, we could have used some clips of him sunbathing and surfing. I got a bit carried away with the amount of skin we were treated with. Here´s my take on the epi. Enjoy!












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36 responses to “#H50 7.16 – Steve´s pecs and biceps

  1. Jane

    Very hot pics!!!💥


  2. Oh boy, overload. 🙂

    Never stop with these posts… often the best part of an epi.


  3. Alex has gotten more and more stronger and muscular since Five 0 premiered.


  4. Magnólia



  5. Karen

    Oh thank you SO much for these wonderful gifs today. I am really glad that you did the joga pants one!! 😉


  6. gracenotpark

    You definitely captured the only worthy parts of this episode!
    He has mannnnnnny worthy parts, doesn’t he? Hehehe!


  7. THX!! Def the highlight of this lame eppy!! They should have thrown out the script and just had 43 minutes of wet shirtless, tank top wearing McG!


  8. Carol A Roscoe

    I love the episode my favorite quote was “with my lady friend”. He needed sometime off for crime fighting. Love the gifs they are great.


  9. Sonja

    Sooo love this overload of hot’n’sexy Alex … drooling over this gifs for quite a while now … 😉 Thanx a lot!


  10. Ally

    Thank you so much! I don’t remember what this episode was about but with these fabulous pics I can see that this was my favorite episode this entire season. Perhaps they’ll do a Steve only episode this season where we’ll get to see him spend his entire weekend lounging around his house. They can start the episode with him waking up in bed that morning and then it will become my most favorite episode ever.


    • Joy Johnston

      I would watch that episode! Steve does “waking up” really well. I also have liked the scenes of him working around the house and in the kitchen; he seems carefree.


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  12. Joanie

    You just made this rainy day beautiful!


    I know we can count on you to gif the best Steve parts of every episode. ♥
    I sure hope Alex got a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in his pay pack for that
    camera angle of the “downward dog” pose. If not then God bless him for sharing the best buns in the Bizz with us at cost. lol 😛


  14. Lulu

    Steve/Alex did a great downward dog pose. I don’t mean to nictpick, but did Steve and Lynn ever kiss in this episode?


    • Regina Filange

      I don’t think so. And he called her my “lady friend” not girlfriend. I’m ok with that I’m not a fan of her. I’m not sure he would have been asking to switch teams if it was Catherine he was with. I feel she’s just as competitive as Steve. Still sort of liked the episode. Loved the gifs better. 😜😋


    • gracenotpark

      Huh. Interesting question…have we EVER seen McLynn kiss? The 2 actors are old friends. Is it possible they don’t wanna creep up their friendship with kissing?


  15. OMG. What can I say? I’m breathless. Paula, you’re great! Thank you!!!


  16. Perfection! Gifs and the one who is GIFted.
    At least Alex’ v.o.e. are never OOC. That’s a good thing.


  17. I loved the episode…so fun…probably very refreshing for him to be funny and relaxed. Great gifs as always, Intense!! 🙂

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  18. Dq

    I really don’t understand the people that want to see Steve and Catherine together. Maybe way back, but not now after the last couple of episodes. Am I the only one that remembers his face on the plane when she admitted that she lied to him when she came back for Konos wedding? He looked devastated. She is with th CIA now. Just like his mother was. Does anyone remember her storyline? It was to sleep with Mr. Wo Fat Sr. And then assassinate him! How could a man be with a woman that does that for a living? What, Catherine comes home and Steve is cooking a grilled cheese sandwich and says “so, how was work today?” She says, “damn, after I screwed this guy instead of killing him, I killed his wife, My bad”. Oh well, bad day at the office”? Then she could go into hiding for 20 years and he could stay home and raise the kids. Are you kidding me? He has seen what that kind of life did to him, Mary and his father. He would no longer be a man if he went into that kind of situation knowing what he knows.


  19. lipstx4evr

    Thank you much for McTreats! They were McDelicious! Especially all the McSkin and McAss. I’m McHappy!!!


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