The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 158 (Epi 7:15)



I have really been struggling to find anything (good or bad) to say about this episode. Other than usual, this time I even kind of looked through what others had to say and complain or comment about, just trying to get something to say or respond to.

And then going through some old posts of ours, I came across these words from Alex, and I agree fully with him. Any story, however dark it might be, needs a mix of humour to make it more human.

There’s a lot of serious stuff that we do in the show. A lot of crime solving, a lot of bad people in it. You’ve got to have humour around the edges, to lighten it up. Otherwise it’s too much, it’s too intense. It’s too, you know….. And I enjoy being part of that too.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Press day interviews for Belgium TV, Sept 2011

But it made me wonder, are they trying to add too much humour? Is it just around the edges or are they trying too hard? Or is the balance just right for this type of show?

At first while watching this episode, I had the feeling of the Hawaii Five-0 from Season 1 and 2. And then BOOM, I realised the two stories are not related and we have this split episode thing from Season 6 again. 😦 And things got distracted and rushed. But regardless of anything I am saying from here on, I actually enjoyed this episode. And I apologize in advance that this post maybe got a little more philosophical and critical than the usual fun. And it looks like in the end I had a lot to say …….

So many of the episodes lately, felt like filler episodes. And once again it felt as if it was just made to fit around the schedules of all the main cast members, rather that just a crime story playing out normally for itself and entertaining us.


Just some random thoughts while I watched and read ……

  • I have seen many complaints about Grover and the kids and the pancake scene being useless. My question is, was it more useless than many of the other opening scenes on every episode? Don’t we normally have a scene, with nothing related to the actual crime, that introduces it? And some of them are pretty lengthy as well.

Koala Smartass: Question remains, are they always too long and useless, or was it just this time? Would you not rather have something about the team and the ohana being used, than just some random people?

Confused smiley 83

  • I have said it a few times before, but I think the writers either are too lazy to think how solving the crimes should play out, or they think we are bored with following the story of solving the crimes. For many episodes in the past few seasons it is as if they rush through the stories, leaving us disconnected from it.

Koala Smartass: Think I have said this before, but this is not Columbo you know? And we live in an era of fast food and lack of focus on just one thing. People do not want to concentrate. Who have to  be able to tweet without losing half of the story, you know. You are a bit old-school by asking for substance.


  • Maybe I am just stupid, but I want to be drawn into the story of these once off characters and care about what happens. I wanted to care about Alana and her love for her dad. Don’t tell me somebody who was sheriff all her life, just suddenly turn that bad. Show us what happened and why she felt that it was her only option to kill the girl to protect her dad. What if there was more to the family? The story could have had so many more layers than just a middle aged woman we lead a good life, but in a moment defends her dad. To her he must have been as a good man, regardless of what he did as a 19-year-old soldier 72 years ago. Did she always know who he really was? Where is the full picture?

Koala Smartass: Maybe you just expect too much?


  • Over the past 4 seasons since Scott Caan started on a reduced filming schedule, most of the time people complained and say they want to have an explanation given in every episodes of why Danny is not there. Sometimes there were actual things they could use and many times no excuse at all. But then the writers started writing weird excuses as part of the show …. But really this time they really came up with one of the worst excuses ever – Steve leaving Danny to solve Kamekona’s labour dispute, after they just said that it was not their jurisdiction? Well, most of the excuses this season have just been utterly ridiculous. Danny is loading the car, Danny is tired and will go fetch the kids and go home now, Danny went away with Melissa for a quickie after he came back from ‘loading the car’ in Mexico. (Well maybe at least that last one did randomly mentioned the existence of the ever missing girlfriend, Melissa, again)

In my opinion – if Scott is not there, just don’t mention Danny. They do not try to explain why, when any of the other actors or characters are not around or missing during the investigations. Why explain his absence?


And please, before anybody jump on their high horses and say I hate Scott CaanI don’t. It is his choice and maybe his fans should support him for that.

I also can’t stand it if Alex is not around for a big part of an episode, and we often complain a lot if we do not see much of him in that episode. That is just because we are missing him, because we watch for him. But if Steve’s absence can’t be explained within the flow of the story, I feel they don’t need to bother with some stupid excuse to justify why he is not there. He just is not there ….

Koala Smartass: Yikes, you really have a strong opinion about this, don’t you? Maybe you should have just suggested that the show should have dropped him after Season 3? After all, main cast is main cast and not support cast for random episodes. And fans are invested in characters and want to see and follow the show for the ones they like.


  • Although distracting and utterly stupid, I kind of liked how they had this whole story with Kamekona and his workers and everybody from Five-0 coming to him for different reasons, and how his daily life goes by as “snitch” for Five-0. It kind of made a connection with the team in the whole split cases episode.

Koala Smartass: Yes, it is great that the characters of the show have a “normal” daily lives and a personal stories. It helps us to know them all as people and connect with them and see how they connect. Just a pity the fringe characters in the show many times have more story of personal lives than the actual main characters like Steve.

  • And the shark fin / big game hunter story – why did we not see arrests for the restaurant owners who sell the soup etc? There were so much more of this story to tell. Definitely important enough issues, that it could have been all on its own as a story.


Koala Smartass: Apparently the writers have so many stories they still want to tell, that they have to cram as many as they can into one episode now. #sarcasm


  • What concrete evidence did they really have to arrest Alana? Was there any physical evidence linking her to the crime? She might have aided  a criminal (her Nazi dad) to get away. And he might be too old to be able to hit somebody to death and get rid of the body, but is that evidence of her guilt? It could have been anyone.

Koala Smartass: This is the story or “Book’em Danno” – how they get there to the booking of the perp and after that actually convicting the person, with a good case that they have built, does not matter. You should know that by now. This is just kick-ass “Five-0” NOT “Law and Order” or “CSI” after all.

  • And is the aging program on a computer really sufficient evidence to arrest somebody for war crimes? I would think more physical evidence and investigation would be necessary for that? Not just the heartbreaking story of an old man who did not even know his persecutor’s real name.

Koala Smartass: Messing with the sentiment in the show again?

  • Oy, for me playing  “What a wonderful world” seemed and felt a bit inappropriate. Nobody won and nothing was wonderful.
    1. A man who was stupid as a teen in the army of a very bad man, did some atrocious things, which his young impressionable mind thought was part of the job – and he should account for that. He tried to do retribution for that for 72 years, but without a proper trial and a conviction and punishment, that will always fail.
    2. His daughter who seemed to have been a law-abiding and general good citizen up until now, paid for her father’s sins, and became a murderer.
    3. And a young woman carried her grandfather’s burden for so many years and went searching for his tormentor. What did she gain by trying to confront or shoot Tomas herself?  Was she any better for trying to be a vigilante and without a trial, kill this man? She, not only lost her own life, but also gained nothing. Would that really have meant anything to her grandfather had he still been alive, that she found this man, just for her to lose her own life over this?
    4. Poor Bill not only lost some of the few friends he had in his very secluded life, but he also had to learn that they were bad people.

Nope show, that is not a wonderful world. No matter what sentiment of justice you want to carry.

Koala Smartass: Society have rules for a reason. Trying to take the law into your own hands is never a good idea. I hope that that was what the show actually tried to say, and not that finding such a war criminal after so many years, at such a high cost, made the world a wonderful place.


Just as a last thought, I want to mention how much I loved the last scene between Steve and Bill. It was heartbreaking stuff, and Alex and Max Gail played it perfectly. Such a pity that this type of subtle display of great acting (or just being your character), rarely get any praise from the producers, while praise for overacting for playing it large in some obvious scenes by others, are shouted all over social media.


Just know this Alex, we see you!

And hopefully some producers will soon see you and your dedication to your craft, and cast you in great projects in the near future.

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:15

Ka Pa’ani Nui (Big Game)

Or maybe it was “Itzhak’s Choice”

Written by: Helen Shang

Directed by: Bryan Spicer


To be continued  …….



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21 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 158 (Epi 7:15)

  1. Kimphin1

    Another great one, despite you “Not having anything to say” 😉

    The little home scenes or ohana scenes or whatever you want to call them – they are at their best when they give us some real character development or connection. Lately they’ve not done that. And I really felt like this time those scenes took minutes away from the crime stories and that those minutes could have really been something that added to those stories and filled in gaps that were needed. Too much crammed into what could’ve been really good crime solving.


  2. You made some very valid points! I pretty much agree with what you had to say. I also had the thought about it being “Itzhak’s Choice.” THX


  3. I know that this has nothing to do with this episode. But I have gone back to looking at some of Season 1. First off the carguments between Steve and Danny were funny, not like now. Also I would say that the whole shows were better then. I think that the writers was so much better back then.


  4. SanDee

    The current writers can’t WRITE a sophisticated and riveting crime drama and follow it through! They just don’t have the ability. I watch NCIS and I am intensely interested in following the development of the crime investigation. But H50 writers suffer from plot ADHD. They cannot simply present a crime and show our team working backwards to solve it. This show suffers from an identity crisis. Is is a procedural or a drama? That’s why the episodes veer off in all these durations and plots are left hanging. The writers are amateurs. They can’t decide what they want the show to be. Lenkov, too. Instead we have to keep adding unnecessary characters like Grover and Jerry. And who cares that Grace is dating? Girlfriends pop in and then aren’t heard from for a year even when characters are on their deathbeds! And if Scott Caan doesn’t want to do the show, fire him! They should never have agreed to this ridiculous schedule. He’s there, he’s not there and there’s a lame line of dialogue about where he is. I can’t imagine that Scott’s special schedule hasn’t caused tension on the set. I don’t think he and Alex seem all that close anymore. Let Scott go–give him all the time he wants in LA with his family. But the real problem is the writers. Untrained and inexperienced. They need some cohesion.


  5. SanDee

    Directions, not durations!


    • I agree with you 100% about everything that you said. I also think that Lenkov is more interested now in McGuyver and does not care about H50 anymore. This used to be my favorite show but lately I don’t know anymore.


  6. Majbritt

    The problem is the writers and Lenkov.
    SADLY H5O is not the same anymore


  7. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Foyeur e Paula por todos os posts todos excelentes e assertivos.🎸🎶⚘


  8. lindae5o

    Scott Caan doesn’t want to be there, and most often, when he is in Hawaii, they film a little segment to stick into an episode. He should just leave altogether. Filming in that climate must be very physically demanding and draining. I’ve often wondered why CBS can’t lengthen their shooting schedule by a couple of days. They’re certainly making enough money on the show, still.
    HF-0 has changed so much from its first few season, with the focus more on comedy now, and useless characters to fill air time. At the same time, with Alex’s health in question, I don’t want him to be doing dangerous stuff.
    The writers ran out of story lines long ago. Lenkov insists the show could go on for many more seasons. I think HF-0 has become so fractured, it should just end.
    Great recap, FOYeur !!


  9. gracenotpark

    Beautifully written commentary, by you Foyeur, and by our Koala. 😉

    I just agree with you completely. These jiggledy episodes are so frustrating and the lack of good character writing or any continuity is driving me crazy. And boring me, quite frankly.

    I’ve never made it a secret imwatch this show for Alex. PLenkov is making me prove it! Cos there is no other reason to watch this mess lately.

    And the season started out promising…I guess these writers used up all their decent ideas before Thanksgiving… 🙄


  10. Kathysr

    This is what I think happened this year. On TV shows, writers craft the entire year’s scripts the previous year. So, this year was all plotted out well in advance with episodes containing the great action we all love and expect. Then Alex really hurt his back. Suddenly the writers had to throw out the entire year or do heavy re-writes to the scripts they had and then create entirely new storylines really quickly. And I really believe that PL and the writing crew have devoted most of their creativity and emotional energy to getting McGuyver off the ground. It’s a shiny, fun new toy for them to get excited about. It just feels like Hawaii Five-O has been forgotten. Just when the ratings are going up!

    I think they’ll get an 8th year. But when Alex leaves the show, I suspect that CBS will shut it down. There will be no show without Alex. Peter’s smoking crack if he thinks the show could be a hit without either Alex OR Scott. So, hopefully they get an 8th year and that will give the writers and PL an entire year to wrap it all up in a bow and give us the endings we’ve all been waiting for for a VERY long time.


    • SanDee

      I agree with you. I think MacGuyver is the worst thing that’s happened to H50 this year. It’s all Lenkov talks about on social media. He only retweets about H50, not his own thoughts. I think his absence and lack of attention has caused bitterness and resentment, especially from Alex. It’s quite clear Lenkov is phoning it in with H50. And I for one think MacGuyver is awful.


    • 1) On TV shows, writers craft the entire year’s scripts the previous year. <<<< I doubt if the whole season is written by the time they start. Maybe ideas of where the story will go. If that was the case, the story arcs of the show would have been planned a LOT better over all the season. As far as I have read, I think they only finish up a script about 4 to 6 weeks before they film it – in order to get the guest acters cast and the locations for the shoot.
      2) Suddenly the writers had to throw out the entire year or do heavy re-writes to the scripts they had and then create entirely new storylines really quickly. <<<<<< I really doubt if this is true. We can not really blame Alex's injury for things that have been wrong for many seasons already. In my opinion this season is actually better than the previous two.
      3) And I really believe that PL and the writing crew have devoted most of their creativity and emotional energy to getting McGuyver off the ground.<<<< The 2 shows does not have the same writers as far as I know. If they do, that is ridiculous.


  11. kathysr

    Poor Alex, my heart goes out to him. The man must be feeling utterly abandoned. He gets really injured and good ole PL doesn’t even MENTION it at all in the flurry of interviews for Episode 150! No words of comfort or concern, or recognition of all the hard physical work Alex has done over the past six years. What an idiot. The inference is that Alex is just making it up, what, to get more money? The guy’s body is a wrecking yard of injuries. When he starts rattling off his injuries, I just hurt. I feel zero support from anyone for Alex. He’s hurting, he’s tired, he goes out and does a marathon of interviews to promote episode 150, and PL basically makes fun of him. “Well, we can do just fine without Alex if he wants to leave.” The bloom is off the rose.


    • gracenotpark

      Word, sistah.


    • lindae5o

      Did Lenkov actually use those words about Alex. Where was that? You did use quotation marks. If he did say them, I detest the man even more. He can’t go around maligning the character of a man like Alex.


      • kathysr

        H inferred that the show would continue and be a success without Alex.


      • kathysr

        Here are Lenkov’s actual words:

        Alex O’Loughlin has indicated that Season 8 would be his last. Do you know why he would say that? Have you had a conversation about an end date for the show?
        Lenkov: Positioning himself for a better deal? I don’t know. We always saw it as, honestly, as long as people are watching the show, we would keep going. If Alex elects not to come back, that’s obviously going to be his choice. But we’re moving forward as if the show’s going to keep going. I’m pretty certain that we’re going to at least have one more year. Even if we did end [with] Season 8, the idea of doing eight seasons on a reboot of a show is pretty spectacular. But we’re planning on moving forward.
        We’ve had no conversations with him. Sometimes when you get to this part of the season, exhaustion sets in, especially when you’re celebrating the 150th episode. But some of that could be just being tired, a product of the fact that you haven’t had a lot of time off. But yeah, we’re moving forward as if we’ll be on the air for hopefully more than another year.

        If Alex did leave, would you continue the show without McGarrett?
        Lenkov: Oh yeah, for sure. Over the years, we’ve built such a strong family … Clearly, there’s the Danny/McGarrett relationship, and McGarrett is such a strong character, and the franchise was built on the shoulders of McGarrett. But I think episodes that have McGarrett playing lesser of a role, and we sort of put other characters forward, I think they do just as well and I think people really like the family that we’ve built. So, yeah, if it comes to that, there’s still life after that character. But nobody’s looking forward to that happening. We’re all hoping he stays.


  12. Wow! I think you’ve outdone yourself with this post. I totally agree.
    To my own surprise I enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would. But I ONLY enjoyed the Steve and Chin part. Such a relief to watch these two friends solving the case. Sadly it was too rushed because of those other storylines. And that’s the problem with show lately. They try to be funny, but they fail. Because the ‘fun’, the private moments contribute nothing to character development. It is just hanging there, leaves me thinking “Huh? What’s the point?” Stupid.
    And the other problem is that they feel the need to involve someone in the episodes who isn’t really there, who shows no commitment and who’s schedule makes him miss way more episodes than just the dubious five. He is no longer a regular. As long tptb don’t have the guts to leave him out, we will get something like this. And it does Show no good. He does not want to play with the adults? Well ok, fine by me. Leave him out. Bye. For me, and remember I am only speaking for me, the episodes without him are way better. They have a better ‘flow’, you don’t have to flinch all the time. I love them. And I think Grover is a perfect choice to fill the void. And Chi McBride is a great actor.
    Not only the Nazi story deserved more details, the shark story deserved more attention to. Should have been a whole episode. I would have loved to see Kono and Steve together. You know, Steve, the one who respects Hawaii, its people and nature. And the one who knows what an Aumakua is. He told Danny in season 1. But then I love McKono so I am biased. 😉
    BTW Steve leaving Danny at KamekoNO’s was hysterical. Better than let him loading the car in a loop of 44 minutes 😉


  13. LORI

    While I appreciate your opinions and feedback…and you are most definitely entitled to them…I have to ask..when did it become so important to analyze and take apart ever scene and ever sentence of a show? It is a TV show…it is my favorite TV show….I don’t care what the open scene is about..whether it is a fluff scene, an action scene or a scene involving the plot of the week. I watch this show because I love the show..and I love the actors in it. Case closed. Forgive me but I just don’t get the picking apart of every scene, plot and word..who cares? Nothing on TV is realistic..NOTHING..and there’s only so much story one can tell in 42-43 minutes. I watch to be take me away from my real life crap…and enjoy that time..I for one love the funny scenes….I don’t care if they explain Danny’s absence or not….i dont care if there are inconsistent things (ie like steves age when Doris left)I just watch and enjoy. Maybe people would enjoy more if the didn’t analyze every word and scene…just watch it and enjoy it for the 43 mins a week it is on. Obviously there are episodes I like more then others..I for one didnt like the gun episode..I felt like it was a political statement..and although wonderfully acted.and done sensitively..I don’t like political statements in my tv shows…wasn’t my favorite ep..but it is what it cant like everything all the time… Again no disrespect meant, just voicing my opinion..which means absolutely nothing lol! Tyvm😉😆


    • Hi LORI
      Thank you for your opinion and I do not take it with any disrespect – your opinion is yours after all and you are welcome to it. Maybe you should have given it to me 157 episode ago. I would have immidiately stopped doing these posts. Sorry, that was sarcastic I know – but there is nothing sudden on this post, or on the fact that many people over the years have been analising this show (and any form of art) and giving there take on it. People write and other people can always choose what they read or not read after all.

      You are really welcome to enjoy the show in which ever way you want. Just afford me the same opportunity to enjoy the show in my own fun way and write what I want on here (after my blog partner’s approval of course). I kind of like my own sense of humour and think it might be funny for some others as well.

      Not sure if I have I missed it somewhere and that somebody is somehow forcing people at gun point to have to come here and read what I write? If so, I apologize.


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