All in a day in the life of an #AlexOloughlin fansite blogger ….

Sometimes when you go through all your drafts and information and struggle to find anything of interest to post, or you sit here suffering to say something (or just anything) about the latest Hawaii Five-0 episode, a THING just pops up ……….


We had the best laugh and WTF-moment this morning. After 4½ years of blogging about our favourite subject here on our Alex O’Loughlin fansite, some “wise” person decided they know a lot more about Alex O’Loughlin than us.

Confused smiley 83

I guess that there are many who know a LOT more than we do about Alex, and that none of us are too old to learn some more after all. And I would be the first to want to know more about this man if somebody is willing to share something old or new that I don’t know about him.


This was the comment that we got this morning after all these years:


Of course those very first posts were done after a year of “intense” research and actually following Alex. And even some more research in all the years after that, that has never stopped and been updated. Thousands of fans, most of who have been Alex followers far longer than us, have read it and none ever disputed the facts or the evidence that we presented ….. Have you all just been ‘kind’ to us, or scared to tell us we are wrong?

And clearly the person actually did not bother to read the two follow-up post either – you know just for some better clarity before commenting:

Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos (Part 2) – The Cover-Ups And Hidden Treasures


Our choices:

  1. Delete the silly comment. (And ignore the stupidity)
  2. Answer the person. (And actually give their stupidity air)
  3. Give the person to the wolves (fangirls) to sort out. (Just for fun)

Well we decided to just share for fun …..


After all, I presume with such a vague comment, that this was actually meant as a joke by this person, just to see how we will react. Or maybe in the world of “fake” news these days, the smartass knows better after all. Or maybe this person is just an idiot who really think they know stuff. Or maybe this person can’t read properly and did not understand our explanation of what is real or not. Or maybe lower back is not really back. What do you think?

In any case – Thank you “Nope”, for making my day.

Any chance to look at this man’s bare body, is worth the while.


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28 responses to “All in a day in the life of an #AlexOloughlin fansite blogger ….

  1. Well… Did not expect that. Makes you wonder. Too absurd to respond directly. . . Love the way you showcased it! SMH, for sure. (Only 4 1/2 years?)


  2. My vote goes for ‘idiot’. I had the pleasure to ‘meet’ people who know everything, really. Because they know people who know people who talked to people whose therapist’s used car dealer knows people.
    Or can it be that you are posting alternative facts for years now? Eeek… I would say: NOPE.
    And it is in vain to answer those people, they live in their own weird world.
    But it is a great excuse to look at that gorgeous man and his tattoos again.


  3. LOL, I just love these trolls coming and thankfully going as well.
    Best response to these idiots is always to take it with humor and a good head shake.
    AND we get a great post out of it. So thanks to NOPE. Eh, well… 🙂


  4. gracenotpark

    Yes! Any chance! We’ll take it and IntenseStudy his tats all over again. Troll again tomorrow, Troll! I dare you to claim he used a body double in the Moonlight freezer scenes. Make us IntenseStudy that! :mrgreen: 😆


    • I think I once saw a body double listed for Feed, maybe we should study that one as well again. 😀
      Oh and maybe the chair scene in The Shield as well?
      Lots of studying for me this weekend it seems, might een miss the episode for all that 🙂


      • gracenotpark

        OMG the chair scene in The Shield!!!!!! Yes! Come back, Troll, and challenge that he used a body double in that! Make us check every pixel dot of that scene!! 😆


      • The body double in Feed was used for bearded emaciated Michael being taunted by Phillip. Alex’s head was superimposed on a skinny actors body.


  5. Susan Schoppe

    Who ever posted that is the least informed on Alex ever. The newest fan of his finds out right away that his tattoos are real and where they are on his body. We all know his arms and that back side (would love an entire view of that) are absolutely real not to mentioned the 2 on his chest. What a dope. My opinion of course!


  6. I’m really sorry if you spent time writing words on this page. All I see is beauty. Maybe I’ll look for words later. Probably not, what were you saying 😍😘😍😘😍😘


  7. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Alex tatoos


  8. Wow…like don’t they watch the show or any of his other gigs…those tatts are there for the world to see. I guess they are like the rest of us and just wanted a chance to appreciate what the good Lord gave him. 😀


    • I think that maybe they only watch Hawaii Five-0 and think that the tattoo on the back does not exist because Steve does not have a tattoo there. And that the arm tattoos are always faded like they do for the show.


      • DoubleL

        Are they deliberately making the bicep ink look faded? I know they sometimes look less colorful on the show. If they are doing it on purpose, why? I guess it’s not really that important, but I’m curious what “faded ink” is supposed to tell us about Steve. LOL!


        • I think it is more a case of some serious sun protection cream that they put on it in the sun. Tattoos are not fond of sunburn (so I’ve heard). And when they film in the sun Alex needs protection on his skin and especially on the tattoos.
          That is just my guess. Not sure if they have any other ulterior motives.


          • You are right. I’ve got tattoos and it is advisable to use sunblock otherwise the sun will make them lose color. And these sunblocking creams are white and a little bit opaque.


          • DoubleL

            That makes sense, but it requires more research. We need to compare shirtless scenes outdoors vs shirtless scenes indoors. Anybody willing? LOL!


  9. THX for the laugh! I think you did the right thing, we all need to look at Alex’s body some more… no really, we really do!


  10. Oh how I love it when y’all have to set it straight for those who “think” they know Alex more then we do. ♥ I’ve been studding Alex since Moonlight. (2007) Imagine my surprise to find out for the first time that my Mick/Alex IRL had Tattoos. :O I also swooned when I first heard his Aussie accent as he accepted the PCA for Moonlight ♥ a day I’ll never forget ♥ THUD! ♥

    You ladies make me proud. Your devotion to finding out all you can about our beautiful Alex is impressive. Your willingness to go the extra distance to examine every inch of the man, separating out the truths from the lies, is so enjoyable. *sigh*
    Thanks to people like ‘NOPE’ who give us the opportunity to re-examine our knowledge of Alex and show them the light…and raise the temperature in here. 😀


    • gracenotpark

      You know you wrote “studding” Alex, not studying. I’m sure it wasn’t subliminal at all, oh no no no no. 😉 *mwah*, Kath. ❤


      • LOL I didn’t even catch that even though I read it twice before posting. LOL
        Well looks like I can’t hide my true feelings anymore spellcheck will see to that. If it ain’t wrong, it ain’t wrong. XD ♥ back at ya Grace *mwah* ♥


  11. Lulu

    You did the right thing by putting this ridiculous comment out there so we can enjoy the topless Alex with all his real tattoos in all those great pictures!
    Well done!


  12. Regina Filange

    Wow!😍I first opened this email before I went to work and I was already running behind because of so many other things this morning. I just saw the first picture ant that was enough to make up for the horrible morning. I just finished reading the post after I got home and damn. He rocks those tattoos! He is a Aussie God! I think he’s packing some serious heat in those board shorts🔥!

    Great job on this post ladies. I ❤ it!


  13. lipstx4evr

    I think the idiots are hilarious. Their reality id’s skewed.

    More importantly, you’re absolutely responsible if I go into cardiac arrest from looking those pictures. I have studied the back that man for long time, and the wet red swim trunks are some my favorite images. I had never noticed his back tattoo was visible through the trunks. OMG!

    Is it hot here? Its not me….right?


  14. karen

    Those red suit pics make me pant! And I vote for the wolves.


  15. he was wearing a suit ? Really!!! S and T!!!


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