Passion in Paradise – Hawaii Five-0’s Relationship Roundup

From the promotional clips of Episode 7:16 (which will be broadcasted on 10 February), we can see that it is about a so-called ‘staycation’ and double dating for the men and their girlfriends. (In other words, this years’ Valentines episode) I thought it could be a good time to look back at the women on Hawaii Five-0 and how they were described by the Network a while back.

It is always interesting to see that when fans do not like a certain relationship, they say the show is not a soap opera, but whenever questions are given by fans for the reporters to ask the producer, most of the time they are asking about the relationships?

We added some thoughts after each or the Network’s descriptions of the relationships and then we added some pictures of them – together with Steve of course (because here it is always all about Steve/Alex 😀 ).


Article From: CBS

Kono and Adam:


Kono and Adam might just be Hawaii Five-0‘s top sweethearts. They’d already been through thick-and-thin before their wedding vows. Even their special day and honeymoon were interrupted (by a nuclear threat and kidnapping, respectively). Fortunately, they’ve always had each other to rely on.

  • Not mentioned here is the fact that Adam had to go to prison for murder as well, and has been released since then already.

McGarrett and Catherine:


Catherine Rollins has been an on-and-off love interest of Steve McGarrett’s since the series began, but disappeared from his life when she chose to stay in Afghanistan to help on a humanitarian mission. She returned on the eve of Kono and Adam’s wedding, much to McGarrett’s delight, but decided to leave again just before he could propose.

  • Of course their relationship started long years before the series began.
  • Latest update of course is that Cath came back to get Steve’s help to rescue his mother and they both came clean about stuff between them after Lynn spilled the beans about the proposal that never happened.

Lou and Renee Grover:

Lou and Renee joined Hawaii Five-0 in Season 4. The couple lives in tropical bliss with their two children.

  • Most of the time we also just see Renee when she is needed for a story and for the most part family stories for Grover were often about his children (We even met his daughter Samantha before his wife).
  • And lately even his daughter had to make way for his son Will, who is now dating Danny’s daughter Grace.


Chin and Malia:


Chin Ho Kelly and Dr. Malia Waincroft were engaged before the pilot episode ever aired. They were married in a ceremony featuring Five-0 team members acting as bridesmaids and groomsmen, but it ended in tragedy when she passed away after the second season.

  • That is putting it mildly, “passed away” – she was murdered by Frank Delano.
  • And of course then her brother Gabriel came in and played a far bigger role than she ever did.

Chin and Leilani:


Chin and Leilani met during the Halawa prison riot. While it may not have been the most romantic way to meet, the two grew close and Chin realized he was ready to find love again.

  • After one or two appearances she however disappeared without a trace or any explanation of her whereabouts. Of course we know that in real life the actress had another baby and her busy schedule most probably ‘killed’ this character. But they could have just said something, rather than just having her disappear into the abyss with other females on the show.

Rachel and Danny:


Danny and Rachel’s relationship began while he was a cop in New Jersey. The two divorced there, but Danny may not have ended up with Five-0 if not for her decision to move to Hawaii. She brought their daughter, Grace, to the islands—and he followed. It seemed Rachel might be moving on and she even tried to move to Las Vegas, but after having a son she eventually reveals to Danny that he’s also the boy’s father.

  • In my opinion Rachel is one of the most underutilized characters of the show. They could have done so much more with her, rather than just being an incubator for Danny’s offspring.
  • And lately we are seeing more and more of their son Charlie now. Wonder how long it will take for no Gracie anymore (since the actress moved to the mainland now to pursue her career in Hollywood and with growing up she lost her cuteness factor)

Danny and Gabby:


Danny and Dr. Gabrielle Asano certainly seemed to be getting serious when he decided to introduce her to his daughter, Grace, in Season 2. The on-again-off-again relationship ended when she accepted a job offer in Denver.

  • This relationship was very much decided by the actresses’ personal life and her getting pregnant, I think. Also lots of potential for character story lost here, but at least they told us what happened to her (not something often done with these filler characters on Hawaii Five-0)

Danny and Amber/ Melissa:


Always popular with the ladies, Danny befriended a fellow east coaster, named Amber, when she moved to the island in Season 4. Later, he would save her from a violent ex-boyfriend. That’s when she revealed she’d been hiding from the ex under a fake identity. Her real name was Melissa. With everything out in the open, the two got a fresh start.

  • It was actually not her ex-boyfriend, but her husband.
  • What a strange relationship, with everything happening off screen and whenever she is there she looks very involved in Danny’s life, but when she is not used, she seems to not exist at all ….

Sabrina and Max:



Bank teller Sabrina Lane caught the eye of Dr. Max Bergman and he visited her weekly. Unfortunately, the bank was robbed on the day he finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Sabrina was injured, and Max sweetly stayed by her bedside in the hospital until her parents could arrive.

  • Unfortunately most of their relationship happened off screen – even their wedding. And now they both left.

Of course there are some relationships not mentioned in the CBS article:

Chin and Abby:


  • Abby joined Five-0 undercover for the FBI. It was love at first sight for her and Chin. After her cover as spy was blown, she was offered a job at HPD.
  • And then apart from one appearance and one other mention this season, she is missing in action. I am not sure exactly how her present projects is affecting her role. Will she ever be back or not?

Steve and Lynn:


  • Steve and Lynn was introduced to each other by Ellie, and the two have been dating for a year now – mostly off screen. How serious are they? I guess time will tell ……..

In a very well written review by Mr Mike for Episode 7:14, the subject of respect for the intelligence of viewers, as well as respect for women as a group came up. He then also got a lengthy and honest comment about it from someone, which he posted with his review: Link

We also posted a story about the subject 3 years ago, which brought up some interesting comments at the time: Hawaii Five-0 …… where have all the ladies gone?


How do you feel, are women (and relationships) really important for the writers of the show, or are they just used as plot devices? Do you think it is wrong or do you think is it normal for an action show like Hawaii Five-0 to do that?


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17 responses to “Passion in Paradise – Hawaii Five-0’s Relationship Roundup

  1. Magnólia

    Boa análise, fotos lindas!
    Concordo, as mulheres não são bem tratadas neste show.🌷⚘🎻


  2. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Woman of hawaiifive o


  3. Lulu

    Even if this is considered an action show, I think the main characters should have relationships outside of work. I feel the writers really dropped the ball in last year’s season finale, when Steve and Danny are in the hospital, and there is no mention as to why Melissa and Lynn were not there. It could have been a one sentence explanation, but no, not a word of their whereabouts when their men just went through major surgery. Oh well, my love for Alex makes me continue to watch the show. And, I also think they had some interesting story lines this season. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!


    • Ally

      I used to think the same thing, but then I remembered before the show started Lenkov mentioned that he wanted to do it differently than the original show by adding the lives outside of work aspect. I think that he tried to do it in the easiest way by giving them relationships. I took a look at some of the other work Lenkov has done, including McGuyver. I think that the writing team’s strengths are in their writing of police procedural and action. They are staying within their comfort zone. I think that for them to write something that really delves into the serious side of emotions doesn’t work for them. Unfortunately Alex is capable of playing a multidimensional character and he is the only reason that McGarrett stays interesting. I really think that’s why they always skim on any serious relationships and the PTSD storyline we never got. Also American tv believes that putting their attractive leading men in committed relationship is a show killer so I imagine that’s part of it too.


  4. DoubleL

    I think it’s more of a location and actress availability issue than anything else. An actress who’s the right age and has the right appearance (i.e. bikini bod) is not going to want to give a full time commitment to what would be a very part-time role. To put it more plainly, a youngish hottie is not going to want to leave LA where there is more opportunity just for an occasional scene to play a wife or girlfriend of one of the guys. I’m not knocking any of the actresses for making that choice. They gotta pay bills, too.


    • It is absolutely true that filming in Hawaii makes casting random characters difficult. It must be a nightmare to organize the logistics of it.
      But on the other hand, I think there are 100’s, if not 1000’s, of young and pretty, up-coming actresses with great talent that would love to make their big break in Hollywood, and be cast for just such a role. Especially if they expand the role a bit and use her more. They do not have to come and live in Hawaii, but just be available.
      I think with a little bit more effort in casting and writing these roles, they could have discovered a few gems already. It kind of feels like they went for friends and friends of friends, and did not always think logterm on any of it.


      • Ally

        Someone on another board suggested using local talent. There has to be a few beautiful actresses somewhere in Hawaii that could be used and then if they didn’t want to show them in every episode it would be easier. I still think the writers prefer to focus on the fun and action. I posted on fb I don’t think they want there core 3 men to be committed or married off until the show is on its way out.


        • I think any local talent that would be good for such a role, has already made their way to Hollywood and LA for a big break. They will not hang around Hawaii for the off chance of getting a role there. And if they are in LA, they could still be cast, so they will be in such a pool of the actresses that I mention, but I doubt if they want to put any effort into such casting. They most probably just scan through some “stock files” from the network and pick a random face, or like I said choose friends and friends of friends without longterm thought on such a casting..


          • I am all for local talents instead of all these so called “guest stars”, “football stars” and co. I am pretty sure local actors would love to take part in 5-0, men and women. I mean where the heck are all of Steve’s highschool friends and girlsfriends. Why aren’t they standing in line in front of his home with homemade cookies? 😉 No really. Where are those people? Jenny Feldman where are you?


    • And I forgot to add, that if they could get a guy like Ian Anthony Dale (Adam) to do such a role, together with his other projects, then why not some hot women as well?


      • Ally

        You have a point and I know he has a few things going on each season. They didn’t show him as much, but I suppose it’s different because he’s a man. Of course, I also suppose if you’re PL you get to live vicariously through the characters you create. That would probably explain the disposable girlfriend. However, they could at least mention a reason for their absences. Then again it took them a couple of seasons to explain why Danny was missing. I’m kind of understanding some of the things Alex mentioned in some of his interviews. I didn’t posts on the other article, but I just felt he was being honest. He’s 40 and he doesn’t feel like sugarcoating things anymore to keep everyone happy.


      • DoubleL

        True, but there’s been a bunch of episodes (Kono lost at sea) that Adam should have been in, but he wasn’t due to other work.


  5. vanduyn

    Love this post ladies! I agree, I’d love to see Rachel more! Love the incubator comment! LOL 😀


  6. Thank you, loved this relationship compilation. One of the reasons I loved Catherine on the show was that she was involved, not tacked on when her character had a serious problem (ex-husband issues, etc); the same reason I like Adam. Malia had some possibilities as a more recurring character, but they killed her off too soon (Tho I love that eppy!!). Rachel at least had a lot of visibility for a while and the writers managed to make her interesting without her a victim or only the shrew of an ex-wife. You’re absolutely right in that availability has been the reason so many of these relationships happen off screen, but it still sucks! I’d also like to see more of Mary, a character that has sooooo many possibilities. I get that it’s an action-adventure show first and foremost, but even adrenalin junkies have love lives! It was something we got to see early on and here we are 7 seasons in and the only love relationship that has survived is Kono and Adam and Adam started as a probable bad guy half way through season 2. The writers had no trouble doing his ‘character rehab’ but then Adam is male. Maybe we need to put a little estrogen in the writers’ room from time to time. All only my opinion of course.


  7. Lulu

    Yes, some estrogen might improve the romance (or lack of) in this show!


  8. lindae5o

    Really good post, Foyeur. You covered everything pretty thoroughly. I also agreed with Mr Mike’ assessments on how women are treated in this show. OTOH, he has also trashed episodes that I thought were pretty good.


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