Steve – It’s been a long and hard road ……

Question: What does it mean to you to make it to 150 episodes?

Alex: It’s kind of surreal. It’s crazy. I can’t believe it, on one hand. On the other hand, I feel like it’s been torture, too. It’s a lot of television, there’s been a lot of injury, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge, etc.

But at the end of the day, what it really means is it’s a great testament to everybody who works on the show. It’s hard, man. It’s hard to make a show.

Entertaiment Weekly

November 2016



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30 responses to “Steve – It’s been a long and hard road ……

  1. Yep, Alex. And everybody watching this show and everybody making this show should appreciate you and your commitment. Without you there wouldn’t have been 150 episodes, 7 seasons and counting.


  2. Niecie

    Please stop complaining. You are so blessed to be on a hit show with longevity. A show that has made you a multi-millionaire. And you should have let your stunt double do his job, and then you wouldn’t be so banged up. I’m one of your fans, love you to death, but it really bothers me when you speak negative of a blessing that most actors wish they had. Take notes from Daniel.


    • SanDee

      Daniel doesn’t carry the show. Alex does. Daniel isn’t the main reason many fans watch the show. Alex is. And while Peter Lenkov and others were falling all over themselves praising Daniel for the “acting clinic” he delivered in the Sarah episodes, Alex has turned in an acting clinic for seven years and somehow is not deemed worthy of that kind of praise from his boss. Daniel is not the first name on the call sheet for every episode. Alex is. And Daniel’s role is not nearly as physical as Alex’s is, so the issue of using a stunt double doesn’t apply to Daniel as much. Many of Alex’s injuries occurred during the first few seasons. He uses a double more often these days, but is still dealing with residual injuries and pain. Combine that with uneven (which is putting it mildly) writing, lack of praise or appreciation from his boss, and the natural feeling of exhaustion that comes from shooting 25 episodes of a show for seven years, and I can see where Alex is coming from. He’s only human, after all.

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    • He’s not complaining, he’s speaking his mind. There’s a man behind the actor and as a man he’s entitled to say what he feels.

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    • He only mentioned the injuries in those few interviews last fall. He is not one to complain, most his fans realised he must be badly hurt to mention it this time. I, for one, was glad he spoke up. I would hate to see season 2 “medicating” happen again. He also explained why Steve was not going to be as physical as before.
      No amount of money is worth ruining your long term health for. Comparing Daniel and Alex in H50 is not fair, DDK does much less work.


      • Kathysr

        Alex works like a maniac to make Hawaii Five-O a success. He 100% carries the show physically, emotionally, psychologically and publicity wise. He was exhausted when he gave those interviews. The back injury was new and he had still done some extremely physical stunts in the episodes right before 150. Remember how we could see him wincing in pain in 7.04, when he climbed up those rocks to save the therapist? He was visibly limping in that episode. He looked haggard to me.

        Take care of yourself, Alex.


    • Hi Niecie
      If your take away on this quotes is “complaining”, you as a “fan” miss out on the heart and soul of this man from everything I have even seen and read about him.
      And you definitely also miss out on the heart and soul of this site. And that you chose something like this to be your very first comment here as well, I find rather strange and disturbing?
      I for one follow Alex’s career exactly because he is very human and very honest, and those are some of the things that are rare in Hollywood.
      I applaud him for speaking up and answering any questions honestly, rather that some false euphory of the glamour of Hollywood.

      AND PS, Alex does not read stuff on here, so it does not help you to scold him for stuff here. Maybe write him a letter instead and send it to him directly in future, then he might be able to read it.


      • Niecie

        Don’t preach to me. Once again if ANYONE says ANYTHING about Alex the majority of u don’t like then as usual you pounce. Thats why most people dont comment. And FYI I’ve been on this site since it’s beginning and FYI this is not my first time commenting. I just choose not to every time there is a msg. So you and anyone else trying to school me on all things Alex need to stop. Ridiculous how no one can say anything truthful. And to the average person, not his fans, it does look like he’s complaining. Oh and I know who’s #1 on the call sheet, I did start off saying I am a fan of his which I am. That doesn’t mean I’m a yes man.


        • Niecie, I think everybody here gave their opinion truthfully and honestly without too much sugar added to it and without any nastiness.
          For us, fangirling is mostly about having fun with Alex away from real life hardships and not to try and preach to him about what he says and do.
          As cougars some of us might pounce (but rather on him than on you 😀 ).
          I’d rather never try to be his mother, telling him what to do. (I think neither does she)

          I stand by my own words in my comment and agree with most of what everybody else said in regards to it as well.
          You can make of our truths, whatever you want to.


    • adriana mihaela mechenici

      He is not complaining!

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  3. DoubleL

    I didn’t think he was complaining, I’m surprised people took it that way. I don’t buy that the producer doesn’t appreciate him, either.

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    • Exactly, he just mentioned the injuries, I wouldn´t call it complaining either.
      Yup, weird that all the other actors on the show get praises but #1 is taken for granted…


      • DoubleL

        Actually, I said the opposite of that. I don’t believe he’s underappreciated or taken for granted by Lenkov or anybody else.


        • My mistake, but I can´t remember seeing PL giving Alex as much credit as he has given Scott or DDK.


          • SanDee

            Lenkov has not publicly praised Alex’s talent and dedication to the show the way he went on and on over DDK earlier this season. I personally believe that Lenkov was dismayed about Alex’s candor in those recent interviews and this was Lenkov’s way of saying “I’m still the boss” and putting Alex in his place. Then Lenkov went a step further and had the gall to say H50 could go on past season 8 without Alex. That’s laughable, of course, but it had to have angered Alex. Thankfully things between them seem to have cooled down a bit, but I think Alex had every right to be upset with Peter.

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  4. Mary Lou

    Millions of dollars wouldn’t persuade me to be the lead actor on Hawaii five 0. It’s not the long hours – the crew work very long hours too (and it’s great Alex always acknowledges them). It’s the lack of privacy that would disturb me, being in the public eye 24/7. Living on a small island with people tracking down your house, taking pictures of your children without your permission, treating you like public property… I could go on. Not a surprise he headed to Europe with his family all summer – the relief must be enomous.

    But he still manages to be gracious to his fans and it’s very rare that he comes across as feeling down. Amazed that he can still do that after 7 years ❤️

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  5. Lulu

    I think Alex was very tired when he made these comments. He gave credit to everyone who works on the show. Guest actors always have something really positive to say about Alex, that he’s nice, makes them feel comfortable.
    He’s always so wonderful to his fans.


    • gracenotpark

      Exactly! Guest actors rarely mention the other regulars, but they very often thank Alex for his graciousness and many of them have praised his work ethic AND very often marvel at his amazing talent… which we see and applaud every day here, of course. 😉

      Woot woot Alex! You’re close enough to perfect for us!


  6. So lovely to know that “our girls” are” circling the wagons” for our Alex . Anybody that knows or has had a certain amount of contact with him knows he never complains whines or whinges even if he has been hurt. He does however graciously speak his truth and he works his arce* off for the show the cast and the crew!!
    * and what a lovely one it is!!!!!

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  7. A pity he doesn’t read us though. He would laugh his head off when we are in our collective naughty mood.

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  8. cathy

    et si on arrêtait de penser à la place D’Alex et Peter Lenkov, de créer des problèmes entre eux alors que l’entente entre ces 2 hommes est certainement très bonne en réalité, et surtout de faire des montagnes d’une petite phrase tirée de son contexte.


    • Hi Cathy, I am not sure that my translation is correct, but it looks like you feel it is between Alex and Peter to sort out the problems and that their relationship is strong.
      I agree, but there is also the fact that both of them made their respective comments to interviewers, and through that they made it public and our business to read and comment on.


  9. Carol

    After 7.7 does anyone think Catherine is coming back for Steve?


    • Hi Carol
      I think most would say no.
      But from her answer, and the way Steve touched the plane, and their long history together as a couple, one could think that it is not the end.
      And then also the Executive Producer, Peter Lenkov said that Cath will always be part of Steve’s story.
      So I guess only time will tell if the writers will ever see the need of bringing her back or not ….


      • Carol A Roscoe

        I read a couple of months ago Peter said that Steve was getting married but things can change too. He also said that it could be Chin and Abby getting married but only the writers can tell. It would be nice to see Steve and Catherine get married he deserves to be happy I think Catherine is the only person that could do that. Lynn might be part of his life now but Peter also said that Lynn wasn’t part of his future. Just a thought.


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