#H50 7.14 – Steve

Maybe I should blame myself for not liking this episode, I was extremely tired watching it and struggled to find anything to gif. But as usually, I did find a couple of seconds to enjoy 🙂

But will have to give a big BOO to Dannoying. Did not get his “humor” this time at all.

I loved that tiny moment Steve took the driving test and was kinda worried but also super confident in himself 😀










Let´s hope there is more to enjoy in next episode…



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11 responses to “#H50 7.14 – Steve

  1. Yeah, let’s hope for next week. 🙂 But thank you for always giving us the goods.


  2. Kimphin1

    That Faaaaaccceee – all of them!


  3. Boo to Dannoying.
    Yeah to your gifs.


  4. Yes l agree it wasn’t one of the best of episodes but it makes a change when it shows that there is other things that the team can deal with ,so what if there was no killings by the team so what if Danny was taking the mickey out of Steve ,l just love watching the show and to see my hero Steve of course each week makes it all worth while ❤️


  5. Actually you all have to wait two weeks for a new episode. As really hope they continue the driving thing.


  6. Loved Alex’s hair in this episode


  7. vanduyn

    Couldn’t agree more about the Dannoying!! It didn’t even make much sense if you ask me. What exactly was the purpose of that?? Thanks for the awesome gifs!! 😀


  8. kathysr

    Would Navy Seal, stand-up guy, Law and Order, by the book (well, not always!) Five-O leader Steve McGarrett ever drive for seven years on an expired license? The whole idea is ridiculous and just a lame set-up for some idiotic teasing from Danny. The writers are getting ridiculous here. What I want to know is, since his test was incomplete, is he driving on a learner’s permit? lol, or is he still driving illegally? What gives?


    • joyfuljaj

      yeah, you don’t work in any kind of law enforcement (special task force or not) without a driver’s license. How have his vehicles been insured all these years? Made for some cute Steve moments, but unecessary and unresolved.


  9. gracenotpark

    The pics are awesome, as is Alex.
    You are awesome to give us the pics.

    H50 needs a new EP. I swear I think he’s writing stupid stuff like this license thing to irk Alex. I do believe Lenkov IS that small. 🙄


  10. AudreyD

    What I’m not finding is the action and suspense of the first episode, first season. I miss that. You’re right, but IMHO Dannoying is getting more boring to listen to.
    Your GIF’s were well done. ❤️


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