The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 156 (Epi 7:13)

Okay, so the last time I wrote something about Steve’s story was in October last year when I shared some late thoughts about Episode 7:01. A combination of factors kept me from doing the rest of the episodes thus far. Although I think Season 7 is a lot better than most of Season 5 and 6, I just feel no real excitement for it.

But I guess I have to start somewhere to complete the series of thoughts. So I thought it might be good to start with the latest episode and then randomly try to cover all the other old ones when I have some time to do so …

But after all these posts are actually mainly about all the pretty pictures of Steve from every episode that Paula share with us, and not really about my silly thoughts about the story.


As usual nothing much happening around Steve’s personal story, but here are some things that got my attention with some giggles and confusion. And I though the Koala Smartass might surely be able to shed some light on it for me.

  • Grover tells Steve that he has been in Hawaii ¾’s of his life. Big difference between 23 years, which is just over ½ of his life, and 30 years, which would be ¾’s.

Koala Smartass: You only started out and you are already nitpicking about such minor details. Oy, this is going to be a long post ….


  • Why would Steve not tell Grover and the rest of the team that Frank Bama was crashing at his house (on his couch)? I mean, they all know everything about one another and they all know (and love) Frank, but this he keeps a secret?

Koala Smartass: Oh, but Danny will be jealous if he finds out Steve’s couch is cheating on him. (PS. I guess Steve’s guest room bed is just for real family (or for dying), like Aunt Deb? Other guest have to sleep on the couch ….. ?)


  • Why would Hirsch advertise or promote his services to police officers from the mainland? Does he fly to the mainland to clean up stuff at crime scenes there?

Confused smiley 83

Koala Smartass: Don’t muddle the facts and spoil the fun you silly cow! The story needed him to be there, so he had to be there, come hell or high water.




Tongue smiley 22


  • Max buying the Camaro because he looked up to Detective Williams. REALLY? As far as I can recall, it was because he liked how the car handled when he got to drive it in Episode 2:01. And also the writers seem to forget, just as most of the viewers – the car belongs to Five-0 and it is just assigned to Danny. It is not his personal car. To me it sounds a bit like forced hero-worship that the writers chose for Max towards Danny ….


Koala Smartass: But you have to know that rewriting history is how Hawaii Five-0 goes. When they need something to be sentimental, none of the  facts of the past will stand in their way. (And Max could hardly thank Danny for being rude to him all these years ….)

Indifferent smiley 23


  • BTW, talking about lawyers hiding murder weapons, what happened to the box Leonard, Aunt Deb’s  husband, gave Steve?  Is that story Lost, like most of the intriguing stuff, that will never be answered?

Koala Smartass: You know on the Island anything is possible. Maybe some of the new writers heard about the possibility of a story with such a hidden murder weapon, but did not really know where it fits into the story.

  • First time that we heard Book’em Danno in a longgggggg time  …..

Koala Smartass: Yes, I wonder what they had to bribe Scott and Alex with, to use it again. In most interviews in those early days, it was clear that both of them did not like or care very much for it. (Most fans seem to forget that the actors do not really see the use for it)


  • When did Max and Jerry bond so much. Apart from the Elvis episode, have they ever even done another scene together? Can anybody help me to remember? I am sure there must be some that I just can not think of now. (Maybe I will have to do a rewatch?)

Koala Smartass: You must know by now that all the deepest and really serious relationship and friendship stuff on Hawaii Five-0, mostly happens off camera.


  • I am amazed at who attended Max’s farewell. Weird for me was Grace, Mamo and Hirsch. It really looked like an odd group of people who had no real connection, and who never shared the screen with Max. Where are the people and colleagues like Eric and Abby who actually worked with Max? Not to mention the spouses and girlfriends of the team members …..

Koala Smartass: Just accept it. It was not (and will never be) in the budget to get the more logical characters for an occasion all there in Hawaii for filming these scenes.



  • Steve telling Danny that he does not have to dance with him that night?

Koala Smartass: Actors say a lot of nonsense to each other on the set for fun and as background for scenes when they have no real dialogue.  But you have to know by now that the Hawaii Five-0 editors do that and have to add in and use all the silly stuff these actors say to each other on set. Many will call it queerbaiting. It is for fun and just to get a few members of the fandom all wet and giddy. Works every time.


  • Max seeing Steve as a big brother? It just sounds off and little weird to me. I wish they came up with a better reason of affection and appreciation from Max towards Steve.

Koala Smartass: I know, I know. He fixes broken toys and all that, but do you always want to force your admiration for how GREAT Steve is, on others …. just let it go!


Aloha and Farewell Masi. Mahalo for all the fun.

You really brought Max to life.

Best wishes for your career and personal life.

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:13

Ua ho’i ka ‘opua i Awalua

(The Clouds Always Return to Awalua)

Written by: Cyrus Nowrasteh

Directed by: Jim Jost


To be continued …….



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14 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 156 (Epi 7:13)

  1. vanduyn

    😂 Love it! You are so right! When lines just don’t make sense you know they just threw them in or as you say giving the McDanno shippers something to hang onto. Well I guess those weren’t your words as much as mine 😏


  2. Kimphin1

    I love you.

    And Koala smart-ass.


  3. Oh boy, Koala Smartass cracks me up every time! He is one funny dude. Is he a dude? 😉
    I am with you on everything you said FOYeur. Esp. Max’s speech. That was so ridiculous and stupid. And to be honest it didn’t make me tear up one bit but angry. Role model? You gotta be kidding me…. And Kono and Adam? Well, maybe Max is into duct-tape. 😉
    I feel sorry for Masi. He deserved a better good bye episode.
    Love the pic with Steve looking at the new ME. He is making a new friend here. Like always. ❤


  4. Lynne Grady

    OMG- Everything you mentioned went through my mind when I watched this epi. SPOT on FOYeur. I didn’t get the Danny thing at all – Danny has been rude and sooooooooooooo sarcastic to MAX from the beginning- I wouldn’t look up to him for anything. It was interesting to watch the actors as they hugged Max- if you have a chance watch it again- those who truly leaned in ( seemed to mean a fond goodbye) and those who just sort of hug- pat on back. Grace was so cute when younger but now…sorry to say, she has one dimension- sit and be quiet and sour. BUT- of course Steve/Alex looke mighty fine- I tried not to pick apart the epi and just watch it for Alex and Masi- GREAT pics


    • SanDee

      I am so glad to hear someone else who feels the same way about Teillor Grubbs (Grace Williams)! She was a precious little girl, but she never could really act. She’s always been pretty wooden. I guess they had to find a child actor in Hawaii and she was the best they could do. The other thing is, I never thought she looked remotely like she could be Danny’s daughter! Dark hair and eyes and an olive complexion? She does not look like Rachel, either. But since becoming a teen, Grace seems to have one expression that’s supposed to cover the gamut: sad, happy, worried, etc. Grubbs needs some serious acting training!


  5. dq

    Queerbaiting. Perfect term for the writers trying to turn our tough guys into girlie men. Not a big fan. And what was up with Dannys pants? Why didn’t he just wear a skirt? Most of the ending speeches were just foolishness and didn’t make any sense to the actual history that Max had with all of them. Max deserved a better send-off than that. The malasados in the beginning? Why? Frank Bama sleeping on Steves couch? Why? Even the crime of the week was hard for me to follow. Maybe I just didn’t care.. There needs to be a clean sweep of the writers room. I think an 8th grade creative writing class could do a better job.


    • Actually the malasadas scene was – besides the bunny ears and Steve’s little dance – the only thing I really enjoyed. Just two friends and work partner getting some pastry and coffee while going to some boring briefing and having some silly talk about ‘dunking’. I loved it. Two great actors doing their thing and having fun.


  6. There is an awful lot of pretty going on here 😘😘😘 thank you very much


  7. SanDee

    I agree with all your observations. I for one found the whole farewell Max thing tedious. He was a minor character and now everyone has to have major grief that he’s leaving–even characters who didn’t work with him and never shared screen time with him! To be honest, as the kids say, the character always annoyed me with his weird, sing-song delivery. And as you say–what was this admiring Danny business? Danny treated Max pretty rudely most of the time! And Steve as a big brother figure to Max? When did that happen in prior episodes? And Jerry. Always trying to find something for Jerry to do that’s remotely relevant to the plot. He is an extraneous character who is not necessary and takes away from the plot, such that it is. My final thought is this: oh, to be a malasada!


  8. gracenotpark

    😆 I laughed I cried I giggled suspiciously in tne meeting room. Absolutely delightful, snarky, little review. You and Koala could take y’all’s act on the road. 😉


  9. lindae5o

    Thanks Foyeur, and Koala Smartass, for nailing this episode perfectly!!
    I kept hoping we’d see Frank Bama again, later in the episode, but no. I guess Jimmy was going to be in town, and they had a few minutes to fill.
    I’ve never been a fan of the Max character, so to me it was just overkill, involving a minor player.
    Is dunking your malasada in coffee really a thing in Hawaii? To me, dipping a soft donut in anything hot, just gives a soggy mess. Ugh!! Steve was in the scene though, and I’ll watch him do anything.
    We’re now halfway through the season. I really hope we’re going to get a Steve-centric episode soon, but with Alex’s stunt-double doing all the dangerous stuff.


  10. AudreyD

    Thank you, this was very entertaining and wow what a great memory you have. 😁


  11. Love Alex in blue. As really he looks great in blue. Love he and Lou together more than He and Danno.


  12. Magnólia

    Verdadeiro e engraçado! Obrigada! 🎸🎶😊


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