We appreciate the perkyness

Buttshelves. He´s got them sunnies smiley




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15 responses to “We appreciate the perkyness

  1. Wonder what kind of exercices he’s doing! No matter if the result is a yummy butt. More to grab, more to stroke. Am I really writing this?

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  2. He has no idea HOW much we appreciate him. As a person… and the rest of him. 🙂

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  3. AND more to “grab”. :p (sigh)


  4. SanDee

    That butt is a thing of beauty. You know what else I love? The backs of those thighs. So muscular and….yummy. I’ll stop there.


  5. Marjorie

    I agree those thighs especially when hes sat down but then all of him is sooooo yummmmmy


  6. SO pleased that he has maintained his God given Ass-ets ♥ Upper, Middle and Lower…pick a shelf…if you will….he’s ALL good…head to toe. ♥ *sigh* ♥


  7. Paula do you remember when we had the contest to write the best tribute to Alex’s GORGEOUS bum and I WON?It was SO much fun and what a Thrill to win, Best of all his Bum is still glorious and my “poem” still applies!!!


  8. Sorry, my reply was for Pommienana. Anyway, thanks to you too, FOYeur, for sending the link. Much appreciated.


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