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Star of Hawaii Five-O – Who would have predicted a former plumber’s apprentice from Canberra with a CV consisting of flops, misfires and obscure cult hits would be handed the lead role in the biggest American TV show of 2011? Alex O’Loughlin’s ship has finally come in – packed to the gunwhales with colourful villains, wisecracking cops and bikini-clad femme fatales. –GQ 2011



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  1. No Alex.
    No H50.
    Just saying.


  2. I like that picture of him but if you don’t mind I have a couple of questions if you can answer if you feel they r too personal plz tell me. I haven’t heard anything about Dusty his dog in a while I figured when he when abroad maybe Saxon took him home. Also in an interview just. after started filming this season did I hear say that he had built a new house if so I guess he doesn’t live same place anymore. I bet it is beautiful. I also wanted to say how I appreciate all the time that you guys put in without y’all I would be lost. Thank you from my heart ❤️ I hope the new year each of you peace good health to you and you families and you you prosper we friends loved ones and safety


    • Hi Jackie
      Not sure when last we saw Dusty on set, but I think she was around there on one or two pictures this season. Will have to look for them. She was definitely there still at the end of last season’s filming in the beginning of 2016 when a video of her and Dot playing, was taken on the beach. And I am kind of sure she is not in Oz with Saxon. She is a Hawaiian dog and has always been Alex’s dog even before Saxon came to live with his dad at the end of 2011. Saxon moved back to Oz in 2014 and Dusty has definitely been seen in Hawaii and on set since then. 🙂
      We also used to see a lot more pictures of Dusty, but the lady from Cocojor Spaw, who used to take care of her at times, moved to LA and we don’t get picture from her and Dusty anymore.

      About the house. During hiatus 2015, Alex renovated his house and added a extra wing to it. He tells about it at the Blessing ceremony for season 6. There was also confusion at the time when people thought he meant that he moved to a new place. He did not move and is still living in his same house.


    • Mary Lou

      The gorgeous Dusty has featured in a couple of videos on Instagram during the filming of season 7, on set. She’s also in pictures with Alex’s wife Malia, in the recent interview she did for Honolulu Magazine.


  3. And thank God he was offered that job 🙂
    He was born to play Steve McGarrett!


  4. vanduyn

    Loves it!!


  5. I’m so glad Alex kept getting up, shaking the sand out of his chaps, putting his head down with perseverance. His tenacity, talent and work etic paid off with H5-0. We knew he was a diamond in the ruff. He just needed the right cut and polish to shine brighter. ♥


  6. kathysr

    Thanks for posting this great interview with Alex and the photos are killer gorgeous. Alex strikes me as a highly sensitive man, which, of course, makes him a great actor. In several other interviews, he’s referred to those very dark times when he was struggling, living on people’s couches, and when he felt the darkness and the hopelessness. My heart goes out to him.

    Alex has suffered a lot and has experienced a lot of heartache in his life. I’ve sensed that in many of his interviews. OCD and ADD can be terrifying when you’re a kid and you don’t understand it. And he does keep mentioning still being agoraphobic, which can also trigger panic attacks. My heart goes out to him. Clearly he’s learned how to deal with emotional conditions which can be terrifying and overwhelming. As he’s grown into an adult, he’s learned coping mechanisms which help him through the panicky moments. Look at how extraordinary he is at the SOTB events. He’s fabulous,funny, sweet, friendly, relaxed and adorable with his legions of fans.

    Kudos to you, Alex. I love you on Hawaii 5-0 and I’m really looking forward to all the great roles you’ll do in the future.


  7. Linda

    Alex is an excellent actor who faces every challenge that he’s given with the greatest success. The role of Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett was definitely made for him. He has brought his own personal style to the character. Throughout all of his roles he has managed to make them his own with his special style. Here’s hoping for more great roles and much continued success and happiness in the years to come.


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