Mick St. John got to the #4 spot in the Top 50 Greatest Screen Vampires of All Time


In February 2009, SFX – a popular British sci-fi, horror and fantasy magazine – started a poll in search of the all time greatest vampires. Thanks to some serious voting activity by Moonlight and Alex O’Loughlin fans, Mick St. John got to the #4 spot in the Top 50 Greatest Screen Vampires of All Time. In addition to a Mick St. John write up in the June 2009 Vampire Special of the magazine, there is also a 9-page Moonlight feature in which Alex O’Loughlin comments on each 16 episodes of the show that gained him a dedicated, international fan base.

Moonlight should never have worked. The critics hated it, dismissing the show with words such as “anemic” and “derivative”, and deeming it nothing more than a genre stew consisting of ingredients from Highlander (non-humans living among us in every day walks of life), Angel (vampire PI looking for personal salvation) and Beauty and the Beast (an impossible romance). Their cause wasn’t hurt by the fact that Moonlight’s original showrunner was Angel co-creator David Greenwalt, and its co-creator was Ron Koslow, who produced the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton live action Beauty and the Beast TV series of the 1980s.


But the critics were wrong, on one level at least. The show deemed most likely to fail (and do so quickly) confounded everyone as it began winning its 9 pm Friday timeslot for CBS, not only in the ratings, but in the even more important demographics as well. Just as importantly, it seemed to spontaneously give birth to the kind of cult fanbase that most shows can only dream of – one that continues to thrive despite the fact that the show only lasted a single season. Ultimately it was a victim of the writers’ strike and a network that didn’t know what to do with it rather than a ratings crash.

Alex O’Loughlin, who stars as vampire Mick St. John, was instantly embraced by the audience and remains one of the most popular members of the undead ever (as evidenced by the poll starting on page 13). The thrust of the series is the growing relationship between Mick and internet reporter Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), despite the difficulties arising from their very different worlds.


For his part, O’Loughlin remains proud of what the show accomplished and what it represents. “I got to be a part of a story I really liked,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to play a vampire since I was a kid and that’s not something that will necessarily happen again in my lifetime. It was just a great fit and a great experience. It was also a stressful experience. We were working with a budget and we were always fighting for everything we needed. The show wasn’t considered the ‘golden child’ at all – we had to constantly present reasons why we shouldn’t be shut down.

“It was wonderful to fight for something and keep it alive for longer than it otherwise would have been,” he continues. “It’s great to be a part of a success, even if it was for only a season. The thing is, we were able to tell some really important stories. It wasn’t just about these monstrous creatures and sexuals romps. What we always went for was the human truth – the human story – and that’s the reason we make films in the first place. We didn’t always hit it, but I feel that from time to time we did and that’s why we held on to the audience – because they sensed that truth.”

SFX Special Edition: Vampires



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14 responses to “Mick St. John got to the #4 spot in the Top 50 Greatest Screen Vampires of All Time

  1. Thank you. Alex, as usual, is so eloquent, and he could also be a politician as well! Moonlight was constantly in turmoil behind the scenes, going through several different show runners. I loved ML! I was instantly a fan of the show but more importantly, I really fell for Alex and I will always love ‘Mick.’ CBS and Joel Silver couldn’t reach an agreement for season 2, that’s why it was cancelled. BTW, the episode by episode comments mentioned here that were made by Alex are a must-read for any ML fan.


  2. AudreyD

    I can’t think for the life of me who 1, 2, and 3 were. I love vampires, but they all disappeared from the first time I saw Mick St. John. I was a big Angel fan and watched it faithfully, bought the DVD and watched them over and over again. Then Moonlight and Alex O’Loughlin came on the scene and my question was, what was that vampire’s name again, Angel played by David who? Really Mick should have been #1. I used to like Frank Langella, who played Dracula back in 1979. Loved the movie, then. Saw it recently and totally wondered why I loved it so much. Then Mick comes to mind, there will never be another Moonlight because Alex is now too old to play the iconic role of Mick St. John, unless they can come up with a clone. 😁


  3. lindae5o

    I discovered Alex because of Moonlight. From the first network promo on CBS, I was hooked.
    Despite the critics, and the scorn of vampire purists, Moonlight created a lasting impression, and that was due to Alex’s magnetism, and the great chemistry of Mick and Beth.


  4. karen

    I still try to figure out why I love Moonlight and Mick so much. It is impossible to explain. I’ll love Mick for as long as I breathe.


  5. I Knew from the first episode of Moonlight.I Wondered who was this hunk of man playing him.He brought life to Mick StJohn.That’s when my love for ALEX started and it has never ended.I Like the rest will love Mick until i pass on.Better than any other vampire on tv and movie.


  6. I love reading how passionate Alex was about Moonlight and Mick.

    I didn’t know just how hard I fell for Mick when I first saw him. I was subconsciously already in love with Mick when he hugged Beth. ♥ “the hug felt around the world” ♥ I just didn’t realize how much until I found myself the next week holding my breath at the end of episode 2 “I’m a Vampire.”

    I can’t tell you how crazy it made me that my own family members weren’t watching Moonlight. Or when asking friends, or anyone for that matter, have they seen Moonlight?
    They kept saying “Oh Moonlighting with Bruce Willis? I Love that show.” o.O UUUHHHGGG! Noooo!

    I didn’t get any validation that Mick St John was the best Vampire EVER until I discovered ML fan sites on the internet. MY ML FAMILY!

    Alex brought the best vampire to life and as far as I’m concerned Mick still lives on in my heart fighting crime in LA. Photos of “Mick St John” still take my breath away nine years later.

    OH what I would give for a little nod to Moonlight to have Steve attend a Halloween party dressed as a Vampire. V^^^^^V *THUD*


  7. I think playing iconic roles on TV can be a curse too. After that, you’re still character xyz for everybody. They don’t see *you*, they don’t see the new character the actor is portraying. That could have happened easily with Mick St. John, but it didn’t happen with Alex. Mick St. John disappeared and Vincent, Andy and Steve emerged. And Alex, the *real* guy, became these new characters, totally different from Mick, totally different from each other. He does not just portray the characters he is playing, he does not do ‘as if’ – he is!
    You don’t see something like that from every actor.
    I think it is impressive and it is absoutely intriguing. At least for me.


    • gracenotpark

      Agreed, babe. A LOT of ML fans at some point said they couldn’t separate Alex from Mick and didn’t want to…and quite a few, once ML was cancelled, vowed not to follow him to other roles as they liked Mick, not Alex himself. A small portion of those trolled him (and eventually also Malia) online for years…or trolled his fans, as Alex doesn’t do online. 😉

      Their loss. I did looooove Mick and was devastated to lose him, but I bothered to seek out previous Alex projects and to follow him to new ones. In those, I saw his genius extended far beyond creating the perfect vampire, and in interviews, I saw his own beautiful soul. I became an Alex fan, not a Mick fan.

      And I’ve been quite rewarded for that. He entertains the hell outta me on screen. His RL humanity melts my heart and inspires me. A few ML jerks prayed for his post ML projects to fail, and even worked for that online. The success of H50 has shut them down for the most part. At least in this, the good guy won. I hope he does many more characters. I plan to enjoy them all. ❤


  8. As the excellent actor he is, he can get into the skin of any new character and make me fall in love with him again and again (huge sighs).


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