They say ……. #AlexOLoughlin Has Effortless Masculinity

The Back-up Plan director Alan Poul talks about the importance of casting the right leading man:

We spent a long time looking for Stan. It’s especially difficult, because the movie belongs more to Zoe. I knew from the moment when I read the script that if we didn’t cast Stan correctly, the movie would collapse because Stan would seem like a wimp and a loser.

So we looked very hard all around and Alex has that combination of qualities of a kind of effortless masculinity that doesn’t take itself too seriously and he also, I think, has enough charisma that he can hold the screen with Jennifer.

Once you cast that role, an awful lot of the movie is determined.




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2 responses to “They say ……. #AlexOLoughlin Has Effortless Masculinity

  1. gracenotpark

    These recent posts have been thoughtful and delightful…little windows into his life and career choices. 🙂 With pretty pics. 😉


  2. Truth!
    Loved your recent posts FOYeur and Paula, text, thoughts, quotes and pics.
    Merry Christmas!


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