Working out to hard rock

What do you listen to while you work out?
Rock. Hard rock. Like, really old Metallica, from their first four albums, or Soundgarden. Tool. I love working out to Tool.  -Alex 2009




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13 responses to “Working out to hard rock

  1. You can’t build such a body while listening to Justin Bieber. Just saying.

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  2. Ally

    Lol! You make an excellent point.


  3. gracenotpark

    LOL, Leica! ❤

    Also to you, Miss Paula…what a great post! ❤

    Hard rock, rock hard…oy Alex! You kill me, bro!

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  4. Annie

    Amen to Alex rocking hard. The naughty things I’m thinking right now may have Santa skipping my house.

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  5. Regina Filange

    I’ve been a very bad girl this year with all my naughty thoughts of Alex😜. Santa will be skipping my house and I’m ok with that.


  6. LOL Regina!! With all the Alex naughtiness around here ,Santa will be skipping quite a few houses!!


  7. cwtshjan

    Santa will have plenty of down time around us.

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  8. I don’t care about Santa skipping my house for being naughty. My adorable Alex is worth the sacrifice. Okay, OUR adorable Alex.

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  9. Lulu

    Oh, that body is rock hard! Panty dropper!


  10. I love working out myself.But not that kind of music. Love the oldies though.


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