They say …… #AlexOloughlin Is Committed To Ab Excellence

Another one of those fun posts that we just had to share ……..

I’m going to shell out $12.50 for a Jennifer Lopez movie…thanks to Alex O’Loughlin.

I made a promise to myself that I would never again waste my hard-earned money seeing a J.Lo movie in the theater. Last night, however, a publicist sent me some new photos of Moonlight’s Alex O’Loughlin, shirtless and driving a tractor*, in a scene from Lopez’s 2010 rom-com vehicle The Back-Up Plan.

Suddenly, the reasons for my seven-year boycott are fleeing my brain like the seeds of a late-fall dandelion in a stiff wind.** What do you say, PopWatchers? Should O’Loughlin’s commitment to ab excellence cancel out my long-standing Lopez Avoidance Plan?

Or is buying a ticket to The Back-Up Plan going to be the equivalent of shaking my open wallet out the window of a moving taxi?

Michael Slezak,

For Entertainment Weekly

12 August 2009





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15 responses to “They say …… #AlexOloughlin Is Committed To Ab Excellence

  1. gracenotpark

    LOL!!! It was a disappointing movie, but Stan ruled that sucker! And seeing Alex on a reallllly big screen was such a treat. ❤


  2. karen

    Who pays $12.50 for a movie ticket??? Maybe in LA or NY. That tractor scene was nice.


  3. LOL! $12.50? I didn’t have to shell out a dime, but I would have if needed. I got to see the premier for FREE in my home state when I got and offer from TPTB promoting the movie. My sister and I went to a “Ladies night out” exclusive viewing of the movie before it hit theaters. I was so excited to see Alex on the big screen and OMG! I almost passed out when Stan (Half Naked) told Zoe to “watch out for that tree.” *THUD* Most of the woman there were JLo fans and had no idea Alex even existed…YET. The whispers and gasps of “who is he?” just made my heart beat faster as Alex’s charm and good looks won many new admirers. ♥
    I could have waited for any JLo movie to come to DVD, BUT this was Alex’s debut and I wasn’t gonna miss it. I even went back with a girlfriend and paid $8 to see Alex again after TBUP officially opened. I also bought the DVD asap when it was released. 😀 ♥♥♥


  4. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Love those abbs


  5. Karen

    Wish I had seen the movie in the theater. To see that tractor scene on the big screen…WOW!


  6. LOL, so funny!
    Yes, Alex made this movie watchable. Once in a while I just have to suffer a little bit with Stan!


  7. Magnólia

    Belo, muito belo e Talentoso! 🎻🎸


  8. DoubleL

    I only paid a dollar to rent it, but it would have been fun to see Stan on a giant screen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. It had too much potty and gross out humor for me and every modern rom-com cliche in the book. Stan/Alex was really cute in it, but I kept thinking this could have been so much better without all the triteness and cheap jokes. Not to mention “cheese farmer” is not what you call a person that makes cheese! 😉

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  9. At least if you have it in dvd you can fast forward to just his scenes. lol I would..


  10. brinleyparke

    The curls 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍. How does he manage to be sex personified and so fucking adorable in one photo?


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