Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (4 – 10 December 2016)

Just a reminder to people visiting our site. We are here for Alex and to enjoy him and his work. We are not here for a show or any other actors on a show. Please don’t ask us NOT to be honest about how we feel about Hawaii Five-0 or anything else for that matter…… There are many sites around for the show and the other actors. If you expect anything else than reporting  on Alex and his characters from us, you might be in the wrong place.

It looks like it was a rather busy Friday on the set of Hawaii Five-0. Let’s have a look at what old and new pictures were posted during this week. On last week’s posts I have missed a few pictures and will include them here.  Hope you enjoy the feast……

And as always thank you to everybody who took and posted all these pictures. You are all so lucky to get close and be able to watch Alex do his thing.


Life on the Set:

Jon Lowry   (21 November) McGarrett’s gotta eat before getting to the bottom of this case.
Hawaii Five-0 directed by Carlos Bernard @CBernardsbull tonight 9ET/CBS @HawaiiFive0CBS @24fox #AlexOLoughlin #scottcaan @CBS #HawaiiFive0

Evelyne Deckinger   I got up bright and early this morning so I could hitch a ride with Chris to the Hawaiian 🌺 Village. We met a person yesterday morning that was the sound engineer for Hawaii-50 and he confirmed they were shooting at the Village today. Hope you enjoy the photos taken at the scene they shot today. All I know is this is episode 15 which should air in February


Arthur Sacramento   Watching the shooting of Hawaii 5-0 in front of the Hilton Waikiki. Too cool. Way to go McGarrett. #Hawaii5-0



stratticusx  Grandpa meeting Alex O’Loughlin on the set of Hawaii 5-0! So awesome.



stratticusx  No big deal. Just the cast of Hawaii 5-0 stopping for a picture with my grandpa USS Arizona survivor Donald Stratton. #h50



Paolo Cascio  Donald Stratton on the set with the stars of Hawaii Five-O…. — at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Andrew Kalavritinos   Hawaii Five-0 filming on location at the village outside our room! Stars of the show both here – MacGarret and Dano Williams. Lot of fun watching the shoot. Episode 17 in current season.

annjames7  On a lucky stroll through the Hilton Hawaiian Village on our last day in Honolulu, came across Hawaii Five-0 filming. Was hoping for this the whole time!! 😀👏 #hawaiifive0 #hiltonhawaiianvillage #scottcaan #alexoloughlin #hawaiitourism #roamingon #dannoismynewfavourite @vodafoneau @hiltonhawaiianvillage



Leanne Duncan-Smith   Spent the afternoon down the beach. Got a surprise once we got there. They were filming Hawaii 5 0.


Kirsty Lyons  This is for my Hawaii 5-0 fan friends ….. I was within 6 inches and had to stop myself bumping into McGarrett himself!!!💗🌴
mhairia75 Hilton Hawaiian Villa

larajanepark #textsfrommymother McGarrett and Danny filming in front of the Hilton Waikiki “on my way to the post office”. #retirementanyone? #hawaii50 #mcgarret



pupukea_tsugumi  #hawaiifive0 #Hawaii #Hilton #shooting #最後の日の昼間に人気番組の撮影してたけどさっぱり分からず #ヨガやってる真ん中の人が主役らしい



Paul Ganus  For those of you who asked…yes, the episode of Hawaii 5-0 I had the pleasure to work upon airs this Friday, the 9th, 9pm CBS! Mahalo, baby!

Fan Photos:

Heather Mulhern  Thank you #AlexOLoughlin for taking this photo! What an honor meeting you and a fantastic keepsake for Leilani from her 4-month birthday! Mahalo!!! #Hawaii50 #WeLuckyWeLiveinHawaii



Temana Tahitian Club  Performing at the Gala! Got to meet the Hawaii Five-O star Alex O’Loughlin!

News for the week:

It looks like some surviving veterans from the Pearl Harbor attack got the chance to visit the set of Hawaii Five-0 this week. Don’t miss out on this lovely video of Alex meeting some of the veterans.

Alex with Friends & Colleagues:

  • Last week I forgot to post this short little video from Daniel Dae Kim


  • and the gif Paula made of it.




Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • how many wives has alex oloughlin had already

Next Week:

  • According to my calculation they should still be busy filming Episode 7:16 this week. Really do hope we get some more pictures from the set. They seems to be having a lot of fun.



Hope you all have a lovely week!


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15 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (4 – 10 December 2016)

  1. vanduyn

    Thanks for all the lovely pics!! You girlies are awesome 😊


  2. AudreyD

    Great photos from fans in Hawaii. It’s fabulous to see Alex so animated and enjoying life. Love your site and you’re right, it’s all about Alex and that’s all I want to see.
    Mahalo, my friend. ❤️


  3. Aww, man, people still try to tell you how to run your own site? Ignore them, they will never learn. 😉
    Thanks again for putting all those great pics in one place. As always greatly appreciated.


  4. kathysr

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful photos! I’m astonished at how fast they’re filming this year. If this is episode 7.16, they’re two thirds of the way through filing this year. WOW. I thought that they had a break during the holiday season.

    I saw a Twitter post that said “Yeah Sara Carter is back!” so I went to her twitter site. Lo and behold, there’s a photo of her with Lily Simmons, who play’s Danny’s girlfriend. In this episode, the two girls take their guys on a double-date “staycation,” and I’m thinking that hilarity ensues. We’re seeing them to Yoga. Love Alex/Steve with the bandanna around his head, on the yoga mat. So, we’re going to see both men spending a vacation together with their significant others, actually on screen!!! I wonder if some kind of crime will occur during this supposed vacation. lol, let’s see how long it says fun and relaxation.

    I especially love the photos of Alex and Scott meeting the Pearl Harbor survivor veterans. How wonderful, emotional and meaningful that must have been for Alex, who plays a character who’s grandfather died on the Arizona on December 7, 1941. Life imitates art which imitates life.

    Thanks so much. Wow, I wonder when filming will wrap for Season 7? Faster than I can possibly imagine, I think.


  5. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Foyeur! Amei!🎶🎼


  6. gracenotpark

    Wow. He is marvelous and so genuine with our amazing vets. I teared up watching that vid.

    And thank alllllll the gods y’all focus on Alex! He’s the only one I’m following and this site is a continual delight for me, ladies. Thank you so much for your excellently intense studying! You have the best of taste. *mwah* ❤


  7. Thank you for the recap 🙂


  8. Kelbelle

    Damn, just thought I’d quickly check to see what news you have for us and next thing I know it’s an hour later and I’ve been spellbound once again by the sights……..thank you so much for all the fun you bring. You are out ‘go to ‘ place for all things AOL, trusted and true.


  9. Tlank you Ladies !! I almost lost my-Socks when i saw that last picture of alex. it is now my new Screen saver!!! YUMMY to say the the least.


  10. Why did Kirsty Lyons stop herself from bumping into McG? Silly woman 😉
    I think he was absolutely wonderful with the veterans. Caring, respectful and humble.
    And then he is the adorkable goof in DDK’s little vid.
    Two very different sides of the multiple dimensions and layers of AOL.


  11. SanDee

    “How many wives has Alex had already?”?!?!?
    Do they think he’s a polygamist? 😂


  12. Lulu

    Great pictures! I can always count on you girls for bringing the last info to us!


  13. Let me guess in episode 17, do both Steve and Danny take a vacation or something by those pictures?


  14. joyfuljaj

    look forward to seeing how a double date vacation goes – an Steve doing yoga… Is Danny even there at that point? Thanks for putting these things together for the rest of us!


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