They say …… #AlexOLoughlin doesn’t miss a beat.

I’ve worked with Alex (O’Loughlin) mainly, and you can tell he really cares about the show because he doesn’t miss a beat.

He notices every little detail.

And he’s always down to take the time to get the scene right– he will guide you through it if he needs to– he makes everything really cool and professional at the same time.

I had a pretty long scene with Alex and Scott (Caan) and they play off each other really well– it’s obvious that they like each other and get along– which is why everyone loves their bromance,”

– Kimee Balmilero

(the new Hawaii Five-0 ME, Dr. Noelani Cunha)

For Five-0 Redux

In Star Advertiser

26 November 2016




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16 responses to “They say …… #AlexOLoughlin doesn’t miss a beat.

  1. I do not understand why he is not a producer for the show! As you would think he would be.


  2. Always happy to hear such positive feedback from his co stars 🙂


  3. Karen

    I just love reading what others have to say about Alex when working with him.


  4. Lulu

    It seems like everyone always has such nice things to say about our wonderful Alex! I also wonder why he isn’t producing an episode.


  5. kathysr

    That’s a great interview with Kimee Balmilero. I really like her in the role. She’s incredibly talented and has done tons of musicals on Broadway and toured all over the country. She brings a new energy and the possibility of crushes from some of the Five-O guys. Alex sounds like a dream to work with. He works extra hard to make newcomers feel welcome and relaxed so that they can do their best work. In some of the blooper reels you can see him helping new cast members and guest stars who might be having some trouble. He really would be a great DIRECTOR and producer. He could get fabulous performances out of everyone.


  6. Peter L must get his so called “control issues” from Steve I guess LOL!


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