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They say ….. nobody cares about the new Steve’s muscular physique

Unfortunately this original article from 2010 seems to be lost. But we found some of it on AOLR. It gave us a good chuckle, so we thought to share it with you …..

Kevin Cuneo is a fan of the old Hawaii Five-0 and a reporter at the Erie-Times News. He totally gets why the new Hawaii Five-0 is a worthy successor of the original.

This is from his article:

As a die-hard fan of the original “Hawaii Five-O” TV show, I should be angry that:

  • The new Steve McGarrett often takes his shirt off to go swimming. I would say that nobody cares about the new Steve’s muscular physique, except that we’re still searching for my wife’s contact lenses, which popped right onto the floor the first time she saw the half-naked new Steve emerged from the water.



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