They say about Alex ….. he’s got a bit of a cocky charming attitude

He was great for the character, because he has a little bit of that kind of cocky charming attitude that Stan has. He knew how to transmit the feeling that she was the one, but at the same time have confidence and even a bit of arrogance.
Alex reminds me a bit of myself when I started – with that vivaciousness that is so pleasant to be around. It was his first romantic comedy and there was a freshness about him that was great.

Alex is a good guy; but he also has a bit of an edge, which is something I like.
“I loved working with him and he is very good at what he does.

Jennifer Lopez about Alex, in Gulf News

– May 2010




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6 responses to “They say about Alex ….. he’s got a bit of a cocky charming attitude

  1. Love this testimony from Jennifer 🙂


  2. vanduyn

    Never read this before! I often hate how everyone asks Alex how was it to work with other stars but no one ever asks them how was it working with Alex. Thanks so much 😀


  3. This is SO great!!! The article AND the picture. Thank You. They were both new to me.


  4. cwtshjan

    She certainly knows a good one when she meets one. Love “good guy with an edge” . Makes him sound so interesting.


  5. Lulu

    I love the way she describes Alex!


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