#H50 7.09 – Steve McGarrett supporting his friend Jerry

Another Steve lite episode, but I didn´t mind this one. I always liked Jerry and his conspiracy theories, though still wasn´t really done for a funny one. I think Chin and Jerry was a nice match, working together. Having Steve in the end showing support for Jerry, was great to see 🙂 I guess many of us are relaxed, not having to watch Alex do really physical scenes 🙂

Very hard to get McMagic moments, this is what I caught. Enjoy 🙂











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14 responses to “#H50 7.09 – Steve McGarrett supporting his friend Jerry

  1. vanduyn

    Beautiful gifs! Thanks so much ❤️

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  2. I have not seen the epi yet, but I absolutely love these gifs! Alex looks stunning, I love his ‘pompadour’. 😉
    And if it has to be an Alex lite epi I don’t mind Jerry. Or some McGrin… 😉
    Thank you Paula!

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  3. Thank you Paula.
    I agree, at the moment I really don’t mind seeing Steve doing less physical stuff so Alex can rest his back.
    I liked the episode too and the always touching moments where McGarrett shows his support and understanding to his Ohana.

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  4. Lulu

    I love the way you captured the many beautiful faces of Alex!


  5. lindae5o

    I thought this episode was one of their best, and there are darn few of those !! Nothing to complain about stupidity-wise, though I’m sure historians would go at it, on Facebook.
    There was not enough of Steve, though what you were able to capture of our guy, is luscious, particularly the bum shot at the computer table. Thank you, Paula.


  6. gracenotpark

    I love your pics and gifs. He is gorgeous NOT doing stunts. And he was totally bad-ass last night…he has presence and he can be threatening just by his posture and line delivery. The scene you depict above where McG rests against the car while Danno knows he’s stewing and knows he’s gonna take down that fed jerk…prime example! Alex don’t need no stunts to be bad-ass! And he’s always gorgeous. 🙂


  7. Mad Steve is sexy. And that he is not afraid of the FBI or the CIA or what have you. You threatened him, you threatened the team and vice versa. The fed could had stopped Susie from being murdered. As really Steve and the team did not interfere, the FBI did without no cause. Other than to stop that chemical company and prevent Susie’s death.
    Unless you are Criminal Minds or Blind Spot, which focuses on the feds, the FBI or other federal agencies are portrayed as arrogant and stupid.


  8. kathysr

    This was a fascinating, intriguing and original episode with unexplored ideas about the JFK assassination. I knew Susie was on the wrong path but Jerry had to learn that the hard way. To me McGarrett’s awesome and most dangerous when he’s in the thinking and planning stages of taking the bad guys down. I love to watch him figure it all out mentally, strategically, emotionally, spiritually. Alex was brilliant in 7.04 when he was captured by Madison. I love watching him analyzing, sizing up, evaluating the enemy. He’s strategically planning his moves to strike the fatal blow at the exact moment when the enemy is not ready. I love a thinking McGarrett.

    The final scenes of this episode made me really cry. I loved JFK. I don’t think I’d ever seen that footage of him in Hawaii, and his speech just destroyed me. He was my president. I was devastated and forever changed after he was assassinated. The United States changed forever, and for the worse, after his death. I’m old enough to remember. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.


  9. Ally

    Thank you Paula. I don’t know how you manage to capture such perfect images. I’m realizing and loving that these less physical Steve episodes are just as enjoyable as his action episodes. It’s amazing what a talented actor can bring to a role.


    • gracenotpark

      Mick, on Moonlight, had his acrobatic moments, but most of the time, Alex got to act a very sensitive and troubled character rather than a stunt dude. McG is also sensitive and troubled…Alex has already given this man more layers than PL and the writers ever imagined for him. Just THINK what Alex could do with the guy if they let McG be a real human being rather than a SEAL from Krypton!

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      • kathysr

        I agree. I’ve seen the Moonlight episodes on YouTube, because I didn’t watch the series. Alex was gorgeous and incredibly sensitive, sensual and sexy on Moonlight. I’m not crazy for the SEAL from Krypton. I love the human, emotional, vulnerable, caring, concerned Steve McGarrett. I also love the goofy, funny Steve McGarrett. The SEAL guy is awesome, but I want to see the other colors of Steve more.


  10. kathysr

    Wow, the numbers are going UP!
    7.07 – the 150th episode – 9.48 million viewers
    7.08 – Grace and the prom – 9.8 million viewers
    7.09 – JFK Conspiracy & old Hawaii – 10 million viewers


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