#AlexOLoughlin …… The Man

“I don’t think there’s a destination in this [but] I’m well on my way to become the man that I hoped I would become one day, a man that reflects similar qualities to the men that I’ve looked up to in my life,”

– Alex O’Loughlin

Sydney Morning Herald

27 October 2016


Los Angeles premiere of ''Whiteout'' at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California 09-09-2009.Photo by Scott Kirkland-Globe Photos @ 2009.K63100SK.ALEX O'LOUGHLIN.



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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin …… The Man

  1. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Yes 😘 The One 💖


  2. lindae5o

    This is a stunning photo of Alex !! Thank you.


  3. If the men Alex has looked up too all his life are a reflection of who he is today then he has learned well because he is an amazing man. ♥ A man others should aspire to become as Alex has met and raised that bar…many times over. ♥ *gush* *gush* ♥ 😉


  4. Ocean

    I hate to think of Alex leaving the show, although I understand his reasons. But it seems like he could change his contract to be something like Scott’s — a few eps off and let the stunt guys do the action. That way he would not be so physically stressed. There are so many stories waiting to be told about Steve — many of them could come from the Champ box. (remember that fabulous plot device?) Surely some compromise could be made?


  5. kathysr

    We could write some great stories for Steve McGarrett. Sadly, it seems that the Hawaii Five-O writers are not able to write great stories for McGarrett. I’ve decided that I like Lynn. When will we ever see her again? Even if the character is off camera, couldn’t Steve and Danny talk about her during their drives? Wouldn’t they talk about Steve’s mission with Doris and Catherine? What happened to their personal chats as they drove to crime scenes? Those are great places to advance story lines.


  6. I know Alex’s grandad from “The Snowies” is one of his heroes. I would like to know the others lovely picture. Thanks Paula


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