#AlexOLoughlin : Some more thoughts shared about #H50 Episode 7:07

Before we start the article – just a thought:

After seeing Episode 707, I do not think Cath came back in order to get back with Steve at all. She was there on a mission.

Therefore the headline of the article from TV Guide .com is a bit misleading, as it was actually not the question that was asked. And Alex’s response was really appropriate under the circumstances …… he understands human behaviour and his character pretty well.

Hawaii Five-0‘s Alex O’Loughlin: McGarrett Would Be an “Idiot” to Take Catherine Back

Hawaii Five-0s 150th episode may not have given McGarrett-Catherine fans the romantic reunion they had hoped for, but it provided McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) with some much-needed closure about the way their relationship ended.

“It’s now been finished the right way,” O’Loughlin tells TVGuide.com.

Catherine (Michelle Borth) comes back into town to tell McGarrett that his mother Doris (Christine Lahti) was caught trying to break Wo Fat’s father out of a CIA black ops site in Morocco. The two embark on a rescue mission together, leaving McGarrett’s girlfriend Lynn (Sarah Carter) to enjoy a romantic dinner for one. Awkward!

 Once the action-adventure part of the episode is out of the way and Doris is safe and sound, Catherine (who, earlier, learned from an unwitting Lynn that McGarrett was on the verge of popping the question when she disappeared) tells McGarrett that, although she would have said yes to his proposal, she wants to put her career first for now and she’s happy that he’s moved on with Lynn. And then she’s off again.

TVGuide.com chatted with O’Loughlin about where McGarrett and Doris are going from here, whether the serial killer storyline will come back into play, and why McGarrett would be an “idiot” to get back together with Catherine.

by Liz Raftery

TV Guide . Com


TVGuide.com: After this episode, will we see McGarrett and Doris have more of a relationship going forward?

Alex: I don’t know about that. Doris, she pays lip service to a lot of things. She was a really good mother when he was a kid, and then she disappeared. She’s so used to the nomadic life – and by the way, she’s still got a lot of stuff to work out with the government. She ain’t exactly in the clear. She’s got a lot of explaining to do and she’s got a lot of sort of ducking and weaving ahead of her in her own story.

There’s talk of, “I’ll move down the street. You’ll see me every day.” He’s like, “Jesus Christ, Mom, would you stop with that sh–?” Because he knows it’s never gonna happen. She’s not that person. She can’t settle down, and it’d be dangerous for her to settle down. Because there’s probably a lot of people in the world who want to kill her for her secrets.

So I think that part of McGarrett in this episode finally has become resigned to that, and he’s able to protect himself a little bit more emotionally from what that might look like one day. I think he really believes he’s going to bury her. She’s not going to bury him.


TVGuide.com: Do you know whether there are plans to bring her back for more episodes this season?

Alex: I do not.

TVGuide.com: Do we get to see any more of what McGarrett finds in the box from Doris?

Alex: Not to my knowledge. To me, the way that read and played was that it was like Doris said, “Look, I left a diary there of my deepest personal secrets and I want you to read it. I want you to know who I was. I want you to know who I am. I want you to know the things I haven’t been able to tell you, the things you might not know. I want you to have those. I want you to have that piece of my heart.”

So, it felt like a really beautiful movement in the correct direction for this relationship between mother and son. It felt like a great thing of trust from her, and it felt like an olive branch. Like her just saying, “Look, when I say I want to give you transparency, I really mean it. Here’s me showing you that.” So I think that [scene is] a lot more about their relationship and what happened in the relationship between these two than any government secrets or anything.


TVGuide.com: Switching gears to Catherine, she gives McGarrett her blessing about his relationship with Lynn. Based on that final scene between Catherine and McGarrett, is there any hope for them to reunite?

I have no say in what they write, but if you’re asking me what I think, McGarrett doesn’t need Catherine’s blessing to do anything. The way she left things, it was pretty disgraceful. He is a high-end special operator for the US government. He was at the highest level. And so, you don’t need to pull the top-secret card with someone like that, who understands the lay of the land. There’s another way you can do it that’s not gonna hurt people. So, the way she did it was kind of gnarly. It was much more like Doris. And so, as far as he’s concerned, he’s going to do what he’s going to do. He certainly doesn’t feel obliged to make sure he’s got a blessing from her.

That being said, it does offer some closure for him. It’s now been finished the right way. I just think if she came back and went, “I’m available”… first of all, he really likes Lynn. She’s a great girl. And I don’t think he would just ditch her. That would be the wrong thing to do.

And if he just jumped back into a relationship with Catherine, I think he’s an idiot. You have no self-respect? There’s no sense of self-protection or self-preservation?

If that happens, I’ll play it the way it needs to be played, but it would seem like doing something like that would be a cry for help. He’s an idiot if he does. That would have to be a means to an end for a storyline.


TVGuide.com: Will the serial killer storyline from earlier this season come back into play? We know Madison Gray is still out there.

Alex: I don’t know. In true Five-0 style, we’ve just left a gigantic storyline on the shelf, which may or may not be picked up later. But there’s a serial killer on the loose. I can’t give away too much, but there’s other things that they just sort of leave hanging there. I’m like, “Jesus, and then we all just go for drinks at the Hilton afterwards?” But yeah, I don’t know.

Wasn’t Claire Forlani great?

TVGuide.com: Yes, that was my next question — will we get to see any more of Alicia Brown this season?

Alex: I hope so. She’s the best. We had a blast. We just laughed the whole time.


My Thoughts:

  • As with the other interviews done with TV Guide and others, I really do not feel it was good that they posted it before the broadcast of the actual episode. As usual too much of what was going to happen was reveal beforehand. Lucky for myself being offline at the time, I only saw glimpses of it.
  • Oh Alex, how I love you for saying this!! >>>> In true Five-0 style, we’ve just left a gigantic storyline on the shelf, which may or may not be picked up later. It is certainly also frustrating for the actors when there are no continuation in their stories. In my opinion the one BIG, BIG, BIG flaw in the writing, and a hindrance in the show achieving real greatness, better recognition and growth in viewers over the years, is exactly that. The story arcs that they so regularly speak of, are all just a lot of smoke and mirrors about nothing concrete. Like supposedly they were going to tell us more about Doris and her story during this 150th episode – REALLY, if there was anything new revealed, I must have missed it?
  • And it is great to see Alex once again getting along so well with a guest actor – Claire Forlani. But Alex having a great time with Claire, does not spell love affair for the 2 characters. Most probably just the opposite – although they do make a cute couple…..

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28 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin : Some more thoughts shared about #H50 Episode 7:07

  1. Karen Downton

    I personally felt it hit hard with the McRoll Storyline, after watching them since season 1 and then things began to change in season 4 I just don’t understand.

    Between the chicago album Steve gave Cath in season 4 when she left the navy I did get the feeling that Steve was rushing to Marry catherine in season 6 out of fear of losing her again.

    I really at the moment can’t see him with Lyn, I’m sorry I just can’t. Though yes I do agree that Catherine and his mother shouldn’t just come and go all the time either.


    • shooster

      I don’t reckon they are done. Y’all missed that hand on the airplane door as she left? Or what Lenkov said? They may end up just best buddies and best buddies forgive each other everything. Blame the writers – pretty stupid to write so out of character for Cath to disappear without giving him the reason at that point and not a serious chat on it, especially as they wrote that scene between Cath and Danno just before she left.. It was as if writers changed mid plot and were not told anything about their relationship. Who knows, you could see Cath as Steve’s ‘Best Wo-man’ when he marries someone else in some later episode!


      • Dq

        AOL said that if McGarrett took Catherine back it would make him out to be an idiot, a suicide mission. He says that Steve likes Lynn, she is “a cute girl, she’s funny, he likes her a lot and she’s good in bed”! (Can’t believe that was not picked up by the McRoll fans) It’s like ignoring the 600 lb gorilla in the room. If I was the type of person to read between the lines, I would say it was a direct shot at PL and his weird obssesion with MB. It has gone way beyond trying to stir up controversy. It has become creepy.


        • Do not really understand your comment about “not being picked up by the McRoll fans” .And that, that comment was a direct shot at Peter?
          (Steve and Cath were so great in bed and they could not get enough of each other. They enjpyed each other so muc that they usually forgot to eat if, I remember correctly.
          Alex responded very honestly to the developement of these characters. He sees Lynn as great in bed – obviously she must be doing okay in that department, othewise Steve is a fool to be still dating her (the characters have been seeing each other for a year now).
          I think most people are trying to read far too much between the lines.
          And I do not think that Peter is obsessed with Michelle. He is just using the character, because he knows that including her produces the most buzz of any other character on the show.
          Those who hate Cath (and Michelle), and loudly react to her being included, as well as thos who love her, normally sets social media alight. Any producer would be a fool not to use that type of buzz and promotion ……


          • Dq

            I was surprised that the McRoll fan club was not more upset with Steve and Lynn being together at all. Catherine and Steve never ate because he was too cheap to take her anywhere. I can only remember two occasions that they went anywhere. The Governors Ball (fund raiser, free ride) and some drive through for Polynesian take out. Lynn has only been in 3 episodes and they went on a fun adventure date, a Valentines dinner at a swanky exclusive restaurant and he slaved over a hot stove preparing a romantic dinner for her, only to have their night of romance interrupted by the mini me of his mom. I still think that the man is obsessed. Even if Catherine returns and Steve takes her back, what good would he be to her. In addition to being an idiot, he would be a neutered, testicle free half man. A mere shadow of his Navy Seal self. Do we really want that for our guy?


  2. First of all, thank you for some of the best art-works you have ever done. The first one, the best in my eyes. Absolutely stunning. Thank you.

    It is a pity that they wrote Catherine the way they did, because in light of that, her departure in 6.03 really was disgraceful. She should have told him the truth. Not where she was going, but that she was going on a mission. Not doing that was just wrong, and even I, a total lover of Steve/Cath, can’t come with a good excuse and forgiveness for that.
    And at this point in their relationship Steve would be an idiot to take her back. BUT that does not mean he can’t at a later date. As Alex said, he doesn’t know what they are going to do with this story line. They might come up with a good excuse. (Sorry, just made myself laugh at that.)
    Anyway, I loved all the interviews, but also felt they were very ill timed.

    And no, you didn’t miss anything in the episode, there simply wasn’t anything new revealed. But, hey, what else is new. PL always promises the big and epic, but rarely, if ever delivers on that.

    And thanks again for the pictures, the interview and your thoughts. Greatly appreciated. It’s always nice to read some sane people’s thoughts. 🙂


    • Thanks Sam,
      I agree, Paula’s artwork is stunning. Thank you for letting her know.
      I should have actually expressed my thought better. My thoughts were also that now that the truth is out and the two of them know where they stand, they are free to move forward and make better choices. And maybe end up together again somewhere along the line.
      For me the interviews were great as well. We haven’t heard from Alex for a long time. And him letting everybody know that he is hurting, is so wonderful and refreshing in contrast with the bad times in Season 2, when everybody was denying that he is not okay.
      And also good to know that this time around he’s got the support of his wife and kids. As I said in the post on Sunday – I just hope that this time he will get the support from the EP and the Network to make a recovery without having to hit rock bottom again.

      My sanity however remains debatable. 😆


      • gracenotpark

        You expressed your thoughts just fine…perfectly in fact. 😉 And in doing so, btw, you expressed mine too. And I think the majority of the fandom’s.

        Alex’s own exasperation at the constant build up to some promised exciting climax, just to have the story abruptly be dropped, makes me love him even more. He’s with us, my friends. Our brilliant handsome decent-human-being actor is all in with us.

        And may the higher celestial powers cure his ills. Get well, soon, Alex. ❤


  3. shooster

    Re the interviews… if I may suggest to all total fans of Alex… as I know you all are here… that this site can do two things i reckon to help there. First, I’m only guessing, but anyone who has incurred an injury or illness they can’t shake will know how it can get you down, especially if your life circumstances at the time don’t allow for real time for recovery. By the SOTB, either a previous season’s injury was back or a new one incurred, and since then, as ‘the show must go on’ he may have been and is still down about possibly having this injury for life and maybe on painkillers for months again. So he maybe said what he said in that personal context, and Peter said what he said as a result..

    If people care about the show, and Alex, I suggest no comments about either interview. Let the team of the show with 6 years working together ‘Ohana’ behind them talk it out and fix anything that needs to be fixed between them, and fans ask for no further public explanation.

    The other thing that Alex fans can do is not make demands of the show to have Steve being at the centre of high octane action for a good few episodes. Hard for some fans to do I know, but if, as someone here suggested, that they could write his back injury into it, so he could be more of a Director of Operations and have other side plots in his personal life going on instead, with support for that from fans indicated to Lenkov… it could lead interesting new acting opportunities for him within the show.

    I definitely agree with you about the plots. I began watching this show somewhere near the end of season 1 and could make no sense of it, or Wo Fat. But I was fascinated. I still don’t get Wo Fat. Doris knew he’s was gonna kill her son and she didn’t kill him! Ha Ha! Steve and her never even mention that? Why did WoFat want to kill him anyway? The writers build up good personal stories, relationships, then it’s as if they they all get dementia and forget what they wrote and just drop plots. Where did all the girlfriends disappear to? No explanation for any of them disappearing. How many girlfriends has Danny had who disappeared? Why the hell would Doris want to rescue Wo Fat’ s father? Next thing we’ll have him ordering a hit on Steve for killing his son!

    H50 has been an interesting fun remake, great storylines, main characters and guest ones, but sometimes I feel that while it started out being ‘more than a procedural’, some ridiculous twists in their personal life storylines, and repeat happenings – I mean how many times can Adam be kidnapped? That’s sure become boring – has detracted from it’s strength. But it is getting it’s highest ratings among younger viewers this season so I’m sure the producers are trying to pinpoint why that is and keep giving the younger viewers more of it..

    Well, it’ll be interesting to say the least to see how series 7 plays out, and where season 8 – if there is one – might go. Long ago when trying to guess how they’d end it all, I saw Steve decide he’d done this police business long enough, had all the answers to his family stuff and with no longer anything to hold him in Hawaii the rest of his life, get itchy feet for the SEAL life again and head off back to that.. where we could speculate forever whether some mission brought him and Cath working together again….. and more. Ye that’s how I’d end H50.


  4. Kimphin1

    Those are absolutely stunning creations! Bravo!


    • Thank you for mentioning Paula’s stunning art work. I wanted to tell her how gorgeous they were in the post, but I thought she gets tired of me telling her how beautiful her creations are. And she does not believe me anymore. 😀
      So I really appreciate it when others tell her how great they are.


  5. vanduyn

    Couldn’t agree with you more FO Yeur! I think your take on it is spot on. I think the thing that stuck with me the most in 7.07 was him realizing he’s been used by both these women (Cath & Doris) for their own gain. When he’s sitting in the plane looking so sad and perhaps lost, just broke my heart. I also absolutely love the artwork. Paula’s really outdone herself with these. Saved them all. Thanks again ladies for all you do♥


  6. Mary

    This is such old news and you’re dragging it through the mud again. If you were actually around at the time these were being reported- these interviews sharing his opinion about closure did not appear until after the show was aired. He obviously answered the questions earlier but they were not published until after the East coast showing. Sorry you were unavailable but stop rehashing stuff that caused the fandom issues. It splits the fandom and it not good for it.

    Time to move on from old interviews and post only new stuff.


    • Dear Mary
      You obviously do not know how this site works
      Most of the time we post thing from many years go. This is not a NEWS column – it is a site celebrating Alex and his work from all over the years …
      Please don’t try to tell me what to do on my own site.
      If you do not want to read it – MOVE ON …… 😀


      • shooster

        I love that about your site, the fact that you do post a lot of back material as well as the current stuff. You have built up such an amazing archive on AOL, and it’s great that are regular posts from it. Definite congratulations on the work, and Paula’s for her artwork. Love seeing where you both will ‘hide’ the AOLIS in each photo! This has got to be AOL’s ‘go to’ site for info on himself if he needs it!


    • The interviews were posted before the episode aired. At least one or two days prior. Get your facts straight.
      They were all over the place long before 7.07.


      • gracenotpark

        Indeed. And this stuff is still being discussed on Twitter. This is not old news…not that we only do news here. It’s pretty much a full-service Alex mecca. That’s why we love it so.

        And our two girls here work hard bringing us all Alex, all the time. God bless em! ❤


  7. joyfuljaj

    Thank you for posting this perspective. It looks like you found more complete interviews than any of the ones I read. This is the only one in which i see Alex acknowledge that he doesn’t know what will happen with the characters. I don’t exactly think he was playing that final scene as if Steve would never take Catherine back, but maybe that is my McRoll speaking. He is a guy who has probably said goodbye to some women before, so i’m sure he knows more about ending relationships than I do.
    I would really love to see a change up for Steve work wise in order to give AOL a break. So many fans say they would not watch without BAMF Steve, yet there are so many other parts of his character to portray and explore. Alex would do wonderful with non action drama. We might need better writers to come up with a decent storyline though.


    • lindae5o

      Steve does not need to be Mr. Action-man all the time. Alex emotes so well with that beautiful face that he could even just read the phone book, and I’d be happy !! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t count on the HF-O powers-that-be, to ‘get’ that.


    • There were so many articles posted lately and together they all make a better and more complete picture than just one on its own.
      And yes Steve would have been and idiot to take Cath back now. She did not really asked for that at this time either. But the air is cleared now for both of them to move forward – either to find somebody else or to one day move back towards each other.


    • I haven’t heard anyone say they wouldn’t watch if BAMFSteve would toned down some. What I do believe is that people wouldn’t watch without Steve. And I am one of those people. The show has an interesting cast, but none of them can carry the show. And frankly, without Alex I would not watch week after week.
      This is the McGarrett show, and I think anyone thinking the show would be a success without Alex as McG has lost his touch with reality.
      I’m sure every Alex fan would gladly accept if McG needed to take it easy for a while. Clever writing, some great character stuff goes a long way. And Alex would be fantastic showing us that side of Steve.


  8. joyfuljaj

    And, oh, I agree with those who think it was stupid for Catherine to not tell Steve the truth last season. With both of their backgrounds in classified work, there should have been some way for one to let the other know what was going on. As well, Catherine already knew how much “secrecy for his own protection” bothered Steve. I think it was very out of character for her.


  9. Ally

    I’m glad I recently discovered this board. I enjoy coming on this board because although we all have different opinions you all seem to be very respectful of each other. I want to say thank all of you and especially FOYeur and Paula.

    I thought one of the posts was interesting because I think I’ve only seen one other post on another board where they noticed the relationship change in season 4. It was as if suddenly the spark died. I assumed the writers were playing it that way and that Steve and Catherine would work through their problems and reconnect. By the time she left I was almost glad to see her go. I was never a fan because I thought he used her and she deserved better. I also thought she was such a strong woman she didn’t need him (I suppose that’s the route the storyline is currently taking). However, Catherine came back and deceived him into thinking she was staying indefinitely. She has now confirmed as I suspected in episode 6.03 that she was recruited in Afghanistan. I wish she would have just called him and told him that reaching out to contacts while looking for that boy got her recognized by our government and she was offered an assignment that would require a lot of traveling. She felt honored for the offer and was grateful for the assistance they offered so wanted to accept the “assignment”. If Steve chose to move on with his life she would understand. It would have been honest and he probably would have understood her need to take the assignment (notice I didn’t say job or recruited by the CIA, Steve’s a smart boy and would’ve figured it out). The writers turned Catherine the woman who understood him into a liar and deceiver. She played and abandoned him. Steve doesn’t like to be lied to, deceived or played as he calls it, and he has abandonment issues. This last episode I was so disappointed in Catherine and the writers. They ruined her. I don’t know what happened. I assume PL has a vision, but I don’t understand what it could be for a remake that will not fully delve into the emotions of the characters. It seems like it’s all about being a cool cop action show. I also assume that when you have more than a few writers on your team they don’t bother to explore what was previously written about the other characters and that could be the problem.

    I laughed at Alex’s idiot remark only because after the episode aired and before I read the article I thought Steve would really be an idiot to get back together with her. If that happened I would think my goodness, he needs more therapy than I initially thought. He worded the same things I was thinking, as well as the in the end it will be however the writers want it to be and he’ll just have to play it that way whether I like it or not. I agree it’s not true to the character that has been written. They’ve written him as Superman who’s so tough he keeps his emotions in check (except episode 100 at the end, Excellent performance), but is resilient and overcomes all obstacles. He’s too tough to be suckered after being deceived so many times. This is once again the problem with the writing.

    At this point for the rest of the show I think it should focus on the police drama and Steve should explore dating again. We don’t always have to see his dates or know who they are. My perfect ending would be someone on the team discovering this new laid back café or bistro on the island. We find out it is owned by either a former military brat or woman who served in Afghanistan. Maybe both, but the longest place her family ever stayed was in Hawaii and it always felt like home to her. She came back to start her own business. They stop by occasionally. Steve and the lady have an easy rapport, she understands him, they have common interests, and occasionally almost say the same things or finish each other’s sentences. By the way this is in the 2-hour series finale. There’s a spark. You can tell they’ve clicked and Steve realizes this might be the person he grows old with. It ends with that because Alex’s can say more with an expression than with several sentences. Although I’m reaching I wouldn’t mind it being a local actress (more availability) or since it’s a small role maybe even the real Mrs. O’Loughlin


    • Thanks Ally
      A great take on it all.
      According to what Steve told aundt Deb, Cath actually did tell that she found her calling and that he should move on. If I understand correctly Peter thought Season 5 might be the lastt and that is why he brought Cath back, and then he had to rethink it all, because it was not the end.
      With it he did write some out of charcter stuff and also made this big sent off, just to bring the CIA angle back again right at the end.
      As I told somebody else here, I think Peter uses the character of Cath to creat a buzz among the fans. (Both with all the haters and lovers of Cath and also Michelle Borth) And he therefor just kind of misuse her (Cath) and just write what he needs for the story and for the buzz to continue. Peter would be a fool to kill of a character that creates so much ‘free’ publicity for the show.

      I just would not suggest the real Mrs O for a character, especially a love interest for Steve, in the show. If you think Michelle got a lot of hate, you can be sure that the criticism and abuse against her will be 10 times more.


      • Ally

        Oh my goodness no, FOYeur. That would be awful and I’d actually be mad. I might even make me one of those rude posters. I know how ugly the fan divisions can get. It doesn’t help when PL posts a tweet with McLynn vs McRoll. I get that it garners attention, but people can be really ugly. I would like the ending more along the lines of the final episode of the series. Where they just show a brief connection between him and the person. Kind of like when you spot that person across the room and there’s just something about them that you know you’ll be with them for ever or maybe they say something clever that gets your undivided attention. I think that would somewhat appease most fans. Atlhough she’s not Catherine since we won’t know how the story ends since it’s the final five or ten minutes the McRoll fans can have their fantasy that maybe it didn’t work out. The fans that don’t want him with anybody won’t find the meeting significant. The fans like me that want him to find someone nurturing whose shoulder he’s comfortable enough with to rest his head on and show his vulnerability to can fantasize that he’s finally found his home.


  10. kathysr

    I love your ending!! Bravo! Happiness for Steve, at long last!


  11. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Cat doesn’t deserve him


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