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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – two weeks in review (30 Oct – 13 Nov 2016)

One of the reasons why I so adamantly posted on our Facebook page this week that we are NOT Alex, is that I never want people to think that we speak for, or on behalf of Alex in any capacity.

It really bugs me when people make others think that they are some sort of mouthpiece for a person. And it is disturbing to know that some people are so gullible and will easily believe anything they read. And also that people struggle to read properly or are unable to assess things correctly.

Slowly getting back on track with what is happening around Alex, and it seems that I did not miss much in regards to new pictures and news during the time that I was gone. Well that is apart from the few interesting articles that were posted during the past two weeks.

Life on the Set:

official_jacob_miller  I can finally share my awesome experience in Hawaii!! Filming the 150th episode of Hawaii 5.0, playing young McGarrett. #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett official_jacob_miller#youngmcgarrett #15yomcgarrett #hawaii50 #150episode #cbstv


clint.jung  Hawaii 5-0 fun. #grateful



fabiennejacomet   #hawaiifive0 x_jasi_x#stevemcgarret



  • Thank you to Sadie from  Alex O’Loughlin Life for finding these new old pictures below

 Matt Reid — at Royal-Moana Beach (17 December 2015) · Honolulu, HI, United States ·Bumped into the cast off Hawaii 50 again ! Really nice folk .. Jack got some pics and autographs

Alex the main guy was brill wi jack really cool guy liked the Scottish thing and the fact we had travelled so far and have done it many times he was impressed ! 😎😎


Lisa DeCora (9 October 2015)  — at Kalakaua Avenue Watching Hawaii 5-0 filming for Marie Strickland Tolive

Toshiji Kishimura (28 April) · Honolulu, HI, United States  I’m Toshi. 2 months ago, I went to the shooting of Waikiki. And I met with Alex.

Thank you for inviting me!


Fan Photos:

Leslie Ann Sadorra (3 November ) View on Instagram Got to take a pic with my favorite actor from #hawaiifive0 @hawaiifive0cbs  — at Honolulu International Airport.
  baileysalohashirts   Hawaii Five-0 Alex O’Loughlin vintage aloha shirt
My guess is that this was taken in early 2012. Maybe when they went looking for James Caan’s shirt to wear for Episode 2:18
  •  And thank you Sadie from Alex O’Loughlin Life for the following new old pictures.

Darrell Izumi (15 July 2012) near Honolulu, HI, United States Brothers from Hawaii 5-0 — with Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin.
From Noelle posted 27 October 2010

Have you met my friend Steve Mcgarrett? #h5oThrilled to meet him! I was so excited, I just ran up to him and said, “Hi, I’m Noelle!” I looked especially crazed with two sty eyes.


I also may or may not have mentioned to him that my aunt was “carjack lady” in the pilot… (see second picture).


Yeah.(Also: Can you see the resemblance?)


Robin Orzo @Fallenangel2904

My first twitpic ever! Me and Alex O Loughlin! =D



Something Pretty from other fans:



Some Laughs for the week:

  •  I had a few good laughs this week, but this article from GameNGuide, made top of the list

The words of a fangirl:

All give some and some give all… Mahalo #AlexOLoughlin for giving it ALL! WE will always appreciate that! #H50


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • perfect male nose


Next Week:

  • I lost track of the things that are happening on set. Not sure, but would guess that they are most probably busy filming 7:13 or 7:14. Either way, they are at the halfway mark for season 7


Wishing all of you a great week ahead!



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