#H50 7.08 – #SteveMcGarrett lite

Not a great episode for an Alex fan. I will not say more, cause it would be nasty. Very little material for gifs, but made some. Enjoy 🙂














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23 responses to “#H50 7.08 – #SteveMcGarrett lite

  1. Leah

    Thank you, Paula, for the gifs! Yes, even though there wasn’t much of Alex in this epi, I did enjoy seeing his more comical side – which you captured so well! 😀


  2. Rita

    I didn’t mind Alex not being in this episode all the time. Possibly he was being rested what with his back. He may have started his treatment. Did love his comical side


  3. I think it was okay. It’s good to have another “character” featured and I like that Danny was able to show that he can actually take care of himself (for the most part) w/o the aide of Steve. He did what he needed to in order to protect Grace, Will and the others.

    I did think it was a nice change to see a “humorous” side of Steve after everything he has been through. I see it as a nice “break” between all the intense episodes we have had. I also feel like Steve was learning to relax and have fun. Maybe he is learning to enjoy life a little bit.

    I also liked the fact that the first person Steve went to was Grace. He held on tight and I was glad to see that Danny wasn’t upset to see Steve for a change LOL.

    Thanks for the items Paula…I can understand your frustration but look at it in a positive light he was still there, still able to kick some butt and we got to see a different side of him.


  4. Nice gifs thank you, I love the ones of Steve laughing and being naughty 🙂
    As other ladies said I don’t mind some Steve-light episodes as they allow Alex to rest a little and take care of his health problems.
    I always miss him but I understand why he needs them.


    • gracenotpark

      I’m half and half. I DO mind McG-lite eps, cos he’s the only reason I watch what I consider to be a mediocre program. And him being missing makes the show even more mediocre, less interesting for me. As was last nite’s ep. BUT, as you said, it gives Alex a break, so I’ll yawn and bear it. 😉

      The pics from this ep are awesome, Paula! I think that blue shirt is unanimously adored. That man is just sooooo fiiiiiiine! 😆


  5. Loved seeing Steve relax shows he has a sense of humour,and Danny can be on his own sometimes,nice to have a light show and not all action makes it more ohana ,really loved when Grace ran to Steve for a hug and Danny watches knowing that Steve would always be there for her,All in all l loved the episode


  6. vanduyn

    Thanks so much for the awesome gifs!! You rock!! 😀


  7. Love Steve being funny and that attributes to Alex! Love the GIF’s.


  8. SanDee

    What concerned me last night was the dust-up on Twitter during the episode between Peter Lenkov and fans. Peter did a TV Guide interview where he said he’d consider going on with the show even after Season 8 and even if Alex leaves. Then, when asked why he thought Alex went on the record as saying he was leaving after Season 8, Lenkov replied “Positioning himself for a better deal?” Meaning money is the motive, not health. People just went ballistic and Lenkov blocked a bunch of them. I am really getting worried that all is not well in paradise!


    • DoubleL

      Meh…I don’t read too much into these interviews from either of them. They’re both testing the waters of CBS and probably hoping they will get a definitive end date for the show (whether that’s 8 seasons or more). I saw the same thing happen with another show several years ago.


    • kathysr

      I’m feeling that there’s bad blood between Peter and Alex. I read five or six interviews with Alex for Episode 150, and they grow more negative towards the writers and producers. Alex does not sound happy. And Peter did an interview for 150 that sounded negative towards Alex. I missed the part where he said he’d go on without Alex! Peter isn’t giving Alex any compassion for his injuries, and yes, the above comment does sound like Peter thinks Alex is pulling all this for more money. What a jerk!

      Alex could be feeling betrayed by the fact that 90% of Peter’s love, energy and hard work are now devoted to McGuyver. That could make Alex feel bitter and abandoned. It’s very tricky. I’m feeling a lot of negative vibes from Alex, which is not normal for him. He’s a team player, loyal and supportive of his shows. I wonder if his SERIOUS disagreement with Peter over the possibility of a continuing Catherine storyline is really pissing him off. He may just want to walk away from the whole thing. He’s injuring his body and Peter could care less. It all feels really weird to me.


  9. Magnólia

    Agradeço, Paula! Giras e engraçadas!🎻🎵

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  10. LOL I love that second gif. Steve with his tongue out is already tasting those sandwiches before he even reaches the box. 😛 That drink is as good as gone if Steve has anything to do with saving it for Lou . Like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house LOL 😀

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  11. kathysr

    Here’s Peter Lenkov’s article in TV Guide. It just appeared yesterday. I think Peter’s smoking crack to think that Hawaii Five-O could continue to be a hit without Steve McGarrett! He’s the driving force of the show. All other characters revolve around him. Scott is most likely gone after this year, so you’re one favorite character down in Season 8. I’ve read that Grace Park doesn’t like Hawaii either, so I wonder if she’ll sign beyond Season 8. You’re gonna lose three fourths of your original cast, Peter! I guess we could turn it into Hawaii Five-O starring Grover. I love him. Not sure he can carry the show, however.



  12. Sue

    I don’t expect Scott to be around, as he hates Hawaii, and has said so many times. I think Peter is into his new creation. His twitter account is full of McGuyver, and hardly mentions Hawaii Five-0. I think Peter has gotten very full of himself. Such a shame that he can’t even comment on Alex’s health. Alex may have said, what he did, to see if he gets a reaction from Peter. Hawaii Five-0 without McGarrett? I don’t think so!!!!!!


  13. Annie

    Thanks Kathysr for the link to the TV Guide article with Lenkov. I personally think there can not be a Hawaii Five-O without a character named McGarrett. Hopefully, even though I have nothing against Michelle as some people do, I don’t want to see Catherine in Steve’s life again. I see her as a human boomerang for heaven’s sake. When I first saw TV commercials during the summer for McGuyver and P. Lenkov was being interviewed about his new reboot, all I could think was I hope all his energy is not going into his new project. My wish is that Alex gets his health back to where it was before H50 (even though he is 6 yrs.older) and we see him as McGarrett for a long time.


    • kathysr

      99% of everything Peter does now is McGuyver. All of his Twitter all of his Instagram are devoted to McGuyver. On his Instagram, Peter’s been posting the weekly numbers for the two shows. The November 11 Hawaii Five-O got 9.68 million viewers (amazing!) and McGuyver, Peter’s new baby, got like 7.7 million viewers, two million fewer viewers!!!! The show did get a full year pick-up based on the numbers in the first two weeks, which were millions higher than what it’s getting now. McGuyver may NOT get a second year, if those numbers go down much lower. It started out at like 11 million, and it’s lost 4 million viewers. That’s not good.


      • kathysr

        Sorry, Peter’s been posting the weekly viewership numbers on his Twitter account. I think he goes back and forth between both. This has all gone to his head. It’s too bad. I think Alex and Peter used to have a great relationship. Alex needs people to be in his corner and have his back. I think he feels very abandoned by Peter. It must be a lonely place.


  14. Ally

    I did notice that in some of the close up pics for this episode he looks tired. It’s only November and this is only the 8th episode. I don’t know him so I can only speculate and may be wrong. Alex just hit a milestone age and it does make you think about a lot of things. He has been very open and honest in his recent interviews if they haven’t been taken out of context. As I said in another post and I know some of you know firsthand when your back is hurting it affects your whole body. I’m also assuming that if he is trying every other alternative to pain medication, he must be miserable. I feel badly for him and am happy to accept some of the lighter episodes for his sake. I really wish they would have started the season off with Steve staying behind at the office or being in front of that computerized table. It would have given him a little break and could have been explained by him just getting out of the hospital and not being given medical clearance to be out in the field. I love being able to see Alex acting on a weekly basis, but would rather see him healthy, happy, and well. I would hope that PL as well as the rest of the powers that be would at least show some kind of concern for his health since he’s managed to make the scripts of this remake interesting by giving his all to a character that not fully allow to showcase Alex’s talent.


    • H50fannie

      It looks like Peter only care is for the $$$. In his interview it seems or looks like that if Alex goes the show can carry on and he wont mind if Alex wont be cause it was his decisión to go, according to Peter. I wonder if those 2 are having some workplace differences that now everyhing is out inthe public byt Alex recent interviews and now Peter interview and his ide of the story.


  15. I loved the episode, I like these kind of stories better then the crimes of the week.
    As far as Lenkov’s comments, I will not watch H50 without Alex, he is the show, he is McGarrett, there is no 50 w/out McGarrett.
    I was impressed when Alex finally came out and made a comment about lost storylines and not being happy about it, the same thing many of us on this very blog have been complaining about for years.
    I specifically chose not to watch MacGyver for that very reason. If story continuity is not a priority on H50 why would it be on Macgyver?
    I think this season has been pretty terrific so far and the ratings have reflected that. Too bad they didn’t do this sooner.
    I do have a soft spot for Catherine and Steve but that ship sailed along time ago, she should have just been killed off. Lenkov says there is still more story to tell there, why? To what end? I thought the 150 episode gave very good closure on it, just leave it alone already and let Steve move on and be happy with Lynn or whoever.


    • Nona

      I totally agree with your view on Steve/Catherine. Why Peter can let that go? Why she will return on what purpose other tan to help for work reasons but even if it is for work reasons I dont see a motive for even bringing her back, for what? To see if if she been back in the show again at some extent could rekindle her doomed relationship with Steve? That be pretty stupid and lame. But it seems Peter is kin of in love or infatuated with Michelle Borth that he cant let her go at all.

      Even Alex himself think like the fans and believe Steve/Catherine relationship is a done deal and over., why bring her back again???

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  16. Nona

    Hello. Ladt nite episode was super lite for sure n ot action at all. It was just meh for me. It has their good things like the comedic side of Steve, how Danny could protect all the kids, the last scnee in theh car between Lou and Danny.

    I also hope regarding Peter interview, that Alex and Peter are not in a bad relationship at this moment cause it could cost Alex job and wanted to step down of his role and leave the show.

    Indeed Pater now almost all his energy is with Mcgyver and H50 maybe had been relegated to 2nd of importance since it is a show that is already in his 7th year is not anymore Peter{s baby, like when H50 aired in 2010.


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