#H50 7.07 – #SteveMcGarrett a gentleman and a ninja

I liked this episode, and would have loved it if there hadn´t been so many promos showing the story line and taking away the excitement. But even so, it was better than I thought 🙂 It was nice to see Steve and Doris talking about their past and I felt Steve forgave his mom. At least that´s how I saw it.

I did get emotional with another goodbye to Cath, did Steve get closure though…PL surely will play that McRoll card again at some point. But I love to see Steve romancing the ladies, no matter who they are. Just give the ladies a chance to take him to bed too. That would be lovely to gif 😀

This episode had plenty of McTreats, took ages to make these gifs. And I am sure I missed a bunch on lovely moments. Hope your computers can take the load. Enjoy!

Chef McGarrett, of course he is super good in the kitchen too 😉


Showing off that masculine chest hair


Yes, that ass is perky enough.


Dat Face!


Alex at the door? 🙂



What a date…


What a cute eyeroll


Back in action. McMinion


And ninja McG! (I loved his pants)

Soon. In his neighbourhood. Doris!


Once again…



Sad farewells…



Dear Diary – the end



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28 responses to “#H50 7.07 – #SteveMcGarrett a gentleman and a ninja

  1. Magnólia

    Lindo! Obrigada, Paula!🎻🌷

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  2. gracenotpark

    Man! Those are gorgeous gifs of our man! He was perfect in this. ❤

    I was only so-so on the ep, and I gotta admit his injuries still weigh heavy on my mind in any "athletic" scene. 😦

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  3. Like you I liked the ep more than what I expected. Loved the scenes between Doris and Steve, the funny ones and the emotional ones.
    I just hope that Steve will have some emotional peace for a little while at least, he has had enough heart break up to now. No doubt we’ll see Catherine back again, Peter Lenkov can’t let her go so I hope he’ll write something in future that doesn’t contradict all that we have seen in S6 and S7 and that will make sense if there is a reunion. That’s definitely not what Alex would want from what we read in the most recent interviews but Peter is Boss and at the end of day his vision will be the one that we’ll see.
    I’ll just continue to enjoy the Steve McGarrett story and all the parts of the show that I love.


  4. Ocean

    I really liked this ep. I’m not a Lynn fan but I like how fun their conversation was. I do think the door is left open for Cath to come back. When she said “see you around sailor” and that she would have said yes to his proposal, I lost it. And then, when she told Steve that Lynn seemed like a nice girl, you could see Steve literally swallowing his emotion back. He’s still got it bad for her.
    I felt like Doris really didn’t clarify a lot of things, but what we did see happen is that Steve forgave her. That’s huge. Love the scene of him reading the journal.
    What I missed — Cath and Kono. They were as close as sisters once. There should have been some interaction. I would have liked for Kono to let Catherine know how bad she hurt Steve. And at the end, when the plane is taking off, couldn’t one or more of the team have put a caring hand on Steve’s arm as he’s watching the two women he loves fly off again?
    Thank you for the lovely gifs! I see his bullet wound has moved again, LOL. Those EMTs in 6.25 didn’t know where the heck to put the bandages, haha. First it was lower left abdomen, then lower left AND right abdomen. Now we see it’s lateral mid chest. Oh well, I’m glad we still get to see his gorgeous chest!


    • joyfuljaj

      I agree that the Doris storyline was not clarified, but i did like Mcg’s scenes with his mother.
      The bullet wound was shown as a scar in the lower left of his abdomen. The midline incision was for the transplant. i don’t know if it is supposed to curve at all but it starts at the sternum. I’m just glad they have some sort of scar!
      i also thought his sideways glance in the mirror was cute. What was he checking out? that blue shirt was extra amazing.
      I am slightly uncomfortable with the eye roll. It was almost like AOL stuck that in there as annoyance with the storyline. I would like to think he wouldn’t do that but….
      Yes, at the end he needed some team support, but goodness that “ninja” outfit… hmm


  5. I really liked this episode too. I skipped most of the spoilers so that was good and I was able to enjoy the emotion. I think season 7 is already on track to be better than season 6 and 150 was very pivotal so we’ll see where the story goes from here.

    Thanks as always for the pretties.


  6. Vixhen

    This episode was just okay for me. I just can’t get over the fact that these writers just can’t do romance. I heard Lynn refer to Steve as her boyfriend. So where was she when he got shot and needed lifesaving surgery??? Where the heck has she been since the last time we saw her, PL? Yes, Steve forgave Doris, but she’s still off in the wind. And why bring Cath back only to break McG’s heart all over again? However, I can forgive those issues because of the opening sequence. Ahh…Steven in the kitchen…such a sight to behold. Oh and the that blue shirt…love him in blue! And last but not least, that slow-mo shot of him walking away from the plane. I was in heaven!


  7. Karen

    I enjoyed the episode and thought it was done really well. Thank you for these lovely GIFS of the show.


  8. Ally

    The GIFS are great! I enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would. I thought I loved seeing Steve in blue, but the fitted black he wore during the rescue was even better. I always enjoy the comments all of you post. I loved chef Steve. I must be some kind of weird one for loving the scene where he was squeezing lemon juice into that dish with his big strong masculine hands. All week I’ve been feeling so bad for the actor thinking about how much pain he must be in. When your back is hurting it affects every other part of your body, but looking at these pics all I could think about is how fine this man is. I was a little bothered when he asked Catherine about being recruited in Afghanistan and his look of anger when confirmed. It bothers me assuming that when she called him almost a year earlier and told him she had found her place in life teaching and that he should move on with his life she must have just been recruited. I don’t like the fact that she would show up almost a year later knowing she was recruited and could be called upon at anytime for an assignment. That wasn’t fair to Steve. I’ve always defended her actions, because I felt Steve never defined the relationship and dragged his feet so she was free to come and go as she pleased. I suppose there was some truth in what she said when she told him she needed more in her life and maybe even if they would have married she would have still had that need for wanderlust. I hope that after this episode he will be able to find some peace and move on. As I’ve said on other posts it doesn’t have to be with the person he’s with now. Maybe he hasn’t met the person he will grow old with yet..


  9. Great pics as usual. I loved the episode and so far this season has far surpassed the last few years, overall. My head tells me Steve and Catherine will never be together but the chemistry when they are together, my heart just wants them to be together. I have no connection to Lynn, she is barley around, at least we got to know Catherine which is why there is such a connection for me, but, I said it before and I will say it again, she should have just been killed off instead of the way it has been handled. Steve will never get real closure because he will always wonder what could have been.
    PL just didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger, he always wants to appease everyone instead of writing what could have been a great series.
    I did feel Steve got closure with Doris and she can be done for all I care. Was I the only one thinking, really another box filled with mystery ala the Champs box? Luckily, it just turned out to be her diary.
    I so wanted Chin to get custody, i kept hoping when he came home she would be there.
    i saw all the former posts and it is so sad what Alex has endured filming this show. It seems season 8 will be the end, I just hope they actually write it well.
    And in another article I read online Alex alluded to all the dropped storylines, finally someone on that show breaks their silence on the bad writing throughout the years.
    Whatever happened to Dr Shaw? Did we ever get an explanation to her disappearance off the canvas, I really liked her.
    At least the writing this season has been good.


  10. Thanks Paula This was awesome!! Just THANKS!!!


  11. kathysr

    I love this episode, too I love Steve in the kitchen! Love him getting ready for the romantic evening with Lynn. Hot, sizzle Steve in that gorgeous blue dress shirt. I think he’s surveying his chest, not his ass. The liver transplant surgery scar looks wrong. I’d think that liver transplant surgery would leave a huge crescent scar running vertically down and then curving along the bottom of the the liver, over to the far right side of the chest. That incision wouldn’t take you anywhere near the liver. Poor Alex. From now on, every time he has a naked chest scene, he’s gonna have to sit in the make-up chair for hours to have the scar put on.

    The storyline is beautiful and emotional. Lynn and Steve are darling together at dinner. Then Catherine shows up. “Catherine Catherine?” Lynn asks. We know she knows that this is a huge moment for Steve. She’s wonderfully understanding and just asks Steve to be safe. Gotta go rescue Doris again, what mess has she gotten herself into this time?

    I love Steve and Doris. I forgot how much I miss them. Alex and Christine are pure gold as a mother and son combat team. They’re hilarious in the comedy scenes and heartbreaking in the emotional scenes, and the flashback scenes were very powerful. When have we ever seen a mother and son Ninja, black ops,CIA, Seal Team duo??? They are unique. Ah, Doris, you can’t live down the street from Steve. Remember when Danny was looking for a house and found one just down the street from Steve? Steve quickly crushed that idea. Steve needs his space. lol, the last thing he wants or needs is Doris dropping in all the time. I also love Steve finding the diary and beginning the journey to find out who his mother really is.

    Ah Catherine. Their scenes were emotionally very powerful. She did try at least to explain why she did what she did. I agree with everyone that she hurt Steve badly by abandoning him twice and never giving him honest reasons why. Steve is an amazingly forgiving human being, one of the things I love about the character. When he asked her what her answer would have been to his proposal, and she said, “It would have been yes,” heartache. Alex and Michelle played those scenes beautifully. I didn’t see closure for Steve. I saw yearning, love and sadness. Saying goodbye yet again.

    All in all a very beautiful episode.


  12. vanduyn

    Thanks so much for the gifs ladies!! You rock!!


  13. cwtshjan

    Some of the best gifs ever. Haven’t got S7 yet, can’t wait to see it from reading all your comments. Alex hurts without showing his pain, he’s looking incredible.


  14. Oh Boy, this is so great. Thank you for the best of the best. 🙂

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  15. I liked the episode much more than I thought I would. I don’t think we really got closure on The Doris and Cath storylines though. Doris and Yoa seemed to have more of a connection and history than what was explained IMO. The only thing we learned about Cath is that she was recruited in Afghanistan. The fact that she would’ve said yes to Steve’s proposal made me wonder if then she would have given up the CIA. I was never sure if Cath joined because her life needed a sense of purpose (at that point there was no committment from Steve) or that she was “forced” to because of special circumstances or a situation. I am a McRoll fan and I loved seeing them together. I will never agree or understand why their SL has been written this way. I believe they’re end game and that ending scene was so emotional and beautifully acted by Alex and Michelle. I think the whole vibe of their interaction just doesn’t jive with what Alex said in all those interviews. To me he portrayed Steve as still loving Cath but maybe my take is biased because I want them together. I think Alex is an awesome actor as well as human being and I was saddened to hear of his health problems. I’d love to see him on my TV for many years to come but understand his decision to leave. Hopefully we’ll have a S8 and just maybe we really will get closure. Thanks for the great gifs….please keep them coming!


  16. Regina Filange

    OMG I totally loved this episode, aside from all the previews we got from different scenes. As always shirtless Steve took my breath away. I loved the scene of him in the kitchen. Very sexy to see a man cooking. Especially one that knows what he’s doing.😏 I was glad to see the Doris and Catherine back. I feel that the scene with Lynn and Catherine was a little awkward but way to go Lynn on spilling the beans that Steve was going to propose. Lynn’s hair and dress made her look like a hooker. Totally trashy IMO. As for Steve and Catherine we’ll have to see how things get written. In the end I would love to see them together. I think that they still have chemistry together. They work well together. When she told Steve that she would have said yes to his proposal I was thinking I don’t want to know but I do. I of course was sobbing like a baby because I think she may not come back. Again we’ll have to see how that get written. Doris didn’t really give Steve any answers IMO but I’m glad that she told him about the lock box. When he crouched down to pick up the box you see him wince with what looks like pain. Don’t know if that is real pain(probably is) or pain from the ninja activities with Doris. Glad to see that the team helped out minus Danno. This was one episode that I really think he should have been in. Sorry to see that Chin’s niece had to leave but I don’t think that storyline is over either. I absolutely love the GIFS of Alex. He alway looks good in any color but I do particularly love him in blue and black. Very sexy. Oh and the last time we saw him do ninja black ops with his mom was either in season three or four can’t remember right off hand. When they were trying to get the microfiche back that had names of operatives from missions the Doris was on. It’s one of my favorite episodes.


  17. Oh wow, fantastic gifs! Fantastic episode too, but because of the awesome acting. It is amazing to see Alex switch from badass to emotion to fun. The storyline? Well I didn’t see any ‘closure’ – neither with Doris nor with Cath. I have no idea how tptb want to fix the McRoll story. By now I am with what Alex said in an interview. But well, we have to wait and see…

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  18. lindae5o

    I love all the photos and gifs. Thank you !! Alex was wonderful in this episode. I liked it well enough, even if, as a milestone episode, it didn’t have the emotional impact of the 100th. That episode was our Alex at his best !!!
    The fact that Catherine would have accepted Steve’s proposal, leaves the door open for Lenkov to put them together again, when HF-0 ends. I hope that doesn’t happen, but unfortunately PL is the boss, and he does things his way. It would certainly create a huge sh*tstorm among the fans.
    It was interesting to read in one of the recent articles, that Alex has clashed with writers, about something in a script. Good for you, Alex !! He knows, more than anyone, what Steve would do, or not do.


  19. “McMinion” LMAO You’re so funny Paula. 😀 Thank you for the gorgeous gif of our man McG ♥♥♥


  20. You did a wonderful job of capturing the many sides of Steve! I was glad to see the shirt off again. This is one of my favorite episodes so far. Alex did an amazing acting job to show the many different emotions McG went through. Does anyone else think that Alex is looking extra hot this season?


  21. kathysr

    Christine Lahti Twitter, November 4:

    Acting with Alex O’Loughlin is pure heaven. Is it wrong for a mom to have a crush on her son? Lol!#H50


    • kathysr

      If i ever meet her, I want to ask Christine, “Is it hard to concentrate on being Steve’s “mom” when you’ve got the hots for Alex?” I know could crack up a room with that one!!!


  22. lgrady30

    Really liked this episode at first- have watched it 3 times- now I love this episode. It had all of the ‘old’ 5-0 action and ridiculousness- Somehow it all worked. The flash backs with Christine’s daughter playing Doris was very good. She is still a dark one that Doris so much we still don’t know. I think Lynn looked like Alice in Wonderland- not a favorite of mine- sorry Steve her bangs look ridiculous, but she was a good egg about the situation and just wanted our boy to be safe. Doris is Doris she will NEVER change and I think they came to a strained but amicable understanding. They did play well off each other and I enjoyed the comedic banter. I don’t like her either but I have tolerated her. Catherine- I’m not a fan of hers either but she ( Michele) acted well in the episode. I do feel like they had an adult exchange and a sliver of resolution. She really doesn’t know how to love a human , I think she only loves work. My opinion….Now, Alex- wow baby – that blue shirt was awesome. Also, I think this was one of the best acting episodes for Alex. He had to show many emotions and facets of his personality and constitution. It made me want to just rush up and hug him. This poor guy has been threw the ringer emotionally and physically on the show and we are just now hearing about how serious his injuries are. Thank you for the gifs- I could look at these all day.. hummmmm, think I will


    • DoubleL

      “I think she only loves work.” I totally agree. I never understood why she immediately buddied up with Doris when she knew full well Steve didn’t trust Doris (with good reason).


  23. lipstx4evr

    Oh yes, sweet pants.


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